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Spiritual Partners and Karma Bonds?

I've been listening to the book "Acariya Mun Bhuridatta Thera"

and a couple of things have come up in the book that I am not familiar with, that being the concept of Spiritual Partners and karma bonds. These are concepts I haven't heard talked about a lot, and I can understand why that might be, as they aren't really important in regards to practice...but I'm still curious to understand them if they are actually a real occurrence.

Firstly, the spiritual partners. This is the second time I have heard this be referenced now. In the book, it explains that Acariya Mun had several encounters with a being described as his "Spiritual Partner", that they had made a vow to become enlightened together over many life times ago, and have remained bonded ever since. Always trying to reconnect to each other.

Secondly, the karma bonds. In the book, it tells the story of a monk who was troubled because he fell in love with a women he encountered while he bathed. He attempted to escape the influence of the woman and move on somewhere else, but by very unlikely circumstance, the woman just so happen to also move away to the same place that the monk had gone to escape her. The monk ended up disrobing and marrying the woman. The book commented on this by calling it his "Karma bond", either implying that because of the Monk's karma, he always meant to disrobe, or that this monk and the woman had a connection to each other, and their karma was 'bonded' in a sense that they were always meant to come together at some point.

I was hoping I could get some kind of explanation or context to these concepts if anyone knows more about them.

What are spiritual partners if they do exist? Does everyone have one, or is it a random occurrence that can happen between two consciousness at any point in their rebirths...meaning that not necessarily everyone has one.

And Karma Bonds. Are these the same thing as spiritual partners? maybe in the case of the monk in the story it is, but maybe they are something else...just meaning it is a consequence that was always going to happen due to past karma? This one confused me, I'm not exactly sure what it means to "have a karma bond"

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Spiritual Partners and Karma Bonds?


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