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2023-05-04 17:31
Java provides several libraries for SSL/TLS support, which can be used to secure communication between a client and server over the internet. Here are some of the popular Java SSL libraries:… Read More
2023-05-04 17:04
Kafka is a distributed streaming platform that is designed to handle high volumes of data in real-time. Like any other distributed system, Kafka may encounter several issues that can affect… Read More
2023-05-04 16:54
What is Java? Java is a high-level, object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. It is platform-independent and can run on any operating system that has a Java Virtual… Read More
2023-05-04 16:22
Fail-safe and fail-fast operations in Java are related to the behavior of iterators when a collection is modified while it is being iterated.A fail-safe iterator creates a copy of the collec… Read More
MySQL : Insert With Nested Select Queries
2023-05-04 16:02
It is always convenient to copy a selected set of data to a table directly from another table using nested select queries.INSERT INTO table1 (column1, column2, column3) SELECT column1, colum… Read More
Why String Is Immutable In Java?
2023-05-03 17:21
In Java, a String object is immutable, meaning that its value cannot be changed once it is created. This design decision was made for several reasons, including:Security: Because String obje… Read More
MySQL : Drop All The Tables In A Schema
2018-10-28 18:24
Drop all the tables in a schema in MySQL DatabaseIt is often required to delete tables from a MySQL schema. Following is a simple SQL guide that can be used for deleting the all or the speci… Read More
Hibernate L1 Cache
2018-10-17 16:46
Hibernate Level 1 CacheHibernate contains a very sophisticated caching mechanism which increases the  performance of the data fetching. Level 1 caching mechanism is… Read More
AWS Guard Duty : 10 Minutes Guide
2018-09-18 16:55
AWS Guard Duty : Intelligent Threat Detection ServiceAWS Guard Duty is a detection & shielding service that continuously monitor and detects various kind of malicious or unauthorize… Read More
How To Find MySQL Version
2018-09-09 18:09
Is it often required to find the exact MySQL version running in a specific system. Specially it is required to check the version incompatibilities before executing any queries or the sc… Read More
2018-09-07 16:44
Java SE 10 production ready release arrived unnoticed on 20th March 2018.Key Features Local-variable type inference: enhances the Java language to extend type inference to declarations… Read More
2018-09-07 16:14
JDK - Java Development KitJDK contains the Java development tool kit with the Java Run time Environment. Basically this is required for Java development. Testing & deploym… Read More
Convert Java ZonedDateTime To Date
2018-08-30 15:24
ZonedDateTime can be converted to Java Date by converting it to an instance first,Date date = Date.from(;… Read More
SQL IN Operator
2018-07-17 17:09
In Operator allows to specify multiple values in where clauseSELECT *FROM booksWHERE ISBN IN (123456, 456789, ...);It also smart enough to support nested queries as well,SELECT *FROM bo… Read More
MySQL : Execute Queries With Variables
2018-06-20 09:20
Define the variable and set it in the server,SET @country = 'Sri Lanka';SET @section = 'Science Fiction';Now you can write the query with placeholders,SELECT book_name, isbn_number, author_i… Read More
Cmder : Linux Like Bash Shell On Windows
2018-06-09 13:28
Cmder - Portable console emulator for WindowsLooking for a nice console emulator on Windows ?Cmder is a software package created out of pure frustration over the absence of nice co… Read More
Free Riding In P2P Networks
2018-01-30 11:33
Free Riding in P2P NetworksFree riding is the process utilising the resources of the peer to peer network without reasonably contributing back to it.P2P system or a peer to peer communicatio… Read More
Linux Symlinks
2017-11-23 11:04
Symbolic links, symlinks or soft links are a logical reference created from a file to another file or a folder.Creating a Simlink  ln -s   ln -s /opt/devdummy /data/devdummyThe abo… Read More
[Resolved] Tomcat Hangs While Stopping
2017-11-11 03:14
When it is trying to stop Apache Tomcat gracefully, it is often noticed that it starts to hang throwing a error such as follows,org.apache.catalina.startup.HostConfig.deployWARs Error waitin… Read More
2017-11-10 11:19
When it is trying to stop Apache Tomcat gracefully, it is often noticed that it starts to hang throwing a error such as follows,org.apache.catalina.startup.HostConfig.deployWARs Error waitin… Read More
Log4j Example
2017-11-05 09:54
Apache Log4j is a Java-based logging utility. This is a comprehensive guide to integrate log4j in to a java project quickly & easily. Anyway it is a really… Read More
Linux : CPU And Memory Info Commands
2017-10-24 07:37
1. List CPU Core Level Information cat /proc/cpuinfo[sdn@devdummy ~]$ cat /proc/cpuinfoprocessor : 0vendor_id : GenuineIntelcpu family : 6model : 58model name : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-38… Read More
2017-10-14 03:28
Google PageSpeed Insights is a website analytics tool which helps to optimize the performance and the quality of a web site. First it analyse the web site and then it generates suggestions t… Read More
Public Static Void Main(String[]  Args)
2017-10-13 10:59
public static void main(String[]  args)In Java, the execution of an application starts this method, with signature 'public static void main(String[]  args)'It is also sai… Read More
Java 8: What Is A Functional Interface?
2017-10-09 11:28
Functional Interfaces, What is that, seriously, in Java?Functional Interface is a new concept introduced from Java 8 which are more focused to towards the new features like Lambda Expression… Read More
Systemctl: Command Not Found
2017-10-05 15:28
systemctl: command not foundImageWhen you are trying to start a service in Cent OS 6 environment with above command, you may have noticed that the above command is giving an error,$ systemct… Read More
Online Favicon Designer
2017-10-05 14:55
Recently I was looking for an online Favicon designer tool for my devdummy site and fascinated by a simple yet super easy online tool, of the other f… Read More
What Is Java String Pool ?
2017-09-21 17:22
Quick & simple guide on String Pool concept in JavaImage CreditString Pool in Java corresponds to an allocation of memory in Java heap memory. It consists of a collection of String… Read More
Lazy Loading Vs Eager Loading
2017-09-21 15:51
Lazy Loading vs Eager Loading Image CreditLazy LoadingLazy loading is a design pattern commonly used in computer programming to defer initialization of an object until the point at… Read More
Immutable Objects In Java
2017-09-20 06:29
Image CreditWhat is an Immutable Object ?As per the Java Reference Documentation,"An object is considered immutable if its state cannot change after it is constructed"Simply an immutable cla… Read More
2017-09-08 16:47
What is a marker interface ?Interface which does not contain any method to implement are called marker or the tag interfaces. Why marker interfaces ?The basic idea of having marker inte… Read More
UUIDs, Why & How ?
2017-09-08 09:57
UUIDsAs per Wikipedia,A universally unique identifier (UUID) is an identifier standard used in software construction. A UUID is simply a 128-bit value. The meaning of each bit is defined by… Read More
Spring Bean Scope Examples
2017-09-08 09:04
Spring framework provide enough flexibility to define the scope of the objects specifically. That means you can define the boundaries of the objects to behave at its creation.1.  … Read More
Static Binding Vs Dynamic Binding
2017-09-05 05:23
Static BindingStatic Binding occurs at compile time. Compiler decides the type to be bound in compilation process.Private, final and static methods and variables uses static bindingStat… Read More
Bash Profile Vs Bashrc
2017-08-15 09:31
The simple rule of thumb here is,".bash_profile is executed for login shells,.bashrc is executed for non-login shells"Login ShellsAs the name says, when you use a login, a username & pas… Read More

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