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Developers, Get Good Mobile App Security and Stop Management Stress!

Developers, Get Good Mobile App Security and Stop Management Stress! 

In this agile age with your company pushing for new functionality and releases monthly, weekly, or even daily, your job as a mobile app developer can be a challenge. Never mind all the good work you did in setting up streamlined DevOps for accelerated app test and release, it seems like your enterprise is insatiable. But then, every day there are customers to satisfy and competitors to beat, right?

At the same time, managers are crowding you with questions about Security. They want assurances that each release will be safe for use, protect its users’ data, and preserve confidentiality. In short, they want it both ways: super-fast release schedules with cast-iron security. You can feel their stress and it’s starting to affect you too. But why do they get this way?

Managers’ fears about App Security go way beyond, say, the loss or destruction of a device. They fantasize about the loss of major accounts, the regulatory fines, and the reputational damage, to which a Mobile App Security problem could expose the organization. They lie awake at night, staring at the ceiling, playing back films in their heads of possible enterprise bankruptcy and prison sentences. Between customers and law enforcement agencies, it can be hard to know which is the less forgiving when an app with a fatal security flaw leads to data breaches, financial loss, identity theft or other serious prejudice to its users.

Maybe the worst-case scenarios won’t happen – But just try convincing your colleagues, whose heads are on the block if anything goes wrong! Part of a manager’s job is to worry and then to make sure the cause of the worry is eradicated or at least contained. Another part is to insure the company performs well, satisfies customers, and stays profitable. That can make for a love-hate relationship with mobile apps, when app security seems nebulous and difficult to confirm. “Can’t live with them, can’t live without them” is often how they feel, trying to keep pace with the market on one hand and avoid security breach disasters on the other.

Now that you understand their haggard looks and their dual obsession with fast releases and solid security, what can you do? Testing for apps via their source code can be time-consuming. Worse still, in your efforts to satisfy the demand for rapid release, your app may use ready-made third party components, for which you don’t have access to the source code anyway.

The solution for accelerated, reliable, high-performance security testing is to perform fast binary analysis of app code, with a simple, effective decision-making process to decide if the app can be released. This is how Mi3 Security approaches the mobile app security challenge. Results are available within minutes to declare an app In or Out™, and provide the actionable intelligence to remediate security problems. In addition, because binary analysis does not require source code, it can be done rapidly on any app or app component, whether in-house or third-party.

So, stop managers from stressing, and from stressing you too! Tell them about the simple, reliable principles of binary analysis, and the fast In or Out decision. Help them sleep better at night and get them off your back. Then you can focus better on new functionality and features, leaving them confident in the knowledge that with binary analysis you’ve got their back when it comes to app security.

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Developers, Get Good Mobile App Security and Stop Management Stress!


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