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Pherazone Review: What A Scam. Avoid This Junk At All Costs!

pherazone review scamPherazone is one of the “mass marketed” junk products on the pheromone market. Read this for a REAL, LEGITIMATE review on Pherazone.

If you’ve heard of pheromones, you’ve probably heard of pheromone products such as Pherazone, Pherx, Pherlure, and others with similar names.

The problem with these products isn’t that they just don’t deliver.

They are the worst at giving pheromones the scammy, BS, snake oil vibe experienced pheromone users just loathe.

There are products out there that work, and don’t have to outright LIE about what they do to sell.

What I mean is that Pherazone hypes up their products to an unbelievable level, which makes it appealing only to the most desperate men and women out there.

And if the staged testimonials weren’t obvious enough, they also claim on the Pherazone sales page…

“Even if you’re short, fat, ugly, with no money, and the personality of a dead toad, you can still score big time with the use of pheromones”.

Yes… they literally say that on the sales page.

This just sets my bullshit detector off and instantly annoys me for several reasons:

  • Pheromones are a great advantage, but they’re not magic
  • It’s off-setting the importance of hard work and self improvement (and saying you don’t have to do jack to attract women)
  • It’s mass marketed crap to people who are too lazy to work out, and put any effort into their appearance, confidence, and personality.

In other words, Pherazone sucks and is an outright scam

Do NOT believe the reviews you find on Amazon or 99% of pheromone Review websites.

Most of them are fake and specifically designed to just make a commission off you.

My site PheromonePro is geared more to advanced users, and yes I too make a commission if I refer a sale. But I do not hype or lie about products to make sales. They are real opinions, not engineered by dumb marketers.

This is obvious by how much depth I can go into writing a review on a single product.

You should also be very wary of trusting reviews from Amazon. There are literally companies that shill (write fake reviews) in order to keep the rating high on the store. They will write promotional content but disguise it as personal opinion.

Same goes for those fake review blogs that claim this junk actually does anything useful.

Fantastic claims like the ones made on the Pherazone site are extremely hard to back up.

But a “sucker is born every minute”, and that’s exactly who their customer profile is.

Any reasonable person would immediately write these claims off, and discredit the company because of bullshit marketing such as this.

In the past, I’ve worked as a copywriter – I wrote sales pages for a living.

And while they did use promotional language…

they were never as hyped up and full of straight lies like the Pherazone site is.

They were always based on factual information regarding the product or service being offered.

And I made sales. I didn’t have to lie because the products delivered.

I just shake my head in disbelief that there are people that fall for this absurd type of marketing.

I only bought it because I wanted to really believe that this stuff did SOMETHING rather than just NOTHING at all.

As an experienced user I know when something is working or not just by how people treat me in my daily life…

I’ve become a master of reading body language and subtle social signals.

I also gave a close friend of mine Pherazone and another very good, working product. He has some experience using pheromones.

On day 2 of differentiating between the scam product (Pherazone) and the other product – a well known attention grabber from Liquid Alchemy Labs…

It became as clear as night and day.

Pherazone was literally as good as spraying on water.

I was just stunned… I mean it did nothing at all – I could spray some 1 Million by Paco Rabanne on and have some women act all sweet around me just because of the smell. But even a hyped up product like Pherazone did absolutely nothing?!

Anyway, I could harp on about how crappy Pherazone actually is…

But I have better things to do than write about some junk that doesn’t even deserve a place on my site. People email me regularly regarding these types of products so I will add this to the “bogus” pheromones list.

Keep an eye on it and please read up on my site before buying from scammy or untested websites. If you want to check it out then click here – If you buy it, you were warned up front!

  • Phertest

P.S. Pherazone actually tried to get this page REMOVED from the Google search results by filing a DMCA (which is copyright infringement) because I used their product image. The funny part is that they have absolutely no interest in removing the bullshit scam affiliate websites that promote this hunk of shit product… LOL. Stop ripping people off and then maybe I won’t write shit reviews on it.

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Pherazone Review: What A Scam. Avoid This Junk At All Costs!


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