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Angels of death, failed gods and the questions that never go away

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In the light of current events, those who still doubt that those who appear to rule the nations are not necessarily the ones ruling the world may have to think again. Most, if not all, of the so-called political leaders around the world are mere figure-heads who take orders from the real powers that be. These political leaders often delude themselves that they are in charge.

With the death toll now well over a million (though official figures are much lower), it is certain that earth dwellers are considered to be mere pawns in the political/spiritual chessboard of those who rule the world. This confirms that humans, despite their silly pride, are unimaginably vulnerable. Amusingly, the official story is that coronavirus gave birth to covid 19. Was this a pure diversionary tactic?

This brings us to the question: Who really is in charge? Who are the faceless ones ruling our world? Doesn't the good book state that there is someone called the god of this world? The one who calls the shots as far as the world is concerned. However, one could become puzzled considering that the same good book categorically states that the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.

Mathematically, in order to draw the line, it would appear that the fight for the control of the planet is actually between the god of this world and the Lord of hosts. A contest between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. Sadly, most earth dwellers are recruits of the god of this world who continues to prepare them for the battle of the great Day of the Lord. Creatures preparing to take on their Creator.

Knowingly or unknowingly, more than 95% of earth dwellers are on the side of the god of this world. Less than 5% of humans truly know and follow the Lord and they are the ones derisorily referred to as the Remnant. Ironically, the god of this world has this habit of keeping his devotees in the dark and totally deceived.

There have been times when the Lord, the real Owner of all realms, in His wisdom, allows the god of this world and his disciples to set things in motion on the planet. It is hardly surprising that only genuine followers of the Lord, who hear from the Lord, would usually understand what is going on.

One has, for long, known of theories emanating from the darkroom of political sorcery of the powers that be. They are that certain Technology barons, some political and religious leaders, who are foot soldiers of the god of this world, are keen to ensure a reduction in the world population.

Well, the chances are that there would always be characters who would want to play God. What is certain, however, is that the Lord will always have the final say.

The truth is that there are enough resources on earth to sustain the world population provided justice, equity, kindness, good management, love and selflessness are allowed to flow like a river.

Death is still the one thing that humans would want to avoid at all costs. What is happening around the world today easily attests to this.

Sadly, however, there had been times in human history, like now, when humans were wasted on a large scale. These were the times of the visits of the angels of death. These often happen during wars, pestilences, plagues, famines, pandemics and other disasters.

Surprisingly, whenever disasters and trials descend on humans, the gods that they usually worship would hardly lift a finger to help. We are referring to the gods of pleasure, gods of entertainment, gods of vanity, gods of sports and other gods. Like now, all these contemporary gods are not able to save their worshippers.

For example, sports stadia and arenas around the world are firmly shut. The Premier League, American Football, La Liga, Basketball, Rugby, Serie A and other sports have failed to save their worshippers as they are all suspended. Also, bars, pubs, night clubs, holiday destinations and resorts, and many other places where humans traditionally resort to are all shut down. The Olympic Games have been postponed just as there are no music festivals for now at least.

In the light of happenings, one would have expected humans to again revisit all the questions that really matter. These are questions like: Who really am I? Where did I come from? What am I doing here? Where am I going? If a human dies, shall he or she live again? What is the ultimate purpose of life?

More often than not, carnal gratifications would often prevent people from asking themselves these questions. However, until humans can answer these questions honestly and correctly, they will continue to grope in the dark living in constant fear of the Mandarins of time who think they can play God.

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Angels of death, failed gods and the questions that never go away


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