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Guy Berthault's Results May Not Prove the Flood Factual, They Prove it Possible

1) Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : ... on Geological Column · 2) ... on Radiometric Dating · 3) Creation vs. Evolution : Guy Berthault's Results May Not Prove the Flood Factual, They Prove it Possible

I am not editing but simply quoting one piece by Kevin R. Henke, Ph.D. entitled Critique of Guy Berthault's "Stratigraphy"* :

« The modern Principle of Superposition simply states that unless geologic materials have been overturned, folded or moved by faults, layered sediments or sedimentary rocks tend to be older than any sediments or sedimentary rocks directly above them. In the same way, before we can place the top layer on a cake, the bottom layer must already be there. »


But this does not invalidate Guy Berthault’s point that currents during Flood can have formed with virtual or relative simultaneity (obviously not absolute one, at least a few seconds or on such a scale perhaps even minutes earlier must be assumed for bottom layer) what has been attributed to millions of years by Uniformitarian dating.

It does however validate my point, against a Geologist, that it is a matter of great importance to evoluating the evidence if a Triassic fossil found « above » a Permian one is found directly above it, according to the reservation given by Dr Henke, or kilometers away, as long as geologists can think of the fossils as found in two superposed layers.**

Howard F
… Here is another example: The succession of land animals. In the late Paleozoic are Pelycosaurs, but no dinosaurs and no mammals. In the Mesozoic are dinosaurs, but never any pelycosaurs, and never mixed with ungulate mammals. In younger layers are ungulate mammals. This order is never violated, and none of these groups are ever mixed. No where in the world are elephants mixed with dinosaurs. ...

… Is there ANYWHERE where they are one on top of other? …

[Also giving sites/links]

Howard F
… I don't see any reference to pelycosaurs stratigraphically above dinosaurs or ungulates mixed with or below dinosaurs in these sites. Seriously, this is a major problem for YEC's.

… I was not asking on pelycosaurs stratigraphically below (I guess you meant) dinosaurs. I was asking about the LOCALLY below. What exact place on earth?

Give a reference from this site:

It is evolutionist, so not biassed against you.

I have been through a few countries on it, and nowhere found palaeozoic landfauna under mesozoic, nor mesozoic under cenozoic.

Howard F
… That web site does not have all the information, but of course there are many hundreds of places all over the world where rocks with Pelycosaurs are below rocks with dinosaurs. … Pelycosaurs are found only in Paleozoic rocks, and dino's in Mesozoic rocks. There is a line that separates them and anywhere there is an outcrop along that line would be an example you are looking for.

Well, the thing is, with outcrops we are NOT dealing with directly above. In the sense the words is usually used. In the sense it must be used by Henke in the above quote.

Henke admitted the right facts, but did not draw the right conclusions from the facts, namely that the proofs, supposed such, of "millions of years" are still no longer there.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Mouffetard Library
St Henry I, Roman
Emperor, Confessor

* Critique of Guy Berthault's "Stratigraphy"
by Kevin R. Henke, Ph.D.
Critique of Guy Berthault's "Stratigraphy": Rediscovering What Geologists Already Know and Strawperson Misrepresentations of Modern Applications of Steno's Principles, by Kevin R. Henke, Ph.D.

The site also provides Guy Berthault's own answer, which I had missed when writing above:

Response by Guy Berthault to criticism of his "Stratigraphy"

** Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : Same Debate Uncensored, One Step Further

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Guy Berthault's Results May Not Prove the Flood Factual, They Prove it Possible


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