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Why Pete Butigeg Must Be On The 2020 Democratic Ticket

The demonrats have no one who has the potential of beating Donald Trump in 2020. Forgive me if I gloat. They have not been in this situation since 1968 when it was clear early on that the Republicans were going to nominate former Vice President Richard Nixon.  Lyndon Johnson had been the front runner and was the incumbent President. Senator Robert Kennedy and Senator Eugene McCarthy (a Bernie Sanders-like socialist) were in the primaries. When McCarthy won the New Hampshire primary Johnson realized that he probably was going to lose the election and possibly even fail to be renominated and withdrew from the contest. The election became more complicated at that point when the Demonrat segregationist George Wallace announced his candidacy on a third party ticket, and Vice President Hubert Humphrey entered the primaries late after his boss withdrew. Senator Kennedy became the clear front runner and probably would have won the nomination.

Johnson had succeeded to the Presidency following President John Kennedy's assassination on November 22, 1963, and had won election a little more than a year later after a nasty scorched earth campaign against Republican Senator Barry Goldwater, and as an incumbent President with a promise to carry on Kennedy's legacy. Johnson's whose Presidency had failed had never been a friend of the Kennedy's. Robert Kennedy stepped into the race and had the advantage of the Kennedy name during the period when John F. Kennedy was idolized. I believe that had he won the nomination he would have beaten Richard Nixon instead he himself was assassinated on June 6 1968 in California.

Kennedy was ahead in delegate counts and after the California primary would have been the first ballot nominee of the convention. The convention was to be held less than two months later on August 26- 29 in Chicago meaning there would be no first ballot nominee and the convention was brokered. Kennedy's people got behind Vice President Humphrey (whom I believe Kennedy he would have kept as the Vice President had he gotten the nomination). Humphrey won in a tumultuous brokered convention and selected Senator Edmund Muskie of Maine as his Vice Presidential nominee. Nixon/Agnew won 301 electoral votes to Humphrey?Muskie's 191 and Wallace/LeMay's 46. Even  had all of Wallace's votes gone to Humphrey (which is unlikely most of Wallace voters probably would have voter for Nixon had he not been on the ballot) Humphrey's landslide loss was inevitable. 

We again face a demonrat primary with no clear front runner and with a possibility of a brokered convention should that occur no one knows what the outcome will be.  I am going to speculate that a brokered democratic ticket will produce a Mrs. Michelle Obama for President and Mayor Pete Butigeg for Vice President nomination. I see no other combination that has a chance of beating Trump in November whether their is a first ballot nominee or the convention is brokered. 

Before Donald Trump became President the Democrat party had been effective in selling itself as the party of disenfranchised, and downtrodden Trump has exposed them for what they have been for the past century at least, the party of the special interest. Look at any election cycle since 1918 and you will see the argument to elect the democrat has been the same. They are the party that cares about the downtrodden, and will lift them out of whatever mire they are in. They alone recognize that the downtrodden are victims of someone's ambition greed or bigitory. What the victimized  need is for government to come in and "level the playing field." The promise is always the same Wilson, Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton, Obama it has been the same. We need a demonrat to right the wrong the evil people (usually the white employed males) have done to everyone else. We will make the poor rich, the sick well, the depressed happy, the dumb smart by taking it from those who took it away and giving it back to those who deserve it. That is the premise of any democrat campaign at any level of government anytime. People who vote for demonrats vote for only one of two reason they want something they feel has been denied them, or they guilty about what they have and feel they owe it to someone else, and want to surrender it. Unfortunately the results are always the same.The democrat party gets in power and they give those downtrodden groups just enough to keep them dependent, and control their lives before the next election. 

The Republicans who lose accept the democrat premise that the downtrodden classes are victims of the oppressive upper class and they basically propose the same collectivist solution except these use a euphemism to describe it. Any time you here a Republican say, "we were elect to get things done; we want to reach across the aisle and work together; we have to please 'the independent voter to get election." It is simply a restatement of the same principle accept they are less blatant than the demonrats. They are what we used to call RINO republicans. Those Republicans lose far more elections than the democrats because they offer no alternative to a demonrats. The elections of 2008 and 2012 were classic examples.

Republican John Mc Cain and Democrat Mitt Romney offered substantively little different from Obama. Neither candidate was willing to challenge Obama publicly about his lies "Obamacare was not a tax for example" and failed policies Obama practically ran unopposed. Donald Trump, however, broke the status quo by exposing the true values of the democrat party and directly confronting their false narrative. The democrats have not been able to counter his arguments yet, because to do so would require a reinvention of themselves. 

The democratic strategy is clear. They are attempting to impeach and malign Trump to the point where he will become a moral, spiritual or social pariah to his base. It has not worked and probably will not we have had a number of rascals as Presidents. People look for results, and Trump is delivering. I have to give the demonrats advice but they can learn something from their own history.

The United States has had thirteen Presidents since World War 2. Truman, Johnson, Ford and Bush 41 were former Vice Presidents who either seceded to the office were were elected principally because they were seen as the person who was going to carry out the agenda of their successor. Each of the other demonrats that were elected President shared one thing in common. They were all virtual unknowns before running for  Presidents.

There is a reason for this demonrat cannot run on a liberal record, because liberalism always produces the same result unemployment, poverty, crime and inequality. YES ALWAYS. For an incumbent demonrat to win he must somehow divert attention from the record and disparage his opponent. Obama saying of  Sarah Palin "you can't put lipstick on a pig," and saying to Romney, "you didn't build that" is a classic example. The problem with Trump is that it hasn't stuck. His record of success is undeniable.

The other thing demonrats do that Republicans prior to Trump have been poor at is bringing together aggrieved party and offered them salvation through government regulation and spending. Republicans believe in liberty and responsibility and seek to empower people to help themselves, which can be easily spun as compassionate. If in November Trump gets the number of black and hispanic votes that he would get today it will be devestating for the future of the demonrat party.They must build a new constituency of victimized voters. 

Only Pete Butigeg as a married man (to a same sex partner) offers both the quantity of being an unknown whose record in Southbend (though abysmal) offers nothing to propel him to higher office, but who can present himself as a Savior to the oppressed LGBTQ community.

I am not making a call about the demonrat nominee yet, but I do believe that the demonrat primaries will result in Butigeg being on the ticket. Who else do they have?

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Why Pete Butigeg Must Be On The 2020 Democratic Ticket


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