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What Does The Bible Say Is The Best Way To Increase Wealth? Proverbs 13:11

Get Rich Quick or get rich slow- which is better according to the Bible?

"Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow." Proverbs 13:11.

You might say to yourself that this refers to someone who robs a bank or snatches an old woman's purse, but it is broader than that. It is not just the "get rich quick" schemes, or fraud but any lack of integrity and transparency in money dealings. It might be the extra service charge that is unnecessary or the extra little percentage written into a bid.

To dwindle is a slow diminishing, like a leak that causes the bucket to slowly drain dry so that you do not see it happening but when it is too late you have an empty bucket sitting in a muddy puddle. You will not notice the loss but you wake up one day and it is all gone.

This is like the farm laborer who goes out into the field and diligently fills up his basket with the produce of the farm over and over throughout the day. It is hard work it, is the opposite of the treasure hunter who finds a fortune all at once. The one who gathers does so over and over, one basket-full at a time and day after day.

A person who gathers is not consuming it as he goes. To gather implies he is also storing what he gathers.

Little by little suggests a planned step by step approach. It is not the try this and then to try that, but having an intelligent plan and following it each day.

Little by little requires patience and an attitude that you are in it for the long haul. It means you are willing to postpone the quick results in favor of achieving superior results in the future.

This phrase has a sense of emphasis. Not quite a Biblical promise but a statement you can count on. It is saying that there is a cause and effect relationship between gathering slowly over time and the growth potential of doing so.

Growing is a picture that is like a force of nature. Normal healthy living things will grow, it just happens. Things that grow not only become bigger but also become more useful. Our problem is that we can't easy observe something growing; it happens so slowly that its measure has to be taken over great lengths of time.

Things that grow slowly are generally better, an oak tree takes decades to grow but a weed grows in days.

This growing is a direct result of your patient hard work and efforts and is realized over time.

Do not become tempted to participate in "get rich quick" activities, and do not get discouraged over small results in savings and earnings today or tomorrow, but keep it up and over time your money will add up.

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What Does The Bible Say Is The Best Way To Increase Wealth? Proverbs 13:11


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