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Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry's Lies about the Restored Church

  • God. CARM asserts that "There is only one God." They quote Isaiah to prove this, and they imply that anyone who believes that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are separate and distinct beings is not a Christian. However, our view of the three members of the Godhead is not exactly revolutionary, as Christian scholars and theologians have interpreted the Bible in a similar way for many centuries. One of the most prominent men with a non-trinitarian view was none other than John Milton, author of Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained, and the oft-overlooked Christian Doctrine. Apparently, the champion poet of Christianity - one often quoted by ministers and priests - is going to hell for failing to believe in the trinitarian blob-god who suffers from multiple personality disorder.

    One interesting thing to note is the very word "God," and from which words it is translated into English. Throughout much of the Old Testament, what we read as "God" in English is YAHWEH in Hebrew. This is pretty accurate. However, in the first chapter of Genesis, the word that we see translated as God is actually ELOHIM. The "EL" particle in ELOHIM is common among many Biblical names, such as Gabriel ("God is my hero.") and Michael ("Who is like God?" or "Like God."). This is because "EL" is the general Hebrew word for God. ELOHIM, however, is the plural form for "God," just as SERAPHIM is the plural form for SERAPH. Thus, a more correct translation of Genesis 1:1 would be: "In the beginning the Gods created heaven and earth." One might argue that the pluralization is simply a way of formalizing the noun. However, even if that is the case, aren't non-prophetic translators overstepping the bounds whenever they start telling the Bible what it "really" means?
  • God's Body. To make their point, CARM quotes John 4:24, which says that God is a spirit. This supposedly disproves our belief that, since we were created in God's image, God must have a physical body. However, just beside that quotation, they also quote Luke 24:39, which is the scripture where the resurrected Christ appears to the Apostles and has them touch His glorified physical body. does this support their claim? It doesn't. It actually does the opposite. Did they not just get done saying that Jesus and the Father are the same individual? If they are the same individual, and if Jesus specifically appeared to His Apostles and showed them that He had a body of flesh that they could touch, how can they say that God does not have a body of flesh?

    The fact is that God the Father and Jesus Christ have tangible, physical bodies, while the Holy Spirit does not. In this way, John 4:24 and Luke 24:39 actually make sense together. However, if you believe that all three members of the Godhead are actually one indivisible entity who prays to himself and begs himself to "let this cup pass," those two verses are contradictory.

    (By the way, no rational person can read John 17 and come away actually believing that Jesus Christ and the Father are the same individual.)
  • Trinity. Notice that CARM cites no scriptures here. That is because the word "trinity" does not appear in the Bible. Not once. It is a term invented by Christian scholars who, only being able to accept a Christianity that agreed with Greek philosophy, felt hard-pressed to force the Biblical God into becoming the pantheist deity of the Greek philosophers.
  • Jesus. Here, CARM knowingly continues to publish the accusation that we believe that Christ was not born of a virgin. This accusation is false. The Book of Mormon teaches that Christ was born of a virgin, and all of the modern prophets have reiterated that doctrine. CARM also throws out the cheap, sensational fact that we believe that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers, as if they do not believe the same. (For a more detailed description of Christ's relationship with the Father and with Lucifer, see this post.)
  • The Holy Spirit. In this entry, CARM claims that "Mormonism distinguishes between the Holy Spirit (God's presence via an essence) and the Holy Ghost (the third god in the Mormon doctrine of the trinity)." This, however, is a boldfaced lie. We make no such distinction. The Holy Spirit is the Holy Ghost. (Note their inability to produce a source without inserting [the Holy Ghost] into the text themselves.)
  • Salvation. Salvation is a complicated subject that I cannot deal with at length in this entry. However, notice the classic example of misrepresentation as CARM implies that we believe that salvation can be "earned." (We do not believe that. See this post for a more complete explanation.)
  • Bible. CARM claims to believe that the Bible is the "inerrant word of God." However, the truth is that we do believe that God is capable of giving us a perfect Bible, while they do not. (See this post to find out why.)
CARM asserts that "Mormonism is obviously not the biblical version of Christianity." Well, when you grossly misinterpret the Bible and obsess over some scriptures while ignoring others, I can see how one might think that.

"The difference is the difference between eternal life and damnation."

Does God damn liars, CARM? I ask because you and those like you have knowingly lied about us for many years. But then again, if you believe in the coin-operated savior of sola fide, I guess you can lie about Mormons all you want and still go to heaven, while John Milton and other honest men will have to settle for hell.

This post first appeared on April 6, 1830, please read the originial post: here

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Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry's Lies about the Restored Church


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