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Enlaces interesantes 243

Enlaces interesantesAhí van los enlaces recopilados durante la semana pasada. Espero que os resulten interesantes :-)


  • The week in .NET – 5/24/2016
    Bertrand Le Roy
  • Indexers in C#
    Abhi Jain
  • FakeItEasy 2.0.0 released
    Blair Conrad
  • 3 Ways to Loop Without do/do-while/for/foreach/etc...
    Nick Chamberlain
  • Open sourcing ReSharper’s external annotations
    Matt Ellis


  • How to Build a Search Page with Elasticsearch and .NET
  • Ryszard Seniuta
  • Running multiple ASP.NET Web API pipelines side by side
    Filip Woj
  • Transforming existing MVC application to work as Single Page Application (SPA)
  • 3 ways to keep your ASP.NET MVC controllers thin
    Jon Hilton
  • Eventos de conexión en SignalR
    Diego Bersano
  • Creating a Responsive WebGrid in ASP.NET MVC
    Jonathan Danylko

.NET Core / ASP.NET Core

  • ASP.NET Core : Getting Clean with SOAP
    Shayne Boyer
  • Announcing WCF Connected Service for .NET Core RC2 and ASP.NET Core RC2
    Miguel Lacouture
  • Making it easier to port to .NET Core
    Immo Landwerth
  • RC means something
    Hadi Hariri
  • .NET Core is Boiling the Ocean
    Aaron Stannard
  • ASP.NET Core RC2 Using WEB API And AngularJS
    Toan Manh Nguyen
  • Released SQL Localization Nuget package for ASP.NET Core
  • Building a Static File Server in ASP.NET Core RC2 with the CLI
    Bobby Johnson
  • Write your first .NET Core Library
    Thomas Stringer
  • How to Target netcoreapp and net461 from ASPNET Core & How To Specify Framework When Running ASPNET Core Apps
    Steve Smith
  • Changes to Project.json
    Scott Hunter
  • Moving to ASP.NET Core RC2: Tooling
    Tugberk Ugurlu
  • Try the DevExtreme TagHelpers for ASP.NET Core RC2 - (Now Available)
    Mehul Harry
  • Strongly Typed Configuration Settings in ASP.NET Core
    Rick Strahl
  • .NET Core RC2 is out and where do we go from here
    Hrvoje Hudoletnjak
  • ASP.NET Core Distributed Cache Tag Helper
    Dave Paquette

Azure / Cloud

  • Announcing general availability of Azure DevTest Labs
    Xiaoying Guo
  • Diagnose and resolve issues with Azure Troubleshooting
    Ritesh Garodia
  • LUIS and the Bot Framework: A Natural Language Match
    Joe Mayo
  • Announcing: Motion detection for Azure Media Analytics
    Richard Li Azure / Cloud
  • Ayuda a tu bot a entender comandos con LUIS  &
    ¿Tu bot va lento después de un tiempo sin actividad? Habilita Always On en tus bots en Azure App Service &
     Integrar Microsoft Bot Framework con Telegram &
    Monitoriza tus bots con Application Insights
    Gisela Torres  (has estado ocupada, eh? ;D)

Conceptos/Patrones/Buenas prácticas

  • 10 Remedial Design Pointers for Developers
    Ian Yates
  • The Plain Simple Password Page Not So Simple Anymore
    Dino Esposito
  • Hacking an Insecure Login Form
    Max R McCarty


  • SQL Server Performance Tuning Tip - Index Foreign Key Columns
    Mike Eastland
  • Unicorn 2.0 is Released!
    Haifeng Li
  • SQL Query Plans Each Developer Should Know
    Akshay Phadke
  • How To Use Stored Procedure With Dapper In ASP.NET MVC
    Vithal Wadje
  • Reset Entity Framework migrations
    Morten Anderson
  • Simplify performance tuning and troubleshooting with Azure SQL Database
    Vladimir Ivanovic


  • Debug JavaScript With These 14 Tips
    Freyja Spaven
  • JavaScript: The Semicolon Debate
    Adam Sanderson
  • The Internet of the Future ? SEO Friendly Single Page Web Apps with Angular 2 Universal
    Angular Academy
  • HTML y CSS: El "extraño" comportamiento de las cajas anidadas
    José Manuel Alarcón
  • Considerations for styling the tag
    Chris Coyier
  • About object-oriented design and the “class” & “extends” keywords in TypeScript / ES6
    Wolk Software
  • Style Or Format JSON Data In JQuery
    Sibeesh Venu
  • Front End Development after Internet Explorer
    Adrian Sandu
  • Stylelint: The Style Sheet Linter We’ve Always Wanted
    Aleks Hudochenkov
  • An Introduction to the Basics of Modern CSS Buttons
    Jack Rometty
  • JS: attribute vs. property
    Lucy Bain (vía @andoniarroyo)
  • How to upgrade AngularJS apps to AngularJS 2.0 ?
    Rachit Agarwal
  • Injecting a Line Break
    Chris Coyier
  • 5 Considerations Before Starting That WebRTC Project
    Martin W. Brennan
  • CSS coding techniques
    Belén Albeza
  • Six nifty ES6 tricks
    Axel Rauschmayer

Visual Studio/Complementos/Herramientas

  • “Initialize Interactive with Project”– Run Interactive with context to Project–Visual Studio 2015
    Abhijit Jana
  • Debugging AngularJS in Visual Studio 2015
    Timmy Kokke
  • ReSharper Ultimate 2016.1.2 is here
    Daria Dovzhikova
  • How to keep packages folder out of TFVC
    Donovan Brown


  • Windows Containers on Windows 10
    Neil Peterson
  • Resolviendo el acertijo de Einstein
    Juan María Hernández
Y para cerrar esta entrega, un vídeo que explica la magia que había por detrás de Doom que, por cierto, ocupaba lo mismo que una página web de hoy en día ;D

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Enlaces interesantes 243


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