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And Not Adam and Steve ...

1) Neither Eve Nor Christ Transgender · 2) And Not Adam and Steve ...

Believe me: Steve Tempier* of Paris would heartily agree on this one.

Another one from Suzanne DeWitt Hall**:

So let’s put the whole thing together. If Adam and Eve are THE model for marriage, any Christian who demands a literal interpretation of scripture must conclude the following:

Marriage should be between genetic twins, should not involve choice of partner, should not require civil or ecclesiastic involvement, and should result in dysfunctional dynamics.

  • "Marriage should be between genetic twins" - Adam and Eve differed by a Y, and as to other aspects of genetical closeness, mutations that are deleterious had certainly not set in, so avoiding genetical closeness in order to avoid double copies of mutations that are bad was not an issue.

    Marriage should be between people having variations of the genome of Adam and Eve.

  • "should not involve choice of partner," - make that need not involve own choice of partner, can simply be involving the consent to a choice already made for one.

    By God or by someone representing God.

  • "should not require civil or ecclesiastic involvement," - In this case, the ecclesiastic involvement was by God, whom the priest represents in marriage.

  • "and should result in dysfunctional dynamics." Their marriage was not dysfunctional per se, it became so when they listened to the serpent.

    So, lesson is rather that whatever good man has in himself can be destroyed if you open a door to the devil. Or at least set aside for a very important moment.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Felix I, Pope, Martyr

* If you know Latin, you don't need to take my word for it:

En lengua romance en Antimodernism y de mis caminaciones : Index in stephani tempier condempnationes

Stephen Tempier organised his condemnation of "a certain tendency" as a list of propositions which he condemned. The chapters 1-5 in this, missing here and where I found it, as I recall, are how the subject is introduced. The chapters 6 - 22 are reorganised by a copyist, and error number such and such within chapter such and such corresponds to an error number other in the original, less systematic list. Example, chapter 6:error9 = error 34 on original list.

Quod causa prima non posset plures mundos facere.

I call this "the Narnia clause".

That Stephen Tempier wore pink liturgic colours when publishing the syllabus from the chancel does not make him transvestite, in France at least the South, men will wear pink because they like the rosé wine.

** From: H : THE BLOG : A Note to Kim Davis About Adam and Steve
09/08/2015 09:24 am ET | Updated Sep 08, 2015
by Suzanne DeWitt Hall

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And Not Adam and Steve ...


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