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There is an irony in the quest for Restructuring of Nigeria. Those who should restructure Nigeria are the ones begging those who cannot and will never restructure the country to do the restructuring for them. What an irony! Anybody, groups or geo-political zones clamouring for restructuring Nigeria’s present structure that believe it could be possible are living in a dream land. This government is very allergic to restructuring and will never listen to nor countenance any efforts or attempts to restructure its current structure in which its representatives, actors, managers and pillars are the alpha and omega. It would rather crush such efforts or attempts.

Those clamouring for restructuring of Nigeria now appear to be totally oblivious of where the interest and focus of this administration really lie and what it is inexorably marching on to achieve unless check-mated by a more compelling and superior action. What with the incessant murderous activities of Fulani herdsmen burning down and sacking whole communities with impunity in the Middle Belt, South East, South West and South South States of the country, the Cattle Colony agenda and of late a bill proposed by this government seeking to control all water resources in the country, it should be clear to those seeking restructuring of the country that they are engaging in a wild-goose chase. That the security situation in Nigeria especially in the above named geo-political zones including North East has defied the competence of Nigerian security apparatus is no more news.

This administration certainly has its goals. It has put and continues to put in place everything from the Bureaucracy to the Security formations in the country to achieve its goals. Certainly, restructuring of the country is not one of such goals. If this administration ever mentions or does anything in the direction of restructuring of Nigeria, it is, and will continue to be a mere diversionary gimmick to deceive its ‘willing fools’ and the ‘stupid idiots’ to continue to support it to their eventual detriment when it finally achieves its goals.

This yearhas witnessed Afenifere the pan-Yoruba socio-cultural organisation extending its hand for a Handshake Across the Niger to Ohanaeze Ndigbo — the apex Igbo socio-cultural organisation for the purpose of forming a formidable group to press for restructuring of Nigeria. After this, Chief John Nwodo led a high powered delegation of Southern and Middle Belt Leaders Forum to the senate president, Dr, Bukola Saraki requesting for restructuring of Nigeria. On May 21st, 2018, Ndigbo at Awka, Anambra State came up with the famous Awka Declaration expressing its stand for a restructured Nigeria in a well attended gathering of eminent members of Afenifere, Niger Delta and Middle Belt delegations. And here one is tempted to ask: “Who will restructure Nigeria for you”?

What should be clear to Nigerians is that those who want restructuring are the only ones who will restructure the country if and when they are in power. Those who do not want restructuring because they claim they are born to rule and because the current structure of the country favours them as they are in absolute control of every facet of the economy and polity will never restructure for anybody or groups no matter how the country deteriorates under them (they do not believe in development) or how long they stay in power unless they are forced to do so by a superior opposition. So far, there is no such opposition in the country.

A major short-coming in the quest for Nigeria’s restructuring is the seeming unserious amateurish approach adopted by its protagonists. Maybe it is expedient for it to be so at this stage of agitation. Nobody in the present administration in Nigeria so far gives a damn about what agitators for restructuring are doing. At best, agitators are considered as a bunch of disgruntled Nigerian intelligentsia from Southern Nigeria and Middle Belt Geo-Political Zones seeking political relevance by using restructuring as their jingle for recognition. For agitation for restructuring of Nigeria to have weight, meaning, and relevance, it must be backed up by a formidable political posturing that would make this government or any other one realise what One Nigeria is all about.

Leaders of socio-cultural groups in South West, South East, South South and Middle Belt Zones should mobilise politicians in their zones to support their aspiration. The politicians should include former Heads of State, former Governors, Military and Civilian, retired Military Officers, former Senators, House of Representatives and State Houses of Assembly members, former Ministers and Ambassadors etc, serving Executive Governors, current Senators, House of Representatives and State Houses of Assembly members, Party Chairmen etc, and most importantly, the Able-bodied Youth and the entire Grass-root Political Activists in each ward of the states. There has to be a synergy between and among the various components that can make restructuring possible which at the moment is not there in any of the zones. Do the Grass-roots in the geo-political zones know the importance of restructuring and are they carried along? Do the Able-bodied men and women, Students in secondary schools, Civil servants, Church leaders and members, Artisans, Transporters, Traders, Farmers, Business men and women, Traditional Rulers and Political Activists in every ward in these Geo-political zones know the importance of restructuring –how it would positively impact on them, their families, communities and the health and prosperity of the entire state and country? What level of Public Enlightenment on restructuring has been carried out in the aggrieved geo-political zones? The State Governors, National and State Houses of Assembly members, current and past political office holders have major roles to play because they are the ones to provide funds needed for effective public and grass-root mobilisation and enlightenment in all wards in the aggrieved geo-political zones.

The fight for Nigeria’s independence lately in 1960 was spearheaded by Elites and Politicians of blessed memory from South West, South East, South South and Middle Belt geo-political zones. The contemporary political structure has bastardised that independence and so a New Independence — Restructured Nigeria is required. This generation of Elites and Politicians from above zones should invoke the ingenuity of their forebears and restructure this country for the 21st century world. There will be need for altruistic leadership and followership in this much desired restructuring because compromises will have to be made in the quest for proper restructuring of Nigeria especially when these zones move into one political party to actualise its Number One item on its Manifesto — Restructuring.

2019 is at the corner and Political Poachers from other zones who divide and rule these zones are already at work. What should be the demands and stand of Politicians and Leaders of the aggrieved geo-political zones? Restructuring Nigeria is possible and indeed all and sundry in the aggrieved geo-political zones in Nigeria should read and understand the handwriting on the wall which portends unimaginable calamity to them and their posterity and take appropriate solidarity stand against this or any other government and wrest power from it and restructure the country for meaningful growth, prosperity and technological advancement in this era of digital technological development for every section of the country.

Culled from Atumas Musing

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