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Rev. Shaun Middleton

Hello, this is Rev. Shaun Middleton. I was born on a Sunday morning around 7:10 in a hospital that is located in St. Louis, MO. It was a cold day on the 13nth of February, back in 1977. My mother, Lisa Middleton (Keeler), and my father, Roger Denton Middleton, lived in a town along the border of Illinois at that time.
    My mother remarried a number of times before she passed away from cancer. I spent most of my childhood living in a house that was located in the Oaklawn/Cottage Grove subdivision. It was next to the city Wichita in Kansas. I had a step father that went to Wichita State University to become a physician's assistant. He later went back to school to study engineering. I had another step father that was a machinist for the Boeing Aircraft company. He had a house built on a 25 acre lot of land out in the county and had a gun collection. I had another step father who worked as a clown for parties and other special events. My mother was a physical therapist. She also worked as a clown. I grew up with one half brother who was three years older than me. We had different fathers. He joined the military. Later he achieved the rank of Major and was a surgeon.
    As a child, I was predominantly a loner. However, I managed to have 2 or 3 friends that I'd visit. I left my mother's house when I was 17 years old. I quickly learned about drinking and experimented with illicit drugs. Fortunately, my experimentation with illicit drugs and alcohol abuse did not lead to any long-term addictions.
    Throughout my childhood and early adult years, I was fascinated with the supernatural, ESP and religion. I also enjoyed science and technology. As a young adult, I was often very poor. I lived in run down apartments or old hotels. I worked in fast food restaurants and temporary employment agencies.
    When I was 18 and 19 years old I stayed at the historic Eaton Hotel in the Downtown area of Wichita, KS. It's at the corner of Douglas and St. Francis street. I was there during the last two years that the place was used as a hotel. The city bought the place afterwards and reconstructed the inside so it could be used as a luxury apartment building. The Eaton Hotel was built in 1888. Carry Nation protested against it because of a tavern that was once located in the basement. There was an old man operated elevator in use when I was there. I was among the last few elevator operators before the place was renovated.
    When I was 19, I took the necessary tests to receive a GED certificate from the Wichita school district. They misspelled my first name with a W. A few years later I lost the certificate. Rather than contacting the Wichita school district for a replacement and to correct the spelling of my name, I took the required tests on the Missionary Chapel and Seminary website for a regular High School Diploma.
    Shortly after I turned 18, I started working through temporary employment agencies. Back then there were three temporary employment agencies that paid daily in Wichita. I remember walking back from work, oftentimes feeling sore from a lot of heavy lifting. My years of experience working through these temporary employment agencies had exposed me to a variety of different work environments.
    That kind of employment, when pursued on a long-term basis, actually provides an unique form of hands on education. I did work for reputable contractors on a number of important projects. One summer I helped to remove asbestos from the schools in Kansas. Once I worked in a factory that assembled the oxygen masks that are used in airplanes.

An Eight Year Tragedy

In 2007 I was 30 years old. I relocated from Wichita, Kansas to Chicago, Illinois. Once again, I moved into an old run down hotel. I was hoping to find steady work and I was trying to be in full communion with the Eastern Orthodox church. I was having some problems then that resulted from a family member saying false things about me behind my back. It was causing me to be treated badly in Chicago. I made a stronger effort to become closer to God in 2009.
    I needed to know what was happening then, so I asked God, while in prayer, questions. I used what was described in the Bible about how God communicates to others. After asking questions, I would lay down and wait for whatever dreams or visions would come.
     This practice caused me to know some things that others didn't expect. That in turn had caught the attention of the Central Intelligence Agency. Unfortunately, the CIA had absolutely no kind regard for religion. They did not believe in prophetic dreams at all. They insisted that I had ESP (as they defined it). They tried to prove that I was being fraudulent so they could threaten me with imprisonment if I didn't accept a government job. The FBI was also this way.
    From the Autumn of 2009 till the Autumn of 2017, I had to endure one nasty game after another as the federal agents, the police and a large number of volunteers tried to prove that the federal agents were correct. So I was in this position where I knew that I'd been telling the truth the whole time, but being punished on a daily basis because of it. I believed that the phenomenon that's associated with ESP came from an outside source. They kept insisting that it was all happening from within my mind.
     For eight years, every job I had was heavily interfered with. It didn't matter what I said, or even if I proved them wrong. The feds got people to talk around me, rather than to me. Also, they got people to constantly get a point across by giving clues. This was happening to me by a large number of people that agreed to volunteer for them. No one was willing to accept any explanation that involved religion. For a few years they tried to prove that I was telepathic. Then for the last couple years they went out of their way to make me reproduce. I wasn't allowed to keep any job unless I agreed to have sex with a woman. Regardless of the fact that they reviewed my medical records and analyzed body samples from me, they convinced a large number of people that I had to reproduce as a means of advancing the evolution of the human race. They only changed the meaning of the dreams that I had to justify what they were doing. There was no physical evidence from me that supported their outrageous theories. I had a long-term girlfriend since 2009. My jobs were too heavily interfered with and the problem with the federal agents caused me to move around a lot, so it was a matter that I just couldn't stay on my feet long enough to afford a marriage. I was hoping that the crisis would end much sooner than it did. She proved to be my best friend throughout the whole ordeal. She was the only one that I could turn to for help.
    For the eight years that these things occurred, I was badly harassed on a consistent basis. I was forced to live out on the streets most of the time. Every job that I had was interfered with. I was intentionally drugged and poisoned a number of times. Whenever I had dreams to indicate that something bad was going to happen to people, I'd warn them. Then they'd insist that my warnings were threats and make things even harder on me when the bad things that I predicted came true.
    The police in Chicago continued with things for a while, not realizing that the feds had completely abandoned the situation. The FBI abandoned the situation without telling anyone a couple days before Christmas in 2016. My long-term girlfriend who already had asthma and COPD was intentionally exposed to a rare form of food poisoning by Chicago detectives. She died as a complete innocent.


Just as I received additional information from my dreams and visions, I also received guidance. God made it clear to me that he wanted me to evangelize the Christian faith. In 2014 I became an ordained evangelist minister through Missionary Chapel and Seminary. That was back when the CIA was initially involved. I knew from before the time that I became an ordained Christian minister what God wanted me to do.
    I am starting a ministry that I intend to have funded by the e-books that I write. This ministry will emphasize evangelizing the Christian faith and supporting nondenominational conservative Christianity. The ministry will provide educational podcast recordings and online videos. It will also provide Christian worship services and street evangelism.
    I will always consider it a pleasure and an honor to serve Jesus Christ. I hope that I will be able to convince a lot of people to seek the narrow path that offers truth and eternal salvation.

Mariana Capiz, long-term girlfriend who died as a complete innocent in Chicago, IL.

Myself, Rev. Shaun Middleton

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Rev. Shaun Middleton


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