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Media Would Like Coronavirus to Be Tet Offensive 2.0

No one can deny that President Donald Trump's political opponents have done everything they can to destroy his Presidency, his business and his family. Nothing has worked. They have found it frustrating because typically Republican politicians choose civility and passivity over contentiousness. Donald Trump has not been afraid to answer charges leveled against him, directly, boldly and even at times pejoratively. While some people are offended by Trump's tone, I think it is about time. Some times leaderships demands assertiveness.  The Media and Demonrat party is not used to that from Republicans. 

Look at some recent historical examples: When Mitt Romney debated Barak Obama  in the first debate, he left the President looking like a deer in the head lights. In the Second Debate when Obama argued that Romney was misrepresenting Obamacare by calling it a tax. Romney could have won the Presidency by reminding Obama that his DOJ had won the approval of the Supreme Court for Obama Care by arguing it was exactly that. In the last Debate Romney refused to mention the fiasco that was Benghazi and why Obama had chosen to be nowhere to be found when a US embassy was under attack and American lives at risk. He would not embarrass or demean his opponent. He was afraid of being called a racist. 

Trump responds to criticism in kind, which is not the Republican way. Yes there have been some tweets that I have felt were inappropriate like telling "the squad" to go home. But for the most part his attacks on the media have been well deserved.Take Charlotsville for example: There were several different groups protesting in Charlottesville. There were concerned citizens who for what ever reason felt it was appropriate to preserve a memory and some of the legacy of the Confederacy. There were also people, mostly African Americans who were protested the legacy. Those were mostly "fine people" exercising their first Amendment rights to free speech and assembly. However, there were also ANTIFA protesters there who, like every place they go, sought to stir violence, and there were White Supremacists. When Trump said "there were fine people on both sides" he was not speaking either of ANTIFA or the White Supremacist. That is obvious when you read his statement in context:

“Excuse me, they didn’t put themselves down as neo-Nazis, and you had some very bad people in that group.  But you also had people that were very fine people on both sides.  You had people in that group – excuse me, excuse me, I saw the same pictures you did.  You had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down of, to them, a very, very important statue and the renaming of a park from Robert E. Lee to another name...I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and white nationalists because they should be condemned totally.” 

The media immediately accused him of being racist and supporting White Supremacits. Any other Republican would have apologized and had their Press Secretary issue a carefully worded clarification, which would have been seen as a "toned down adminiton of  guilt." Not Trump, he hit back, calling the report "fake news," reminding reporters that for all the ignominy of the White Supremacist that ANTIFA protesters had shown up in mask and had baseball bats. He refused to accept the narrative, and forced the media to defend their accusation which they could not do. Many Republicans would have preferred the he disengage from the fray, saying it was unPresidential. He stood his ground and truth prevailed. 

Some are refering to COVID 19 as Trump' Katrina'. After Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans President George W. Bush was "Cronkited" he allowed the media to set the agenda so that he was blamed for the failures. In Late August 2004 days before the Republican national Convention a category 4 Hurricane, Katrina, hit New Orleans, LA. The dikes on Lake Ponchatrain were breached the city was flooded. Many lives were lost thousands of home and business in the below-sea-level city were engulfed. It took several days for the water to decline and many people were left homeless. FEMA director MIchael Brown organized an effort to bring trailers from all over the country to New Orleans for people to live in while the city was rebuilt, but those two weeks the city was in chaos. "Bush" publicly, and correctly praised Brown, for his expeditious organization of FEMA. The media pounced.

Over and over again Brown was disparaged for the length of time it took for FEMA to respond. Bush continued to praise "Brownie," and was accused of being disengaged and dispassionate. Bush is still broadly regarded as having failed in his FEMA response, yet the failure was not the federal government's. The State and local officials were unprepared for a devastating hurricane. The governor never left Baton Rogue. The mayor of the city refused to allow city school buses to be used for evacuation. Bush in order to be conciliatory took the blame, said nothing about the failures of the state. 

Compare Katrina to the devastating Hurricane Michael that swept across Puerto Rico in 2019. The island's infrastructure, electricity and water was crippled hundreds died. The President mobilized generators and various relief agencies to bring supplies to the Island, but like any federal response it took several days. The media immediately blamed Trump for the death and devastation on the Island. Trump unlike Bush refused to take the blame. He pointed out repeatedly that the territorial government had no emergency plan in place. What supplies they did have were sitting in Quonset huts with no means of delivering them to the people. Trump refused to accept the media narrative and the blame fell where it was deserved on the first responders from territorial authority.

Throughout Trump's Presidency the media and Demonrats have made outrageous unsubstantiated claims of incompetence, immorality or corruption. Each time Trump answers with strong, vigorous, sometimes uncouth, corrections of the record, and media criticism usually has no impact. The media has not been able to find something they could blame on Trump to bring him down.

Russia Collusion was a hoax. Surveilling the Campaign and the White House brought nothing even prosecuting people close to him on process crimes have not made Trump flinch. But now they think they have it. The media is playing Coronavirus on Trump the way they played the Tet Offensive on LBJ. Take heart this will not work either because the modern media environment is different than that of the 1960's. The media has lost the credibility Walter Cronkite faked for so long, and Trump is not LBJ. He is not dependent on the media for his success. 

Although the media would like Coronavirus to be Tet Offensive 2.0, take heed MAGA supporters they will again be hoisted on their on petard. Those of us who are old enough to remember the 60's remember how the media message the Tet Offensive. By 1967 the Viet Cong held virtually no territory in Vietnam. The country was stable; it appear the US might actually win the war and liberate South Vietnam. Then in a desperate effort to regain a stronghold the Viet Cong attacked the sacred city of Tet. It was a powerful effective, bold surprise attack, which the United States and our Allies quickly defeated.

The media was as surprised as anyone else was by the Tet Offensive, yet instead of lauding America's victory. The biggest fraud in the history of American Journalism, CBS anchor Walter Cronkite, lead the effort to America's response as a failure and used it to bring down a President they had come to hate, Lyndon Johnson. Cronkite, always the master of FAKE news flew to Tet and filed reports he knew to be false in order undermine public support for the VIetnam War and Johnson. 

This is the way the American media has worked since Cronkite became dominant on the Ameircan news scene and after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Johnson was typical of the media leadership of the time. Cronkite was a radical leftist who feigned patriotism and integrity. He used his version of the truth to create a false perception in the minds of most Americans that we were losing an unjust war, and the tet offensive our Waterloo when exactly the opposite was the case. 

This has been the way Journalism has operated at least since the Kennedy Assassination. The Demonrat party has adopted and followed the media line at least since World War 2, and as American's have fallen for the FAKE news uses the Demonrat party to expanded it's powers. The Republican party has had a passive aggressive response, because they have believed that the partnership between media and the Demonrat party has been too strong to overcome.

Donald Trump has for first time since World War 2, at least until now, lead an effective counter assault on the media. He has done it by boldy and brazenly revealing the media lies and manipulations, and by relating to the commoner with colloquial language and demeanor. While the more erudite and sensitive among us may not like his style he has broken down the wall. The media has been surprised and unprepared by Trump. They have tried to bring him down in the ways they undermined and defeated every  Republican President since Eisenhower except Reagan. They have applied Cronkite's Tet strategy to bring down Johnson (which they also use to bring down Nixon, and Bush) to bring down Trump, and it has not work, because Trump labeled the strategy and countered it. Trump's label of FAKE news has stuck to the American people because they understand that much of the news has been molded in Cronkite's image, which means it is a lie. 

Of course there have been some features of modern culture (the Alternative non-coroporate news media such as today's ONN, NEWSMAX, and in the past FOX, conservative talk radio, and social media) have made Trump's rise possible, but he is first politician who has been able to control the media agenda and overcome it. Look at every issue that the media has thrown at Trump: he hates immigrants, muslims, blacks, latinos; he is a billonaire who doesn't care; he's a philanderer; he's colluded with the Russians to interfere with the election to cheat Hillarry Clinton out of the White House; he has violated the emoluments clause by being a business man and continuing to profit personally from his business while in the White House; and list goes on. Every charge Trump refutes with fact, some times with sarcasm, and sometimes with belicose or uncouth counter charges. In each case the Demonrat control of the agenda has failed to take hold until now. 

The media would like Coronavirus to be Tet 2.0. While the concerns about the Coronavirs are legitimate they are exagerated and at least for the moment have been carefully used to slow Trump's political momentum and counter his economic and foreign policy success. Seldom has there been a health issue that has been so politicized, and believe me that is the intention of some in the Demonrat party and all of the mainstream media. 

The Coronavirus also known as Covid 19 is a varient of the SARS virus that in comparison to other viral outbreaks is actually innocuous. In 1976 the swine flu, also known as H1N1, scared the American public due to media exaggeration of a pandemic that never materialized. On February 6 1976 a David Lewis, a young soldier, died of a rare form of the flu, later 2 children were hospitalized with the outbreak. The Secretary of Health Education and Welfare declared an epidemic. President Ford brought together the finest scientists. The CDC recommended 80 percent of the public be vaccinated. In an election year politician rally around the press reporting of a crisis. President Ford, who had been hurt publicly by the stigma of his pardon of Richard Nixon, and the only President who had never been elected to the office, was seeking a win for his administration going into the primary Season. It was became a media event and was portrayed as a serious life threating health crisis. Public precaution were taken and a vaccine was quickly developed. As fears grew and the crisis expanded the deaths from the disease were negligible,but the rush to find a vaccine resulted in 450 people contracting Guillian Barre syndrome from the vaccine. This event was a crisis driven by the media that resulted in more deaths from the unforseen consequences of the precautions then the disease itself. The media was never called out for it's irresponsible reporting but the Demonrat party and the then Governor, Jimmy Carter were willing to demonize Ford for his irresponsible action. Ford went on to lose the election to Carter. The Coronavirus outbreak has every potential of being the same overblown fiasco of the 1976 SARS. The media and the Demonrats would like nothing more. 

This event is similar to the 1976 event. First the danger of the Coronavirus has been inflated. According to the Center for Disease Control there are 3014 deaths worlwide  from TB everyday; 1027 from the flu virus, 440 from Whooping cough 247 from measles, but only 56 from COVID 19. The disease is not either a mass killer or highly contagious. In the United States there have been only 50 total deaths since the outbreak began. Hardly the kind of thing that one would close down the country for yet that is what has been done. 

Why have we treated this disease with such extreme precautions when there are so many greater threats. I want to suggest that some in the media see this as a Tet Offensive opportunity. Is it any coincidence that media attention for this ramps up after Joe Biden wins Super Tuesday? Is it any wonder that with all the attempts to bring Trump down. This occurs. Who would benefit from an economic slowdown. Are our lives really threatened by Covid 19 more than they are by the common flu? Do we really need to cancel church for this? 

This seems to be case where the media is again setting the agenda, and controlling the public response. There have no intention of this event strengthen Trump's public approval. They have succeeded in shutting down the Presidential campaign and slowing the economy. The way Trump proceeds over the next month could well determine whether he is re-elected. The Demonrats have cancelled the Louisiana primary. Some are all ready speaking in terms of restrictions lasting a month  soon someone will suggest that the party conventions be postponed or maybe the elections if that happens. It is over. We could have a Biden Presidency. From what I have seen Trump does not see the political minefield ahead. The media would like Coronavirus to be Tet Offensive 2.

They are systematically creating an impression of a crisis that is far greater than what it actually is in order to control the public response and to shift public opinion. Thus far they are succeeding. The crisis in Italy is intentionally being misreported. Brietbart news reports that we are being conned:

According to reports, as of Sunday, the total number of those tested for the disease in Italy is only 124,899 out of a population of just over 60 million, or just 0.2 percent of the population. Those being tested are not randomly selected, but overwhelmingly present symptoms of the infection.Using WHO’s estimate as a guide, it is possible that Italy’s actual number of cases of coronavirus is closer to 125,000 than the 25,000 currently being reported. This would also mean that the fatality rate could be closer to 1.4 percent than the 7.3 percent suggested by reported data.Given that Italy has the second oldest population in the world, only exceeded by Japan, the percentage of deaths from the virus is probably abnormally high in Italy as well, as the coronavirus overwhelmingly targets the elderly and especially elderly males. The current average age of those who have died of the virus in Italy stands at about 80 years of age.
The fact is the corona virus is only a danger for certain vulnerable groups which is what the rising numbers in Italy demonstrate. Yet many even conservative Republicans are suggesting that we shut the country down, and re order our economy with a Universal Basic Income. When a pro-Trump Republican suggest that giving a government check to every person is going to revive the economy the Trump revolution is over. 

This is exactly what the Demonrats want it is adopting their agenda as an emergency measure before Trump is even nominated. Ladies and gentleman this is the Tet Offensive. It is the media exaggerating a crisis to turn the American People against the Trump agenda. I fear this may be the end of our democracy as we know. The amazing thing is that it is being done without a vote being cast or a shot being fire. It is a sad day for our Constitution. 

Someone needs to ask Anthony Fauci if the vulnerable group is the elderly and if all the deaths have been over 50 what is the danger to students, and to younger people in the work place. Why are we not isolating the vulnerable population rather than destroying our economy.  I pray that we would wake up and realize what we are doing. I call on President Trump to wake up. It is a sad day for liberty.  I fear that we have been Cronkited. That Trump will be destroyed by Coronavirus in the same way Johnson was by  Tet. 

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Media Would Like Coronavirus to Be Tet Offensive 2.0


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