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Stanley Jaki vs Lita Cosner on CMI on Chesterton

NOTHING would do more injustice to Chesterton than to present him as an enemy of evolution insofar as it merely claims many transitional forms and therefore a very long geological past. Had he denied either or both claims, his name would be today on the lips of creationists.


Discover the Wit & Wisdom of Gilbert Keith Chesterton : Jaki :"Evolutionists cannot drive us"
Thomas Yonan | 9.VI.2019

So - Stanley Jaki claimed that Chesterton is not cited by Creationists because uncongenial to them.

The Creation Ministries International writer Lita Cosner seems to disagree:

G.K. Chesterton: Darwinism is ‘An attack upon thought itself’
by Lita Cosner | First published: 12 November 2008 (GMT+10)
Re-featured on homepage: 6 January 2010 (GMT+10)

As can be seen from the quote of one passage, he was not a believer in transitional forms between mouse and flittermouse (that being another name for bat):

I do not know the true reason for a bat not having feathers; I only know that Darwin gave a false reason for its having wings. ...

For full text of the essay, see here:

On Darwinism and Mystery
by G. K. Chesterton, Illustrated London News August 21, 1920

Update : That Chesterton had argued in Orthodoxy (1909) that a personal God could make an ape into a man by many gradations doesn't mean that as a Catholic (conversion 1922) he considered it exegetically or patristically probable God did so. Nor does the quote in itself show he had considered the Darwinian case convincing scientifically even back in 1909, when he was obeying an Anglican Curate.

It can be added that Belloc in Return to the Baltic (an excellent work) was speculating Ice Age must have ceased in Denmark around BC / AD shift, because that's when ships he knew of are from, and an archipelago like Denmark couldn't have been inhabited for long without having ships. I disagree, considering Ice Age ended in c. 350 after Flood, when Babel started getting built in the part of Mesopotamia which is now Easternmost Turkey. But he clearly stamped the idea of Ice Age as long and very distant eras as "guesswork"./HGL

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Stanley Jaki vs Lita Cosner on CMI on Chesterton


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