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The Murderous Scam of Chemotherapy

Obamacare by Ben Garrison

If there is any justice in the afterlife, there is a special circle in hell reserved for the murderous scam artists of the Western Cancer Treatment industry.

It’s all a big scam, as has been pointed out many times by many people such as Peter Glidden and others.

The main treatments Western scam-medicine prescribe are surgery followed by Chemotherapy. Yet chemotherapy has a 97 percent failure rate.  The Western cancer treatment model kills many and cures virtually no one. Still it buys oncologists very nice Mercedes and big mansions.

Chemotherapy is poison, and it doesn’t work. Worse than not working, it hurts the patient and destroys the body’s natural healing processes. Chemotherapy is a murderous fraud.

Why do doctors use chemo if it only has a 3% success rate? Profit.

Chemotherapy is a big profit motive for these criminal oncologists. They buy these poisons, bypass the pharmacist, mark up the drugs as much as possible can and bill the insurance companies. These doctors are getting rich from cancer and killing people without remorse.

They even are preying on people and misdiagnosing them (especially for breast cancer); a lot of people being killed by chemotherapy never even had cancer in the first place.

But still Western public is hypnotized by this failed medical paradigm. Americans wake up and look around you! Do people look healthy? Of course not, they’re fucking obese, unhappy, brain-dead, doped up on meds, hypnotized by TV, junk food addicted, Pokemon chasing zombies! And they continue to let these Western medical quacks kill them and their families while the quacks get rich in the process.

If you are reading this and you or someone you know has a cancer diagnosis, I strongly suggest that you consider very carefully who to believe. If your doctor shows up to his office in a luxury car and cheerfully tries to pump you full of these poisons, think very carefully. You have many options and many different kinds of medicine to chose from, including Chinese, naturopathic, homeopathic and many others. Remember someone has to put that oncologist’s kids through expensive private universities, make sure it isn’t you or your family!

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The Murderous Scam of Chemotherapy


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