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Trucker Strikes?

I was asked what I could find out about the rumored Trucker strike. 

First, I've been around a little while and have seen many trucker strikes. I do not recall any being very effective. A lot of companies own their trucks. In the past, they have fired the unwilling drivers and hired new to keep supplying their customers. 

In searching for information, it does not seem organized and lacks traction. Some are backing off of their plans. My best guess is this is a nonevent. At the most, I think it will be one with very small impact. I just can't find enough info to make me think otherwise. If I can't find it, those wanting to participate can't either. 

Also, the people I see as reliable sources of isn't even on their radar. There are bigger things. 

Stop the Tires 2020

It appears the FB page for Stop the Tires 2020 has been taken down. says their event has been canceled.

Trucker Strike 2020 seems to be the main page for Trucker 2020.[0]=AZVcvO-IwcjpbAhKaPWVYRXO4IzpXk8Kgg9n6NcYo01AMVphFuo-FbzgH_qtii1mVGK02Kbav9zdphMUwozFfjN4VTfJVjtGyh4PYjP3qJMcSBJD_CP8YuuinDwAN5iGWkMEoK27nGDcKVwMekEDBq2z&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R  contains the following quote...

"We do not have any dates set. Because, as I said a moment ago, we feel we need at least one million drivers standing behind us to get the attention of the bureaucrats making these regulations. ...This is not a political movement... Trucker Strike 2020 with this face plastered on not political."

"There are some movements out there that have dates set that we are not affiliated with."

I stopped listening around 15 minutes.


Yes, I read the following articles that were sent to me by a few people. While I am not minimalizing the importance of truckers, and I certainly do highly regard them, I could not find evidence of the momentum necessary to cause major interruptions. 

I am not someone who panics very easily...floods, fires, hurricanes, escaped large livestock...changes a girl. I learned not to get scared but to get prepared to overcome the problem. I like to research and analyze, and I'm telling you, I am not doing anything differently because of rumors of a trucker strike. 

A Trucker Strike in November Could Be Another Nail in the Supply Chain Coffin

Brazil’s 2018 Trucking Strike PARALYZED the Country: Here’s How America Could Face Similar LONG-TERM Disruptions

A more likely scenario than the rumors of a massive trucker strike shutting everything down is people panicking over that information and emptying shelves. We do have empty shelves in my area. Toilet paper, paper towels, bottled water, alcohol, cleaners, and some canned goods are sparse, but you can find it if you have the time to drive around and look. (Networking with friends to find/purchase things is very helpful.)

Emotions help us experience this life. Fear is very useful to us. It causes us to take notice and hopefully be motivated to take appropriate action. However, if we do not engage our intellect, we can be easily make bad decisions or even be led astray. I am always telling my family, "Good information helps make good decisions." Walk circumspectly, Dear Reader! My love to all.  

PS Every time I post something, this person thinks I mean this and another person think I mean that. Above, I am only addressing the strike question.

Do I think, regarding expected rioting and other major problems we are facing, that you should stock up? Well, a good portion of my friends only keep three days worth of food in their house. So, yes. I agree with the common advice to start with a week's worth and gradually build upon it until you get at the very least three months' supply. Water, food, medicine, spare fuel if you can safely store it, etc. If there are lockdowns, shortages (sporadic or long term), layoffs, illnesses, etc, you will have a cushion and time to locate resources. If nothing happens, you simply purchased things when the prices were cheaper...always good investment! You can choose to keep your stores and rotate your stock, or use it up and put money into your bank account. At any rate, there is wisdom in being like the ant.

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Trucker Strikes?


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