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God Jesus And The Holy Spirit From The Holy Bible Blog
God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit from the True Word of the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible taken Literally. Nothing Added or Taken Away as the Bible tells us.
2013-12-15 04:57
A real eye opening award winning documentary about abortion. When the facts are presented to people considering an abortion their minds are changed. This the film that Planned Parenthood doe… Read More
2013-03-21 00:08
I would like to encourage anyone and everyone to watch this eye opening movie that is making people look at the issue of abortion in a whole different way. After I watched this award winnin… Read More
2011-10-14 23:00
Often, people challenge biblical creationists with comments along the lines of, “I believe God created, and I don’t believe in evolution, but He could have taken billions… Read More
2011-09-09 19:50
Are ghosts real? Are people really communicating with the spirits of the dead? by Gary Bates Note: this updated and expanded version replaces the original article posted… Read More
2011-08-30 17:38
15 Questions for Evolutionists (Evolution: the naturalistic origin of life and its diversity) 1. How did life originate? Evolutionist Pro-fessor Paul Davies admitted, “Nobody knows how… Read More
2011-08-09 14:26
World-renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has made major news again. No, this isn’t the revelation of some new theory about the formation of the cosmos or the discov… Read More
2011-05-26 00:00
Many people wonder why we write about the UFO phenomenon. Isn’t it just a ‘side issue’? But in fact, it’s so important to oppose this particular belief, because ET be… Read More
2011-05-21 00:54
This program takes a further in-depth look at the activities of Jesus Christ’s earliest disciples, who brought the Gospel of the Kingdom of God across Europe and to the British Isles… Read More
2011-05-13 20:38
Here is an eye opening video that brings to light what our fore fathers and others said about tyranny. The facts presented in this video is prophetic in it's content about our present times… Read More
2011-04-20 16:07
Evolutionists tell us that only the fittest survive. They say that God had nothing to do with giving creatures the ability to survive in this eat-or-be-eaten world of ours. Parrot Says... [… Read More
2011-04-17 20:54
If were to ask an atheist if they believe in God, they of course would say, among other things, a resounding NO. If you were to ask if they believe that there are black holes in space they… Read More
2011-03-27 20:11
A face book friend pointed me to this website and I am glad she did. This Pastor gives a great deliverance of the the teachings of the Bible strictly from the Word of Truth our Holy Bible. T… Read More
2011-03-25 23:58
Are unicorns mentioned in the Bible?  Are there unicorns in existence now? The answer to both these questions is yes! Here is a link to a site that explains it very simply. So simple ev… Read More
2011-03-22 22:57
THE OLD MAN As I came out of the supermarket that sunny day, pushing my cart of groceries towards my car, I saw an old man with the hood of his car up and a lady sitting inside the car, with… Read More
2011-01-15 17:35
This was a response to a post I made on facebook about astrology. Thank you Allen for a great comment and permission to post it on this blog. Allen Kilgore commented on your status.Alle… Read More

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God Jesus and the Holy Spirit from the Holy Bible


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