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Things to do First in Mass Effect: Andromeda – Mass Effect Andromeda Wiki Guide

This page contains tips, tricks and suggestions for what to tackle first in the massive world of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Players with EA/Origin Access can play through the initial hours of the campaign (minus some specific story spoilers). This exploration includes the game’s Prologue and first few missions, and also allows you to explore the planet Eos.

Even if you’re not creating a custom appearance for your Ryder, it’s worth going through the “Create a Custom Character” option when you begin your game.

In addition to letting you decide some historic information, it also allows you to select the focus of your previous training, which will unlock initial abilities and skills.

The locations in Andromeda, especially in the first mission (Planetside), are full of optional locations to explore, which can provide Ryder with additional Weapons, gear, resources or important additional information about their mission and the Heleus cluster.

In order to craft custom, powerful weapons and armor, you’re going to need a lot of Research Data. When you come across a new corpse, weapon, minerals, technology, or exotic plant (we’re not talking about your standard grass or other foliage)give it a quick scan.

There are three types of Research Data, so be sure to scan all different kinds of technology. Your controller will vibrate and a prompt in the bottom left corner will appear if you get close to something new to scan.

This is especially important to do early on since you’ll visit areas you won’t see again and there’s far more scannable items in these first places.

EditRead, Listen and Talk

Throughout the many worlds you’ll encounter in Andromeda, be sure to keep an eye out for Datapads or computer terminals that contain messages, notes or audio logs. They often trigger side quests, reveal the locations of new weapons or resources, or provide helpful information to Ryder about their mission.

The same goes for the inhabitants of the Andromeda Initiative and the planets of the Heleus Cluster. When you find someone with a ‘Talk To’ icon, take a moment to have a conversation – odds are if they’ve got something to say, it’s worth hearing. Plus you might find some sex and romance options through these conversations.

Don’t forget to save a combination of skills and your profile to your Favorite wheel! The button that pulls up the Favorites menu is listed on the bottom right corner of the Skills menu screen. Switch to your favorite skills loadout on the field in the weapons and consumables quick menu.

You’ve probably dug through a lot of containers, and hopefully you have some items that are valued as “high.” You’ll also want to sell other items you don’t use (weak armor and weapons) as your beginning inventory slots fill quickly.

While exploring in the Nomad or on foot, be on the lookout for minerals. They’re a required resource for crafting (and crafting will get you way better weapons with more mod spots) so the more you find early the better off you’ll be later.

In addition to finding minerals while in the Nomad, you can sometimes find them by scanning planets. 

Once you’re in the Tempest head over to the Galaxy Map and, if you have time, check out all the planets in the systems available. It takes awhile, but you can get a lot of early XP from some of the planets. Head over to our Heleus Cluster and Galaxy Map Guide to see what each system has to offer.

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Things to do First in Mass Effect: Andromeda – Mass Effect Andromeda Wiki Guide


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