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TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- “And we’ll talk in present tenses…“

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

The snow that would be Winter.

Today is Sunday. It is the new, post-the-TToT-post, day. The TToT being the bloghop that basically is a room full of over-stuffed furniture, (old, but clean, the kind that you’d feel comfortable putting your leg over the arm of, or tucking a spare leg under you, in case someone came by that you liked, of course), and a pile of yellow lined pads and a crazy assortment of pens and pencils and such. There is a theme and there is a structure to this bloghop. But then again, there is a theme and there is a structure to the beach or the forest. It’s always what you make of it, or, as the Wakefield Doctrine would say, it’s how it manifests for you. Theme: gratitude. Structure: a list of ten(ish)**

Kristi is our host and makes certain that no one runs out of paper or pencils or access to that crayon sharpener that used to be on the 64 Crayon set that only one kid you knew in grade school had.

1) the weather….though I fear we are paying a price few can measure, the fact is, rather than piles of frozen water, I am looking out on a rainy Sunday. nb

2) Phyllis and Una (below as co-model and photographer)

3) Hypograt** the ‘starched-lace-up-to-the-ears insistence of spellcheck that ‘-ish’ is the most heinous of all spelling crimes… no, serially! Try it yourself. Most word misspellings, you can, like, repeat your choice of alternate spelling and the machine eventually lets you have it. Not so for ‘ish’! Spellcheck clearly hates that particular word trill.

4) Surely this is the time to mention ‘the Book’. One of the gifts of the word gods that’s made this bloghop as much fun as it is, surely is the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules). This book lets those who would stand up and cite in faux legal/scientific/spiritual/cunningly-cute language, a Rule to permit whatever amusing indiscretion the writer would share with us. This extends to the concept of Hypogratuity (no!, not stiffing your food server in the nice restaurant), hypograts are those things no one but an inanimate object would respond to with gratitude.

5) Writing in general; ‘Almira’ specifically.

6) Speaking of writing… I mentioned last week that I was undertaking the writing of a series of short stories featuring characters from ‘Almira’. I am, in fact, working on one in which Hunk Dietrich is the protagonist. (He’s the Scarecrow for all you old enough to remember the Wizard of Oz movie). The story is about an event in Hunk’s life that had a major influence on him. That being the idea with these short stories, i.e. getting to know my characters better. Anyway, I’m still working on it. If it’s not linked here by the end of the day, look for it to be a part of a standalone post later in the week.

7) Speaking of writing (ha ha)… the subtitle above is from ‘Chelsea Morning’ by Joni Mitchell. And it’s captured my head this morning. Funny thing, back in the day, I totally had no time for this kind of music… you know, girlie music.*** Times and people do change. Being currently semi-obsessed with perfect words arranged in a pleasing manner, the lyrics to this song just knocks me out. I’ll post the version that includes lyrics below, rather to use up real estate here.


9) Cynthia called in last night… a stimulating and enjoyable conversation ensued. She is doing things out there in the world, as a clark, that is both enjoyable to observe and a source of inspiration to us Outsiders. Stop by her site, Intuitive and Spiritual and tell her ‘the Doctrine sent ya’

10) SR 1.3  ( ask Zoe... she back on the scene and totally on a first-name basis with Seven-older-but-still-enigmatic-Virgins) has to do with the last grat… of course.

Joni Mitchell


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TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- “And we’ll talk in present tenses…“


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