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Dim Red Dwarf Blog Posts

Constellation Guide · 01:20 06 Jul 2023
Kepler’s Supernova (SN 1604) is the remnant of a supernova first observed in the constellation Ophiuchus in October 1604. The supernova occurred in the Milky Way galaxy, less than 20,0… Read More
Social Post · 08:04 06 Jun 2023
Homepage to know creature: 06/06/2023, 06:25 a.m from: Tanya Banner is divided Proxima Centauri is the closest star to Earth. It is about 4,247 light-years from Earth. (artist rendering)… Read More
Constellation Guide · 01:43 23 May 2023
Spica’s Spanker is a quadrilateral asterism formed by the brightest stars in Corvus. Also known as the Sail, the asterism appears near Spica, the brightest star in Virgo and the 16th b… Read More
Hamster Blog For All · 17:00 24 Jun 2022
Cartoon rodents are known to love cheese! Cartoons such as Tom and Jerry show that mice especially are big fans of this delicious dairy food! But, Can Hamsters eat Cheese? Absolutely! It can… Read More
Elven Tower · 18:44 17 Dec 2021
To create such a weapon, you need to wield the fire itself and forge it into the blade… Annals of the Dwarven Effigies Background Lore The great weapons of yore featured in fables a… Read More
Master9833.blogspot.… · 18:10 23 Oct 2020
Chapter 1That sketch up there with the boy’s cap? Yes; that’s the same woman. I wonder whether you could guess who she was. A singular being, is she not? The most marvellous crea… Read More
Jorgealiagacacho.blo… · 23:24 30 Jan 2020
George Orwell Eric Arthur Blair, better known by his pen name George Orwell, was an English novelist and essayist, journalist and critic.Born: June 25, 1903, Motihari, Bengal Presidency… Read More