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Seduce Lover Love Charm
2023-03-15 14:29
A buyer like a man. She get Seduce charm thai amulet from me.As usual, she message me the next day after she use the love charm. [02/03, 14:24] Happy Buyer: Nayan, yesterday I prayed as… Read More
Money Chaser Thai Amulet
2023-03-06 02:40
This money chaser  Thai amulet is bless money and pleasure style.Master say this wealth amulet not only get you a lot of money, but will also bring a lot of pleasure.This once-in-a gene… Read More
Horny Charm
2023-02-27 02:21
 My buyer say she wants to attract men like a bee.She wants the men on their knees.I recommend her a horny charm Thai amulet.Inside this love charm Thai amulet, inside contains powerful… Read More
Bedroom Oil
2023-02-07 02:41
Sex oil has been keep secret by many Thai people for many years until recently, the secret is being disclose. Masters wants to keep secret in the past because many people underestimate the p… Read More
Life Just Get Better
2023-01-30 12:32
 Just come back and reach home after give  thanks to the gods and masters for their blessings.Year after years , I am  very thankful for the blessings of Gods and masters with… Read More
Obedience Lover
2023-01-17 13:37
We always received request from buyers who want to make  their lovers more obedience and always listen to what they say.I recommend a "Obedience lover thai amulet" to my buyer… Read More
Stupid Life Has Left Me
2022-12-06 13:09
After using the "happy life thai amulet", buyer say her miserable has left her for good. No looking back. No regrets.[30/10, 20:15] Nayan: Yes. U know he always shout last time. Now with the… Read More
Keep The Good News Coming In.
2022-11-21 02:47
I has prewarn my buyers a few months ago, big recession is coming.Now already start to happen.But my buyers are doing opposite while others are suffering.My buyers using our wealth… Read More
A Powerful Person Appear In My Life
2022-10-25 11:10
 My buyer told me that he want his lover to go holiday with him.Master custom make a "live without me " love charm thai amulet.After my buyer use the love charm, his lover willingly to… Read More
Fast Effects Thai Amulet
2022-08-21 09:21
A buyer came to me. She say her husband keep scolding her and very stingy to her. I teach her how to combine the charming thai amlet from me and pray. Use the charming force to bring hi… Read More
You Make My Husband Very Nice To Me
2022-08-09 02:51
A buyer told that her husband has stop communication with her. He don't spend time with her anymore. The worse part? keep shout and scold her.I introduce a love charm thai amulet to her… Read More
How To Save A Marriage (20 Years Of Regret)
2022-07-06 13:08
A divorce female buyer come to us, want us help to charm her lover. Her lover sometimes cold to her, sometimes treat her very well. She felt very confuse and sad.We do a "kiss me" love cream… Read More
Life Back On Track (bring Lover Back)
2022-04-05 14:13
 Let me first of all thank you and master for all that you have done for me I have gotten and item from you in January to help me bring my husband back and for get about about his mistr… Read More
Wet Pussy Charm
2022-03-16 13:39
 You has to admit, I am not only good, but damn good.I not only help this horny buyer to find a lover, but also a high sex drive lover for him.Maximum wet! Maximum pleasure!That's the r… Read More
My Girl Cannot Don't Live Without See Me
2022-03-13 08:42
 My buyer want his lover to keep miss him.He get the sticky love charm: *if I don't see your face, I will miss you * Thai amulet love Charm.The effect : my buyer has deadly virus covid… Read More
Become A Sex Bomb Overnight
2022-02-27 04:20
 She say she wan to become a sex bomb. Attract men like bees.I tell her, a customise ritual and a thousands penis Thai amulet will turn her energy into  slut+ sex bomb.How does tha… Read More
Obvious Results
2022-01-30 09:54
 Some results are small, some results huge.Powerful thai amulet always bring huge powerful results. Make love miss you.This buyer after use the "miss me darling love oil", the lover eve… Read More
I Even Buy A House!
2022-01-16 04:25
 I am Soooooo Happy to hear from this buyer!  He came me a few years ago broken, family issues, career issues. We has successfully help him overcome all his problems and he to… Read More
I No Longer Jealous
2022-01-05 14:01
A very Jealous sent me a photo. she told me that she is sOoooo jealous of her friend. Her friend lover always bring her friend for good meal!She try pray to the love charm thai amulet s… Read More
Everyone Is Happy For The Christmas
2021-12-26 14:13
WOW!So happy my buyer has a lovely Christmas!A buyer just feedback to me that she has a super lovely Christmas with her family.The love ritual she engage us to work on has show very goo… Read More
Another Successful Love Story
2021-12-07 12:47
A female buyer with 2 kids came to me tell me that she wants to divorce with her husband. Her husband is rude to her, and not romantic.I told her that I could her her to save her marria… Read More
Sweet Talk Thai Amulet
2021-08-17 09:44
 Function : to charm people through your words, mouth and make people believe you and take your words seriously.Suitable for people who do salesdo live biddingneed your boss to like you… Read More
The Perfect Business Plan
2021-08-04 03:27
 The Covid has hurt a lot of business.Many businesses are closed. Many shops are closed.I has a lot of buyers coming to us for help.This buyer was able to give up his business.After a "… Read More
Stop My Lover From Leaving Me
2021-06-13 13:20
A buyer told me that her lover need to leave her, going back to his country to attend some personal matters. She wants to do Super powerful black magic ritual to stop him from leaving her.&n&hell…Read More
2021-04-28 12:15
A buyer told me that he is stuck in his business.After getting a good luck thai amulet from me, I manage to turn his situation around. Hey bro, please let Nayan know this cuz Im re… Read More
My Bastard Lover Start Spend Time With Me.
2021-04-23 11:07
A lonely buyer told me that her lover is very busy with his work. No time for her.After getting the "miss me" thai amulet, her lover start to spend more romantic time with her.[21/04, 09:12]… Read More
My Lover Wants More Of Me Now!
2021-04-18 06:04
 A buyer after using our "more love "thai amulet, she feedback that her lover is loving towards her, love her more and wants her more.Feedback :Thank you so much and mas… Read More
Black Magic Bring Lover Back Thanks Giving
2021-03-09 14:06
 A thanks giving offering is done to behalf of buyer.She engaged us to do a black magic bring lover back ritual.After a month, her lover come back. She decided to do some donations to u… Read More
Buyers Keep Saying We Are Powerful
2021-02-24 10:50
[23/02, 13:28] I am Happy: I used the yellow oil thai amulet and cloth yesterday..prayed.. met mature guy in the morning..and then eveng he said he wanted to see me after class..met him agai… Read More
I Make My Lover Cancel His Appointment
2021-02-17 11:25
I has a buyer who told me that her lover is not meeting her due to appointmentI told her to pray to the "miss me thai amulet oil'.After praying, miracle happen. [05/02, 12:17] Happy Buy… Read More
A Great Time At My Lover House
2021-01-31 14:33
A female buyer after using our thai amulet love charm has a lot of experience. [24/01, 16:16] A Bavani: Last nite I went to mature guy's house..had a gd time[24/01, 16:16] A Bavani: … Read More
Excellent Experience
2021-01-25 13:56
 Hi Nayan,1st day wearing this thai amulet and didn’t apply the powder.. I can see the difference.. wow.. amazing..2 weeks ago I did a mistake at work, and I’m prepare to ge… Read More
Happy And Smooth Life During Covid 19
2021-01-12 09:07
 I am so happy that my buyer after using our thai amulet , they are still living a smooth and happy life in this  covid-19 pandemic.I am great that the impact on them are much&nbsp&hell…Read More
So Many Men Miss Me
2021-01-06 09:04
 A very lonely and sad lady came to me. She say she was very upset and lonely. Sick and tired of the boring life.She feel unwanted and no people care for her.After getting the " many lo… Read More
Everytime Sex!
2020-12-30 13:28
 Now is holiday season.No more lonely night for my buyers after using our love charm thai amulet.I am happy.And yes, never be another lovely night for them! Contact : helpyouc… Read More
2020-12-20 09:26
A female buyer experience so much romance after using our thai amulet.The lover she love show her so much love.Contact : [email protected] page:… Read More
I Let Him Suck My Breast
2020-11-17 12:49
A female buyer came to feedback to me after using my lust charm thai amulet. The man she attract simply lose his mind and lust over her.[16/11, 21:12] Happy female buyer: Nayan..for the… Read More
I Am Inside His Hugs!
2020-11-11 13:10
 A lonely female buyer told me she needs my help.She is not being hug for very very long.I introduce her the thousands love thai amulet.She is very happy with the powerful love charm th… Read More
What Happen To My Previous Item?
2020-10-21 03:57
 A few months ago, a female buyer came to me say that her lover wants break with her.After using the bring lover back ritual, she told me that her lover is back and they are so loving n… Read More
He Is Crazy Over Me
2020-10-12 15:05
A female buyer come to me and told that she is lonely and want more spices in her life.I intro a thai charming amulet to her and within  week, she has guy crazy about her. [11/10… Read More
Because I Am Happy
2020-10-07 12:36
I got a buyer who came to me and feedback she is so happy nowsdays after using our charming thai amulet!She is so well loved in work and at home. [03/10, 17:40] Happy with Nayan: nayan[… Read More
How To Increase Luck During Covid 19
2020-09-30 13:30
 During this covid 19 period, when traveling is not allow in most counties, can bring many inconveniences for many peoples.There is a female buyer, who told me she is facing low en… Read More
Nayan, You Turn Me Into A Bitch!
2020-09-22 04:54
 A buyer who we has lose contact for quite some time come back to me to help her on her new problems.Her husband is no loving to her , and very long  do not has sex with her. She f… Read More
Disturb By Ghost And Spirits Thai Amulet
2020-09-06 10:22
 1 of my buyer told me that her daughter is being disturb by spirit and ghost. Her daughter keep crying and got worse during the ghost festivals and Chinese 7th month.After i introduce… Read More
Extremely Happy With Your Thai Amulet
2020-08-13 06:39
 Recently, I am so happy to received a feedback from a buyer who told me that despite the economic is not doing well, he is doing better and better each day with our Thai amulet helping… Read More
My Love Life And Nayan
2020-08-02 03:44
Thank you to Nayan and Master for helping me when I sought out for help. I found Nayan's website while browsing and decided to give him and Master a try. Wouldn't hurt I thought. Anyway, my… Read More
2020-06-22 07:24
This beautiful phra nang phaya (queen amulet) is bless by holy master LP wean. LP wean is famous for his compassion and helping his devotes in needs.This thai amulet phra nang… Read More
Make Him Forgive Me Very Fast
2020-06-16 11:54
This buyer used to has conflict with his lover.And the quarrel or unhappiness usually last more than few days.After using our thai amulet, he find that his lover seldom get angry with him an… Read More
Another Bring Lover Back Ritual Completed.
2020-06-09 13:13
A buyer come to me , he say he has a huge quarrel and has break up with this lover.He need us to help to bring his lover back.A bring lover back ritual is preform and he do not wish to has a… Read More
My Lover Has No Problem With Me Anymore
2020-05-20 03:22
A gay buyer contact me that his lover keep find problem with him and keep get angru with him.Now worsen, keep quarrel with him.Master do a "control lover thai amulet" for him.Very soon, my b… Read More
My Husband Very Long Never Touch Me!
2020-05-13 02:45
A buyer told me her husband always scold her.And very long no sex.She feel so sad and lonely.After using the "love me again thai amulet", her husband stop scolding her and dote her very well… Read More
Nature Mineral Leklai Golden Child
2020-04-15 13:22
This leklai golden child, kunantong, is make from nature forces or energy from the god.Suitable for people who do not love spiritual ghost, or too black or too yin amulet or Thai magic amule… Read More
Thai Amulet For Popular, Charm And Success
2020-04-01 14:03
Drum skin Thai amulet has been a long history for thai people to wear for good luck, charming life and increase individual popular.They believe carrying a blessed drum skin will help them fi… Read More
I Am Happy Now!!!
2020-02-25 14:27
[20/02, 12:45] Happy Buyer: nayan !!![20/02, 12:45] Happy Buyer: hahaha i never disturb you for very long[20/02, 12:45] Happy Buyer: also because i am happy now[20/02, 12:46] Nayan: Wow! Tha… Read More
Higher Being Give Me Another Chance
2020-02-19 07:10
Hi bro, i know I've been owing you a few reviews on your amazing amulets and cleanses which have helped me a lot in my life, I'm so sorry but I've been busy and it keeps slipping my mind.I w… Read More
Smooth Your Love Life Thai Amulet
2020-02-10 05:22
A lady buyer contact me say that she has so much problems with her lover. Now her lover wants to leave her.We perform a bring lover back ritual and give her a listen to me thai amulet. Now… Read More
Good Business Thai Amulet
2020-01-13 14:10
A buyer told me that his food stall business is very poor.I recommend him to wear  good business thai amulet.After use the good business thai amulet for less than 2 months, his business… Read More
Love Charm Thai Amulet
2020-01-13 14:09
One of the man come to look for me. He say he is very horny. So I introduce him a love charm thai amulet.He say he knows a few Vietnam girls.Can He use on them for free sex?I say c… Read More
Charming Bastard Charm To Sleepless Night
2019-12-16 04:43
A Buyer told me, the charming bastard thai amulet has work so well that she wear almost every moment in her life and her life is so charming now until she got sleepless night!Contact : helpy… Read More
Money Luck Thai Amulet Turning Point
2019-12-04 09:06
A  buyer approach me.She told me her luck very down. sales very bad.Mahjong, gambling keep lose.She get a money luck thai amulet.A week later, she told me that her money luck get much b… Read More
Finally, ,my Lover Come Back!
2019-11-02 10:23
After performing bring lover back ritual,[18/10, 07:21] Happy Buyer: Dear nayanJust want to update you after get the thai amulet he being contact me again since being so long time we didnt c… Read More
My Lover Want Me Come Back To Her
2019-10-25 10:09
[23/10, 22:36] Happy Buyer: Brother the Vietnam girl now want me again[23/10, 23:04] Nayan: Bro[23/10, 23:05] Nayan: That's y I told u[23/10, 23:05] Nayan: All gal will come deContact :&nbsp&hell…Read More
HUSBAND Obey Wife Thai Amulet
2019-10-19 09:02
A very sad female buyer approach us. Her husband   scold her everyday.Her husband want to divorce her!We perform a bring lover back ritual to make her husband love her again.A… Read More
My Lover Now Listen To Me (3rd Party)
2019-09-23 07:48
A female buyer who is a 3rd party in a relationship approach me for help.She say her lover is  not giving her any status.She wants status! she wants her lover to marry her!After using o… Read More
Charming Bastard Keep Charming Non Stop
2019-09-16 15:45
Like other buyers, she experience extraordinary charming effects from this powerful thai amulet charming bastard.24/08, 16:21] charming winner: I'm using it for general charm[24/08… Read More
2019-09-12 08:38
[10/09, 13:12] good luck never stop: Bro, good day to you. Been some time since we spoke. Today, I am happy to tell you that I have received and offer to join another Insurance company as th… Read More
Multiple Luck Money Ritual
2019-09-04 14:36
We have complete another round of Multiple Luck Money Ritual for buyers.Good luck thai amulet with multiple luck crushing mantra done for him to increase money and luck.Contact : h… Read More
Someone Control My Husband
2019-08-18 03:31
Mood swing and unhappiness is common.But they lead to quarrels and resolved problems within family members and can be a life change downwards in life.There are many couples, families broken… Read More
$$$$$10000k Money More Each Year!!!!!
2019-08-06 10:56
I got a good news.. on Tuesday my boss said she want help me with my work.. then on Wednesday she said I got pay rise.. I think the pay rise maybe just $5k/ year is the max.. normally pay ri… Read More
Master Pull Lover Back Ritual
2019-07-14 04:45
[23/06, 13:37] Pull lover back: Thank you very much for your help . My husband back home after 2 years exactly. It just happen[23/06, 13:40] Pull lover back: I can feel that masters prayers… Read More
2019-07-08 15:13
1 of the most common personal things use in bring lover back ritual.Hair!Personal hair of the person is commonly use in bring lover back ritual to bring the person you love.Pls do not confus… Read More

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