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What are You Bingeing on Netflix? Here are My Top 8!

We are not going to get into the whole issue of whether you are bingeing or binging on Netflix. Apparently, both spellings are correct and according to most, either of them can be used without worry for looking like an idiot. And honestly, I can’t decide. Binging seems more right to me, though bingeing seems more accepted. Spell it how you like, I want to know what you are binge-ing (sure, you can do it that way, too) on Netflix.

Of course, I’m going to share what I’m bingeing on Netflix. I can’t wait. Most of the shows on this list are dramas, but there is humor mixed in. Some are long since gone from TV, and a couple are Netflix originals. Boy howdy, one of the smartest things they did, those originals…

…but you want to know what I’m bingeing, right? And you’ll share yours down below? Okay, let’s see what’s on…

What are You Bingeing on Netflix? Here are My Top 8

(absolutely in no particular order)

1 – The Following. 

It is odd for me to see Kevin Bacon in a television drama. Is it odd? Maybe not. But I am loving this show. I’m not sure that it hasn’t started not being good – 3 seasons in – or if it is coming back for a 4th season, but it’s good. There is quite a bit of back story woven in for the characters and the twists are must see – it’s must-see Netflix on the TV. (I’m a dork, tuck that away and don’t forget it.) ANYway. The Following. If you like a good FBI/serial killer kind of show that is super connected one episode to the next, then you will enjoy it. YAY!

2 – Blue Bloods. 

I first watched this show sometime last year. When you take Tom Selleck, throw in Donnie Wahlberg, and add Tom Brady’s ex, you’ve got yourself some seriously interesting characters. Each episode is stand alone; however, there are back story bits that you don’t want to miss. We are bingeing this now, together (G and I), and he’s pretty hooked. He thinks it’s cute that I’m more into Tom Selleck than that New Kid, but has no worries. They are both incredibly talented actors who have writers who write extremely well. The whole show is just a darn good cop/family drama.

3 – Breaking Bad. 

G and I resisted this one for the longest time. I don’t know why. Except maybe we aren’t given to the hype of any particular thing. And there was a lot of hype surrounding this show. We didn’t start watching until after it had ended – and thankfully, didn’t see any spoilers before we finished it. In like, a weekend, I think. This was our ultimate binge, staying up until 4am to finish it, something we’d never done previously or since. It’s good. Drugs, conspiracy, great story lines…it’s good. I said.

4 – House of Cards. 

Oh the intrigue of this one. House of Cards is a Netflix original and Kevin Spacey is insanely good and evil in this drama about the rise (and fall?) of one really sticky politician. I don’t think there’s a character on this show that we don’t Love (or love to hate) and we can’t wait for the next season. We even binged that other White House one, oh what’s it called… the West Wing (an oldie but goodie) as we were hungry for more political drama. I don’t know what’s in store for Frank and Claire, but hopefully we will soon find out.

5 – Person of Interest. 

This was one of those shows that I began watching on my own and then G was compelled to join in after catching just one episode with me. We love all the characters, but do wonder why John sounds like Batman most of the time. We have mourned losses of great characters and sit anxiously on the edge of our seat for the last season to be released on Netflix. This show is a telling example of what a world run by machines might look like.

6 – Nurse Jackie. 

Drug addicted (formerly know as Tony Soprano’s wife) Jackie is a nurse on the edge with no cares left to give throughout most of this television drama. She lives her life her way and though it’s a train wreck and you want to hate her (for so many reasons), you just don’t. The entire cast of characters lend their amazing talent to this incredible show in a way that is relatable and in your face. Even at the end, when they all knew it was coming, this show didn’t fall short of delivering right to the very last minute.

7 – NCIS. 

Yes, another one that I’m coming in late on. And no, I haven’t watched the latest season, yet. Though, I know we lost a beloved character, I’m waiting to finish a couple other binges before I dig back in to it. Netflix is pretty awesome like that. You may have to wait for the latest season, but then it’s all there for your bingeing pleasure. I have fallen in love with every single member of NCIS and love how intertwined they all are. Each episode is stand alone (like my other fav above), but there is plenty you won’t want to miss, going on around each story line. Like cop shows with drama all around? You will love NCIS. Put it on the binge list, now!

8 – Law & Order SVU. 

I love this whole franchise. I’ve seen every episode of all of them. I think. Except for this latest season of SVU. So shhhhshhh. Don’t tell me. I don’t want to know. I will catch up with Olivia and the rest, soon. This show is one that has been on forever. Seriously. But it’s not old. They have always been edgy and known for ripping headlines to tell stories and that keeps the show fresh and raw. I think. I say that, because maybe it’s like what sometimes happens with a show – you are so far in that you can’t stop watching but maybe it sucks now but you don’t know and…well. I don’t think that’s the case with SVU, though. Go see for yourself on Netflix, now!

Want 8 more of my favorite Netflix Binges?

  • Better Call Saul (pre-story to Breaking Bad)
  • Criminal Minds (no Hotch now? yikes.)
  • Dexter (the last season was rough, but we loved this show)
  • Sliders (it gets a little campy around season 3, but we were in for a penny…)
  • X-Files (we haven’t binged it yet, but it’s on the list. I was in my early 20’s when this show first came on)
  • Revenge (what a crazy story line this was)
  • Once Upon a Time (Mags and I were watching this in real time for the first couple of seasons, lost track, on the list to go back)
  • White Collar (another one that lost momentum but was still fun to watch)

…the list of what we want to binge on Netflix is pretty long. But we aren’t getting crazy with it. No abnormal amounts of bingeing, I don’t think. We just love us some Netflix and yes, we do absolutely “Netflix and chill”, which isn’t what the kids are calling it these days.


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Now tell me, what are YOU bingeing on Netflix?

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What are You Bingeing on Netflix? Here are My Top 8!


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