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Politics, The Quartermaster and Smaugministration

Full Bilbo and Smaug Scene here

Facebook posts 7/6/2019

Pathway Church pays off $2.2 Million of Medical Debt

This is great ofcourse as a jump in the gap moment but the cocaine fuelled prostitution hotel dwellers of the life insurance moguls want USA to always pay ten times what anything costs for the same thing here in England......
Support the medical insurance industry today!!!!!

This then led me on to considering administration, and in particular political administration.

Politics has come to mean something that doesn’t mean simple Administration at a National or state level.
There’s a political spirit.
Except truly speaking the demon isn’t political in the slightest , he’s a Smaug Dragon, a Judas infester....
there’s no more “ administration “in a Dragon sleeping sprawled across a mountain of gold than a cat “ administrating “ a mouse.

Then I was reminded of  a word, a single word spoken to me.

A propos of nothing, two or three years ago I had the word quartermaster.
I realise now how central this issue is. To everything. It’s the ultimate manifestation physically in our world of
NOT GETTING “ GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD “ SORTED before the Throne Room as a life principle.


So everything that would have been sorted at root level becomes like Microsoft software that was built in MS DOS becoming ever more complex and top heavy just to emulate APPLE CODE , which was visual based from the start.

So in health terms,
Just at natural level,without getting into the awesome supernatural accelerative forms of taking authority over creation....
But just naturally speaking,
Instead of building up the healthy biome inside a persons gut, a healthy thick layer of protective actively combative mucous,
Through apples and fruit roughage,
Through cabbage kale broccoli
Through fermented foods that every civilisation apart from Brits already knows about.....

Instead of building up our own genius levels of homeostasis,

SMAUGMINISTRATION believes in crashing a body with radio therapies or radiation or synthetic copies of naturally appearing remedies, or things expensively recreated with your personal bespoke DNA go go right round the houses and be astronomically expensive, which can be solved relatively swiftly by cheaper routes.

Maglev trains were eschewed. Most of the nascent hippy research into green solutions was blocked for about three whole decades until SMAUGMINISTRATION COOPTED THE WHOLE MOVEMENT AND CAME UP WITH GLOBAL WARMING, PURCHASING HUGE TRACTS OF LAND OSTENSIBLY FOR ECO REASONS, but really to push the world populations into intensely populated cities where control and surveillance is infinitely more practical.

For every real genetic benefit of plants that are more resistant to pests, there’s the knock on effects to the food chain and seed that only works for one year and has to be purchased centrally annually.
Monsanto Smaug.

Then there’s Water Smaug. Centrally purchasing and controlling all sources of water and dams without which humans must have constant supply.
Rothschilds first excursion into the market sector away from purely banking was for this reason to grab Paris by the jugular and purchase the Parisian water company in 1850.
The same derivative business, Veolia controls much of all daily infrastructure all over Britain .
They even purchased
Basically, anything that makes or shifts money or resources, NAB IT, GET IN ON IT.

SMAUGMINISTRATION controls the church everywhere through clever systems of enrollment and tax concessions. Rothschild took over all Vatican finances 200 years ago.

None of this is now secret conspiracy .
The finer points are, like using sex and money to tarnish those in positions so this can be used to threaten people into following THE AGENDA.
But Flintstones and Simpson’s always had FREEMASONS
THE SIMPSONS is quite clear about a Mr Burns tier of psychopath , and Dr Katherine Horton says she has proved this must be so according to systems analysis. The psychopath must rise to the top.

Thankfully if the three biggie “ roots” are dealt with the Lords Prayer style.... A whole psalm 24 generation will prove Katherine wrong, but the administration blue print will change for good anyway, as it did in Europe when basic personal salvation was rediscovered 500 years ago.

I had heard a few minutes of this Youtube clip before all this, but when I heard it all I realised how similar it was, with just a different way of saying it.

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Politics, The Quartermaster and Smaugministration


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