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How would one achieve Stream Entry? (1st Stage Of Enlightenment?).

Hey all gotta question here for all of you.

How does one attain Stream Entry?

Firstly abit about me I discovered Buddhism Months ago and I'm forever grateful I have. I used to be Catholic or was going to be baptised but had a change of heart with Buddhism as my number 1.

I only follow Buddhism now and don't think I'll ever change my mind It's got everything In It backed up with evidence and logic and reason behind Its teachings not based on some guy In the sky trying to tell you what to donor how to live your life.

Personally at the moment I study 'Buddhism' at home using Internet sources. I have a temple near me but as I firmly believe Therevada Is the upmost purest form of Buddhism no schools I don't think are near me nearest one I think Is over 40+ miles away from me I'll double check It though.

So I research and try to practice 'Therevada Buddhism.' And I have came to accept that If things carry on the way they are for me I'll never have kids or a wife or a Girlfriend (I'm to ugly or this or that or whatever I've just never been good with the opposite sex.)

I have decided when I'm older atleast In my 30's I'll become a Monk If possible If not In my particular sect the nearest one closet to my belief and practice that would have me.

But one of the golden fruits or treasures not to sound to materliastic hahaha Is the doctor or belief of Nebanna/Nivarna. I personally call it Nivarna.

I heard they were stages, 4 precisely of Enlightenment.

1.) Stream Entry (The mildest form of Nivarna known.) 2.) Once Retuner 3.) Non Returner 4.) Nivarna/Arahant (Highest State of Nivarna possible one of the hardest part of Buddhism to achieve.)

So how does one achieve Stream Entry?

I understand alot of the beliefs about Buddhism they make 100% sense to me. (4 Noble Truths, The 8 Fold Path, Anatta/No Self, 3 traits of existence. Rebirth/death cycle, Karma/Reincarnation.)

To be honest I still struggle with some doctrines, no self for example I don't know If It's true but I'm sure someone can point out my mistake.

I'm sure Anatta/No self Is about getting rid of all Delusion/Arrogance/Selfishness/Ignorance/Self Righteousness/and Ego to see the true reality of life It It's purest form.

I know It also Is about recognising we are just a small part of things and nothing can exist without something else.

Like a rainbow In order to have something like that a beautiful thing we have to have water cloud rain and puddles. No great thing just happens they are contributing factors and sections that all come together.

So before a monk Is purest and reaches Nivarna he wasn't always perfect ect......

That's my current Interpretation anyway feel free to correct me.

I also read they were atleast 3 things you have to get rid of or burn out desire wise before you attain Stream Entry.

1.) Self doubt In Self or the Dharmma's!

I have nothing but respect and love and belief off the teachings I firmly believe In nearly everything I have read about Buddhism or more specifically Therevada.

2.) No self/Anatta- Realise and fully understand No self belief.

(I sort of do not entirely confident I could reach someone adequately the belief of No self.)

3.) Attachment to Rite and Rituals?

(I don't understand this one? Is It tackling materliasm and letting go of certain things?).

Is it about taking the first steps of wanting and craving?

So I don't truly fully understand the 3 fetters and I don't understand truly Anatta and I don't understand the true path to Stream Entry could anyone help?

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How would one achieve Stream Entry? (1st Stage Of Enlightenment?).


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