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PR Se Pyaar

When we think of Mr. Narendra Modi, what do we think of?

  • Is it “A leader of this time” – Reason for the Modi Wave?
  • Is it “A Great Orator” – Reason of droves of people turning up at his rallies and his public events?
  • Is it “An Amiable Gentleman” – For the throes of hugs and handshakes shared with the global personalities?

What does a thought about Virat kohli brings to your mind (Apart from Anushka Sharma,Ofcourse)?

A fearless player? a Go-getter? Self-Made? Ambitious? Iconic?

While it’s a biblical truth that the men mentioned above have shed their blood and sweat to reach at the Zenith of their fields but it is no less a truth that there have been scores of people putting their PR brains or infact dedicated PR agencies at times creating, enhancing and maintaining the images of these popular figures in the minds of the stakeholders or the public at large.

PR and image consulting, as opposed to plain advertisement, is different in their approach and the results. Long story short – Advertisement involves paying for publicity whereas PR entails everything but money for meandering the image in the minds of masses.

PR se PyaarYou can read more about What Does A Public Relations Agency Do?

You must be wondering that all these gimmicks are the whims of either the rich and the famous or the big money minting brands only and you as an applaudable creative mind in disguise of a common man barely need any image building. Umm, Yes..If you are extremely happy keeping your potential under the hood and letting your life pass by as a common man.

But if you think otherwise, if you choose fearlessness as a way of life, then you deserve the fame. And Branding yourself amongst the audience of the game you wanna lead is one most important step missed by almost many.

As mentioned by a leading PR agency #BitesizePR “If you are hoping to get the word out there about your business, public relations is the answer”, we add to it by saying “If you are hoping to get the word out there about your own self, Personal Branding is the answer”.

Just like PR, Personal Branding has a number of interesting advantages like:

  • Credibility –

“No amount of money can buy someone credibility” – Dan McLaughlin (golfer)

Whether you are a salesman or a CEO, an amateur in your game or a pro, credibility will win you respect, command and trust.

  • Target Audience – Just like Ferraris aren’t sold in Fiji, you need not be a buzz of every table. Knowing your target audience will help you focus your energies in a single direction. For Example, If you are a C-Level executive looking forward to make a switch, you need to be more visible in the networks of Executive Hiring companies than anywhere else.
  • Cost – Since Personal Branding isn’t transactional, that is – it is not concerned with one particular deal but it is how you are being perceived as person in your social network, both online and offline, its results span beyond the professional life and any cost is less as compared to benefits it is sure to reap for you.
  • Confidence – When your positive aspects are polished and brought to light regularly, as your Personal Branding exercise will have you do it, your confidence is sure to be boosted which is a way for kick-starting the positive spiral in life.
  • Focus – Personal Branding makes you focus on what’s right for you and how you can use it to your advantage. This sorts a lot of clutter around your life goals and let you focus on being the best in the game you are in.

While it is true that Personal Branding will apply a shiner on your personality and will help you fine tune a lot of aspects of your life, it is no substitute for the hard work and consistent wins because packaging always complements performance but never substitutes it.

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