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Haden Interactive offers website design and content, SEO strategy and implementation, professional blogging and social media management, and content marketing for businesses and organizations in Northwest Arkansas and beyond.
Avoiding Copyright Trolls
2023-03-29 13:23
We have received letters accusing us of copyright violation for the use of photos we paid for, photos in the public domain, and photos registered under Creative Commons licenses. We’ve… Read More
2023-03-27 13:00
I have a love-hate relationship with stock images. On the one hand, I know they don’t look authentic. I used to be very adamant about not using stock iphotos on this site, and you will… Read More
2023-03-24 13:52
Probably not this guy. We have discovered, however, that many of our new clients have no idea who takes care of their websites. This picture seems to capture how they feel about the situatio… Read More
Setting Your Google Ads Budget
2023-03-22 14:00
One of the great advantages for Google Ads is that you can set your own budget and pay only for actual interactions with prospective customers. With traditional print or broadcast advertisin… Read More
2023-03-20 13:44
Tami Dowers, who was the paid search person at a company where I served as the organic search person, once told me that Google Ads is like an auction where whether you get the chair depends… Read More
Tool Tryout Tuesday: Neuroflash
2023-02-21 14:00
We’ve tried out several AI chatbots. They’re all much of a muchness, frankly, although they are certainly better than they were a couple of years ago. We’re going to bring… Read More
2023-02-10 18:06
We’ve written before about AI text generators, specifically from the point of view of content marketing.  Now, however, these AI tools are being discussed as game changers for sea… Read More
2023-02-08 23:07
Does your website need a redesign? A website redesign can do a lot of good things for you, but it can be hard to decide when it’s time to make the leap.  Here are some questions t… Read More
Avoiding Lost Posts
2023-02-01 13:45
A client recently told me that she was concerned about losing her favorite posts. What’s a lost post? For this client, it could be a great post from the past. Particularly excellent bl… Read More
Dumbing Down Your Website?
2023-01-27 14:00
“I know I have to dumb down my website,” a business owner told us. He had built his own website, and it contained some good information. We had some suggestions for ways to make… Read More
Yoast Adds Inclusive Language
2023-01-25 14:00
Yoast SEO, a popular plugin for WordPress websites, is breaking ground with a new feature. The plugin already checked your website’s posts and pages for search engine optimization and… Read More
Website Redesign Process: Mockup
2022-07-29 13:02
Delivery of the mock up is one of the most exciting moments of a redesign. A mock up is a picture of what the website will look like after it has been built. For Haden Interactive, a mock up… Read More
A New Home Services Website
2022-07-22 13:00
We’ve just launched a beautiful new home services website for A Beautiful Day cleaning service, an environmentally responsible and socially conscious company offering cleaning services… Read More
Time On Site
2022-07-19 13:11
One of the metrics you can follow in Google Analytics is the amount of time visitors spend on a page at your website: time on site.  The screenshot below shows that visitors to our lab… Read More
Website Redesign Process: New Ideas
2022-06-13 12:14
Every website needs updating every two or three years. The technology changes, the styles in web design change, and your business probably changes enough in that length of time that you need… Read More
(Harmless) Stalking For Fun And Profit
2022-06-08 12:34
Knowing more about your customers can mean knowing the kind of content they’ll enjoy and find useful, the places you should be to connect with them online, and the kinds of offers they… Read More
Facebook As A News Source
2022-06-06 12:38
Facebook is still a popular news site — 31% of respondents in a recent Pew Research survey said they regularly get their news from Facebook. 59% of those surveyed in 2020 said they tho… Read More
2022-05-25 13:00
Has your web team told you that you need to update to PhP 8.0? If so, you might have responded with, “What, now?” Let’s explore this announcement a little more closely.&nbs&hell…Read More
Copyright And AI Content
2022-05-20 13:00
We’ve watched the growth of artificial intelligence tools that generate web content with interest. Our focus has been on whether it works or not — is it a good way to save money… Read More
My Google Ads Aren’t Working!
2022-05-16 13:00
You’ve taken the plunge with Google Ads and set up a campaign. But your ads aren’t getting clicks, or they’re getting clicks and they’re not leading to sales. What&rs&hell…Read More
Google Is Sunsetting Universal Analytics
2022-05-04 21:58
Google Analytics is shutting down their Universal Analytics and will offer only GA4. What does this mean for you? You need to set up GA4 analytics for your website We’ve written about… Read More
Trying Out Bertha AI
2022-04-19 22:32
For Tool Tryout Tuesday, we tried out, a new content generating plugin for WordPress. We paid for the tool and have been using it for about a month now.  Bertha claims to be a… Read More
A New Ecommerce Website
2022-03-21 13:00
We’ve just launched a new ecommerce website for a long-term client. Ecommerce websites can be different from other website builds. One reason is because they have such clear goals.&nbs&hell…Read More
Increasing Ecommerce ROI
2022-03-14 12:50
Ecommerce can be a source of market research data, a service to your customers, or a way to encourage consumers to buy your products in brick and mortar stores — but you certainly also… Read More
2022-03-03 14:00
Launching a new website can be stressful. It shouldn’t be, actually. By the time you launch your new or redesigned website, you’ve done all the hard work of planning your website… Read More
Meet The Openverse
2022-02-14 14:00
Openverse is a new offering from the people who brought you WordPress. It’s a sharing platform for images and audio right now, though there are signs that they might add other types of… Read More
Rent Or Own: Your Online Presence
2021-12-29 13:28
Do you rent or own your online presence? You own your website — unless it’s a monthly subscription site. You have complete control over how it looks and sounds, you can leave it… Read More
Diminishing Returns For SEO?
2021-12-27 18:14
Clients sometimes ask when Search Engine Optimization will be finished — are there diminishing returns for SEO over time? Is there some point at which you can quit, because you’r… Read More
2021-11-03 14:00
Facebook has been getting some bad press lately. Have you been wondering whether you should advertise with Facebook, in light of the controversy? I was thinking about this as I headed out to… Read More
Time Is Money At Your Website
2021-09-22 13:03
Time is money for several important aspects of your website, even if it is a cliche. Your domain If you have an old domain, you have a big advantage. If you’ve had something — an… Read More
Jetpack CRM
2021-09-08 05:00
Jetpack has a Customer Relationship Management tool that they want to share with you. As entrepreneurs themselves, they say, they like to give back. So this is a gift to you. Go to jetpackcr… Read More
The Word Block Press Pattern Directory
2021-09-03 13:00
WordPress has announced that the Classic Editor plugin will be supported for one more year. The Classic Editor will also continue to be an option within the Block Editor. Still, your web tea… Read More
SEO And Inbound Marketing
2021-08-18 13:00
I was talking with a client earlier. “I see people are coming to your new website,” I said cheerfully. We hadn’t been discussing SEO and inbound marketing, as it happened… Read More
2021-08-11 21:37
The Technology report at classic Google Analytics gives you a lot of information about your visitors — and used to give more.  It tells you the devices your visitors use, as well… Read More
The New GA: Monetization Report
2021-08-09 16:45
The new Google Analytics Monetization report is a completely new report; classic Google Analytics doesn’t show all this information unless you customize your dashboard to show it. Even… Read More
The New GA: Engagement
2021-08-06 13:00
Google Analytics has a new look! Known as G4, the new reporting is quite a bit different from what we’re used to. In the new Google Analytics interface, Engagement has its own set of r… Read More
The New GA: Acquisition
2021-08-04 13:00
The new Google Analytics interface, G4, has a whole new set of Acquisition reports.  Acquisition is all about where your website’s traffic comes from. This report shows how many o… Read More
The New GA: The Realtime Report
2021-08-02 13:00
The new Google Analytics experience starts, as the classic one does, with the Realtime report. This report shows the visitors who are currently on your website.  As you can see from the… Read More
The New Google Analytics Experience
2021-07-30 12:38
Google Analytics has a completely new look! If you haven’t checked out the new Google Analytics experience, you might need a guide to help you along the way.  What’s differe… Read More
Reaching Out To New Demographics
2021-07-09 13:00
As you’re reopening, rebuilding, or rebranding, you might be ready to reach out to a new audience. Maybe you’ve realized you want to work with a younger crowd, or an older one. M… Read More
2021-06-21 12:54
Some years ago I wrote the content for a website that specializes in animal tissue and blood for research. We were working on terms like “mouse albumin,” “tyrosine hydroxyl… Read More
2021-06-11 13:00
We’re a WordPress shop, so we’re part of the WordPress economy. You might be, too, if you use a WordPress website for your professional site. So how’s the WordPress economy… Read More
Bad Logos Defined
2021-06-07 13:00
We see a lot of bad logos.  We make logos for people who need them, but often our clients already have logos. Sometimes they’re very fond of them and won’t let us touch them… Read More
Spinning A Yarn About Facebook Ads
2021-06-04 13:00
This really isn’t a yarn; it’s a set of serious observations about Facebook ads that should help you get the most out of your Facebook ad investment. It has to do with yarn, thou… Read More
2021-05-28 13:00
There’s a lot of anxiety around, so let’s not add to it. Florida’s new social media law will have no effect on your professional website, your social media management, or y… Read More
12 Review Sites For Your Business
2021-05-26 12:17
72% of consumers in a recent survey said that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends (hint: way more than they trust ads). The vast majority of consumers… Read More
What’s The “About Us” Page For?
2021-05-24 12:54
The “About Us” page on your website is one of the trickiest to plan. You don’t really want people to land on it first, so SEO isn’t the main issue. Conversion is cent… Read More
Happy Administrative Professionals Day!
2021-04-21 13:00
Administrative Professionals Day has a history going back to 1942. That history shows how the work of administrative professionals has changed — and how our attitudes have changed, too… Read More
SEO For Medical Practices
2021-03-24 13:00
In order to maintain or grow your medical practice, you need to do some form of marketing. Right now, digital marketing makes the most sense. People looking for a doctor want a convenient lo… Read More
Basic Rules For Sales Pages
2021-03-22 13:47
Sales pages are not the same as other pages on your website. These are the pages that are supposed to sell something, and most websites have them — or should have them. Follow the basi… Read More
Virtual Response To Pandemic Year 2
2021-03-12 14:00
It’s a full year since the global COVID-19 pandemic was announced. Most of us have made changes in our lives — or had those changes made for us. For organizations, that has often… Read More
Top 5 Rules For Choosing Bloggers
2021-03-08 13:55
We know how it is. You had a blog built into your website because you really expected to write a blog post each day. Maybe you even wrote a post the first day or two, but then things got bus… Read More
Can You Skip Linkbuilding?
2021-03-03 13:28
Back before the pandemic, several of us Hadens set out for Colorado via Kansas, and I whined at this blog about the way the local businesses along our road trip failed to provide mobile-frie… Read More
An Hour’s Worth Of Good Content
2021-03-01 13:28
At a WordPress KC meeting, a presenter on SEO answered the question, “If you had only one hour to spend on SEO, what would you do?” His answer was the same as mine when I was ask… Read More
The New Internet?
2021-02-26 14:00
Many users of the internet are ready for a decentralized internet system that will not be under the control of governments or enormous corporations. One group has made a stab at it in a proj… Read More
Tool Tryout Tuesday: Fotor
2021-02-16 14:00
When Fotor contacted me to ask for a review of their online photo editor I actually thought they were Foter, a tool I reviewed here years ago, which no longer exists. Not realizing that… Read More
COVID-19 Confusion
2021-02-15 14:00
The Pew Research Center tells us that 85% of Americans wear masks when they’re out and about, but some people continue to resist. It’s a small effort, the data in favor of it is… Read More
WordPress Powers 40% Of The Internet
2021-02-12 14:00
WordPress now powers 40% of the websites in the universe. That’s 40,000,000 websites. If you count only those websites with a Content Management System (CMS), it’s 64%. Why is Wo… Read More
2021-02-10 16:48
Walmart sells ads. You might not have known this; Walmart’s ad sales make up just 1% of its business, compared with Amazon’s 6%, Google’s 71%, or Facebook’s 98%. But… Read More
Improve Your Email Open Rate
2021-02-08 14:00
Is your email open rate a good metric for your website’s performance? It might not seem that way at first — and it might not be if your emails are not related to your website. Ho… Read More
Improve Your Opt-in Rate
2021-02-05 14:00
Measuring engagement at your website can be complicated. People interact with different kinds of content in different ways, and changes in time on page or bounce rate can have different caus… Read More
Improve Your Conversion Rate
2021-02-03 14:00
Your conversion rate is the percentage of web visitors who take the action you want them to take. There are two basic changes that have been proven to improve conversion rates. I’ll te… Read More
Increase Your Web Traffic
2021-02-01 14:00
63% of marketers use web traffic as a key performance indicator for their websites. This makes sense. For one thing, checking web traffic is like taking your temperature: it’s a good i… Read More
Improve Your Page Load Speed
2021-01-29 14:00
Page load speed is an important metric for your website these days. There are two main reasons for this: Google plans to add Core Web Vitals to its ranking algorithm this year, and page load… Read More
Top 5 Web Metrics For 2021
2021-01-27 14:00
You may have had your end-of-year reports, your annual meetings, and your planning retreats by now. But how are you determining the value of your online presence? What web metrics will you b… Read More
Understanding Your Conversion Rate
2021-01-22 13:46
How many visitors does your website need? The short answer might be “More!” but the long answer is something more like, “Enough to meet your business goals.” How much… Read More
SEO For Multiple Locations
2021-01-20 13:52
During the pandemic, a lot of businesses have gone virtual, reaching out to customers outside of their local areas and expanding through ecommerce or virtual services. Some have given up the… Read More
The Chicken Or The Egg?
2021-01-15 14:00
When you work with Haden Interactive, you decide to hire us, make a deposit, and then meet with us (physically or virtually) so we can learn all about you and create your website and/or web… Read More
SEO Impact: A Tale Of Two Websites
2021-01-11 14:00
Recently I ran into a website I had never seen before on a subject we work with a lot. This website — new to me — had actually been around as long as the website we manage. But t… Read More
Choosing Your Domain Name
2021-01-08 14:16
Choosing your domain name is not like choosing a name for a puppy. You shouldn’t just go with your feelings. The first website I conducted SEO for was called educationstationteachers.c… Read More
Happy New Year
2021-01-01 14:00
Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year! The post Happy New Year appeared first on Haden Interactive Read More
Facebook Stars
2020-12-23 17:29
Facebook Stars is a monetization program that has been used primarily in the Facebook livestream gaming community. Now, Facebook is expanding and promoting the program as a means of bringing… Read More
Design Over Function
2020-12-21 14:00
I went to a favorite brand’s website recently to do some holiday shopping, and discovered that they had a new website since I had last visited. It’s a beautiful website, with lot… Read More
Section 230 And You
2020-12-18 14:00
The Communications Decency Act of 1996 has a provision known as Section 230, which says, “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or sp… Read More
Is It Christmas At Your Website?
2020-12-16 13:39
I wrote a “Happy Holidays” message for a client’s newsletter this week. “Feel free to mention Christmas,” he told me, pointing out that his demographic is large… Read More
Pantone Colors Of The Year 2021
2020-12-14 14:00
Back in 2016, global color authorities at Pantone chose two colors for their Color of the Year: baby pink and blue. For 2021, they’ve chosen two colors again: Ultimate Gray and Illumin… Read More
Congratulations, Josepha!
2020-12-11 20:20
Our girl Josepha Haden is the team lead for the latest WordPress update. This is not the first time she has been the team lead, but version 5.6 is the first one where the entire team was com… Read More
Sort Of Blogging
2020-12-09 23:44
Regular blogging, whether you use that term or not, is a reliable key to successful content marketing. Create several high-quality articles every week and over time you will show up consiste… Read More
Google’s Core Algorithm Update
2020-12-04 14:00
Several times each year, Google makes broad updates to its search algorithm. Google made such an update yesterday, and called it the December 2020 Core Update, because it’s a core algo… Read More
2020-12-02 14:00
Marketing is an essential part of any good business plan. Without marketing, most businesses would just be sitting in a dimly lit room, staring at their phones, hoping and praying that someo… Read More
Who Should Have Access To Your Website?
2020-11-23 14:03
One of the decisions you need to make when you launch your new website is this: who should have access to your website? That is, who should be able to get into the admin area and make change… Read More
Joe Biden’s WordPress Websites
2020-11-20 14:00
Websites for U.S. Presidential campaigns have been an important part of the election landscape since at least 1996, the first year for which has archives. See all the 2020 pres… Read More
Tired Of Your Website’s Design?
2020-11-18 13:38
There are a lot of good reasons to change your website design, but we’ve recently had a couple of queries about changing because the site owner is tired of it. “I’m tired o… Read More
A Thought Leadership Website
2020-11-16 13:28
Puerto Rico Report is a news website focusing on the political status of Puerto Rico. Haden Interactive built this site in 2012, and this fall — in spite of having a niche topic, being… Read More
Conversion Rates And Unreasonable Desires
2020-11-11 13:44
We want you to get everything you want from your website. But we have to recognize that some desires related to websites are unreasonable. Look at this want ad, an actual job posting at a po… Read More
Trying WordPress File Uploader
2020-11-10 23:11
Your website can do many things for you. One of those things is file management. Consider situations like these: You have a remote meeting coming up and want to share documents — witho… Read More
#1 On Google
2020-11-09 13:48
Being #1 on Google hasn’t been the most meaningful SEO metric for some time. Different people see different things on the search engines results pages. Being #1 on Google isn’t l… Read More
How To Google Yourself
2020-11-06 13:27
You want to know how your professional or company website is doing in its search engine optimization efforts. Easy! Just type something in at Google and see —  right? Not necessar… Read More
#1 Local: How Are Your Chances?
2020-11-04 13:15
I had a call from a local business which doesn’t currently have a website. We’re told that 40% of small businesses don’t have websites, and this business owner realized tha… Read More

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