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Why Replacement of Obamacare is a Necessary Consequence of Partisanship

THE OP-ED REPORTER: Dear Reader. . .There is no other way to say it. So here it is: Democrats own the implementation of Obamacare and the destruction it has done to the American economy, your checkbook and your lives, which now must be repealed and replaced without pulling the rug out from under you, and yes, saving the good parts like any preexisting conditions. 

It was an afterthought in 2008 by an unprepared Illinois Senator stumping for President, who considered turning down a campaign invitation to speak at the big Families USA health care conference. Had he been prepared then, perhaps there wouldn't have been eight years of turmoil from coast to coast.

As I reported at the time, according to a Politico News Report, his aides Robert Gibbs, and Jon Favreau hit on an idea that would make him appear more in tune with the public. -- "I can't tell you how little thought was given to that, other than it sounded good."

And that seems to be the deficiency of Obamacare. The President wanted it, the Democratic Senate created it with a 60% majority in both houses, using a questionable process called the Slaughter Rule. They voted from behind closed doors without one GOP vote - without any GOP input - and most of all, without heeding the Independent Congressional Budget Office warnings that what the Democrats had to offer was not financially sound and a road map to an economic downturn.

I guess you could say President Obama hoped his insurance legacy would be the "chicken in every pot" - syndrome. Instead, inefficiency turned 93% of America upside down and in many cases left them with insurance but no coverage, because of high deductibles into the thousands ($5,000-$10,000) which needed to be satisfied before one cent would be paid out.

Even Democrat Dick Durbin of Illinois, a tough hard-nose politician made it clear in 2010, this health-care (Obamacare) plan will not lower costs as President Obama claims.

Sadly, the Democrats will keep up the good fight to solidify President Barack Obama's legacy - plane and simple. Wasn't it Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi of California, who stated: we've got to pass the bill in order to know what's in the bill? What?

Once again Democrats have reopened the playbook on scare tactics. The only one making Americans sick seems to be the "Left," as Obamacare's existence continues to gut Americans in their wallet and in their ability to exercise a freedom of choice.  

And that's the story.


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Why Replacement of Obamacare is a Necessary Consequence of Partisanship


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