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Enlaces interesantes 456

Ahí van los enlaces recopilados durante la semana pasada. Espero que os resulten interesantes. :-)

Por si te lo perdiste...

  • Cómo saber si un objeto no es nulo (edición C# 9)
    José María Aguilar
  • El hosting in-process de ASP.NET Core 2.2
    José María Aguilar

.NET Core / .NET

  • Is C# Getting Too Complex?
    Michael Moreno
  • J4JLogger: A Serilog Wrapper that Provides Source Code Information
    Mark Olbert
  • Grouping Assertions in Tests
    Steve Smith
  • Events in C#
    Marinko Spasojevic
  • Compress Strings With .NET and C#
    Khalid Abuhakmeh
  • Remove all event handlers from an event in C#
    Rod Stephens
  • C# 10.0: Global Using Directives – Make Important Namespaces Available in Your Whole Project
    Thomas Claudius Huber
  • Differences between Hashtable vs Dictonary vs ConcurrentDictionary vs ImmutableDictionary
    Scott Hanselman

ASP.NET Core / ASP.NET / Blazor

  • Preventing XSS in .NET Core Web Apis
    Jason Sultana
  • JSON Based Localization in ASP.NET Core With Caching
    Mukesh Murugan
  • Model Binding an Array from a Form Post & .Net Core Strong Typed Configuration Binding for Arrays
    Chris F. Carroll
  • Adding cross cutting concerns to a GraphQL service
    Nigel Sampson
  • Custom deployment layout for Blazor WebAssembly apps
    Javier Calvarro
  • How I organise my Blazor components
    Jon Hilton
  • Exploring the code behind WebApplicationBuilder: Exploring .NET Core 6
    Andrew Lock
  • Ahead-Of-Time Compilation for Blazor Wasm
    Kristoffer Strube
  • Easily Visualize Online Maps in a Blazor Application
    Hari Venkatesh E
  • Deploying Angular with ASP.​NET MVC 5 on IIS
    Anuraj Parameswaran

Azure / Cloud

  • Handling Transient Errors in Durable Functions
    Tomasz Pęczek
  • Tip 335 - How to choose a partition key in Azure Cosmos DB
    Michael Crump
  • Azure Functions 4.0 Preview Out with Support for .NET 6
    David Ramel

Conceptos / Patrones / Buenas prácticas

  • I fixed a bug. What should I do now?
    Gérald Barré
  • Distributed transaction patterns for microservices compared
    Bilgin Ibryam
  • ID Token and Access Token: What Is the Difference?
    Andrea Chiarelli
  • Confirmations in User Interfaces: Explicit vs. Implicit
    Roland Weigelt
  • ALWAYS Valid Domain Model
    Derek Comartin
  • Domain-Driven Refactoring: Encapsulating Collections
    Jimmy Bogard
  • The Equivalence contravariant functor
    Mark Seemann

    Machine learning / IA / Bots

    • .NET Interactive Notebooks for Machine Learning
      Nikola M. Zivkovic

    Web / HTML / CSS / Javascript

    • Announcing TypeScript 4.5 Beta
      Daniel Rosenwasser
    • 5 ways to make HTTP requests in JavaScript
      Anjalee Sudasinghe
    • The saga of async JavaScript: Generators
      Roman Sarder
    • Better Types using Discriminated Unions in TypeScript
      Maina Wycliffe
    • JavaScript map Vs forEach: When to Use Each One
      Sajal Soni
    • Understanding min-content, max-content, and fit-content in CSS
      Matt Angelosanto
    • Fade-in animation on scroll with IntersectionObserver(Vanilla JS)
      Shiho Kazam
    • VueJS - Drag 'n Drop
      Pablo Veiga
    • Comparing HTML Preprocessor Features
      Chris Coyier
    • Sorting JavaScript Arrays By Nested Properties
      Elijah Manor
    • Building a Weather Station with JavaScript
      Andrew Evans
    • Angular Basics: Data Binding Part 4— Attribute Binding
      Nwose Lotanna Victor
    • Replacing jQuery with Vanilla ES6
      Aaron T. Grogg

    Visual Studio / Complementos / Herramientas

    • Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 1 is now available!
      Jordan Matthiesen
    • Part 1: Short introduction to RabbitMQ
      Luka Filajdić
    • How We Made Bracket Pair Colorization 10,000x Faster In Visual Studio Code
      Henning Dieterichs
    • Creating the Perfect Commit in Git
      Tobias Günther

    Xamarin / .NET Maui

    • Introducing the First Set of Syncfusion .NET MAUI Controls
      Selva Ganapathy Kathiresan
    • Xamarin.Forms - ContentView Lifecycle
      Delpin Susai Raj
    • Opening A PDF in Xamarin Forms (Part1: Xamarin.iOS)
      Damien Tohin Doumer


    • Improving The Accessibility Of Your Markdown
      Eric Bailey

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    Enlaces interesantes 456


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