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Nsima Ekere ‘s doctrine

Ever since the former Deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom State Obong Nsima Ekere assumed leadership in the NDDC as the MD/CEO, he has not blink an eye to what is expected of him in his office.

Like a man who understands the calling, he has towered to duty and has left so many impressed. In less than two years, a lot of tremendous improvements have been recorded at least on our internal roads here in Akwa Ibom State with Uyo, the state capital being a prime beneficiary.

These antecedents help to explain why the prospect of Nsima Ekere is high. One may not be out of place to say that indeed Ekere was prepared for this job. The strides in terms of road repairs that he has introduced into the system are eye – opening. And so naturally, there will be plenty of issues to haggle over. Everyone suddenly becomes interested. And with divergent views, opinions will be raised, criticisms will come, questions will be asked and lots more issues will emerge.

As these factors multiply, the political permutations come and the wits and out- wits game begin to be played out.

It is in everyones interest to be interested since it is our common wealth that will be the subject matter of our concern; some say Nsima is doing this because of 2019.

And this is where the problem lies. The concern of everyone and the arithmetic of political permutations. It is our trouble sometimes that we read politics into everything that is being done.

This is why some hardliners; Nsima Ekere’s critics will not see the commitment of Nsima Ekere to the development of Akwa Ibom and other States in the Niger Delta region as genuine. They will say it is the road to 2019 Hilltop mansion that has spurred Ekere up to develop Akwa Ibom State. Methinks this argument is misplaced and diversionary.

If we look at Akwa Ibom State in the Niger Delta region, we will be right to aver very strongly that our state represents one of the most cheated states in the region. The reasons are many for this imbalance. One of such reasons is that our former representatives to NDDC just go there and sleep off.

Another reason is that our NDDC representatives in the days of yore go there and fix their pockets and that of their cronies. They are either so timid, fearful or overwhelmed by the duties of their offices to return the due of Akwa Ibom State.
Akwa Ibom State represents the highest producer of Nigerian Oil but the most backward in terms of infrastructural development. No thanks to our former corrupt representatives to the NDDC board.

So the backwardness of Akwa Ibom State must have triggered the velocity in which Nsima Ekere start up to work for Akwa Ibom. He cleverly moved away from the precedence of low or non performance. He moved away from the precedence of Udiong Esion ntuk ufok. He pushed aside the ugly scenario of an Akwa Ibom NDDC boss who feels development of the state is not a priority. Nsima Ekere has today broken the jinx of NDDC’s poor services to Akwa Ibom people at least for now. So for me, I can say that he’s not doing this for politics sake.

If Ekere had failed to do what he is doing now? One Big loser would have stood out. And that would have been Akwa Ibom. That is why it would be necessary that all Akwa Ibomites of good conscience join hands with him to help those projects succeed.

Recent bashings of the former Deputy Governor by some promoters of PDP and that of his party APC is not doing the State any pint of justice. The many allegations against him on the media space, both online, offline and in prints are too many distractions not needed at this stage.

AMCON have not sealed off his house and neither has he been fraudulent on the job. Let us join hands with the Governor to appreciate a man whose services to the state is neatly healthy and realistic. Rather than fire many tantrums at Ekere.

Akwa Ibomites of any political and religious affiliation should advocate for bigger and greater things than road networks. I think, this way, we will be able to make very good use of Obong Nsima Ekere as MD/CEO of NDDC. The importance of collaboration cannot be overemphasized.

These scenarios of many vibes and hits on Ekere are creating tensions in Akwa Ibom State. Those linking the MD of NDDC to all sorts of issues should retrace their steps because NDDC representatives from other States irrespective of party affiliations are enjoying the commaderie of their kinsmen. We cannot afford to be so atomistic, always at war with ourselves, these things make us sick, and they get us worried.

One is not against constructive criticisms but it should not be out of malice or because of the oncoming 2019 governorship. At this point, it becomes expedient for those voluntarily or involuntarily backing Nsima Ekere for 2019 guber to apply more sense in their utterances and mannerisms. To the best of knowledge, you do not promote your principal by bringing down another man’s principal.

Some of these persons for some time now have painted a picture of hate and war between Nsima Ekere and Gov. Udom Emmanuel. A picture that is all but false. For so long a time some persons have stocked up the polity with very childish, misconstrued and flimsy positions aimed at impressing the MD/CEO of NDDC. In some cases, these opinions turn out to be a misguided scratch of and by certain individuals. These in turn infuriate some apologists of the state Governor, who also fire back and leave us watching.

Since it is common knowledge that Obong Nsima Ekere may run the 2019 governorship against possibly an incumbent Udom Emmanuel, it is better for promoters of both men to maintain decorum.

Those who seek to impress Obong Nsima Ekere should try to recollect the style of Ekere’s strategy in 2015 when he sought to be Governor of Akwa Ibom State. It was laced with maturity and decency. But quite impactful. What is happening today as exhibited by some persons are noise and less impactful. They are distractions. Some people are even hiding under the guise of supporting Nsima Ekere to be vengeful. Even after 2015 elections have since come and gone.

In much of this, some leaders in Ekere’s camp seem to overestimate these people’s clout as well as their levels of commitment. They mistake the strut of some persons who are out on pecuniary gains and revenge mission for support. A far cry from reality.

Nsima Ekere and Udom Emmanuel are neighbors and brothers and so just like the youths and Elders who are dependable ally for nation building, both men are assets to the total transformation of Akwa Ibom State, while they both have specific roles to play in making Akwa Ibom great, their supporters need to spare us the balder dash of pouring tar on both men because these tar will not change the status of these people.

Scattered comments from their supporters are capable of making the 2019 elections go messy and Akwa Ibom will again be at a loss. Let the picture of trouble between Udom and Ekere not be painted because there exist none.

The fact that both men belong to different political parties and may square up against each other in the 2019 governorship election is no excuse for supporters to assume monopoly of throwing tantrums. Let both men be and should only be called to duty when it is necessary. Because the attacks we are seeing today is a reply to previous attacks. Or what do you think?

Akwa Ibomites are too enlightened to be deceived by people who think they love the state when actually they are gunning for their pockets. Akwa Ibomites are tired of reading very lengthy, boring, uninspiring and fragmented pieces of disjointed opinion with no meaningful message at all. If any political party or individual has an axe to grind, they should face the axe squarely not looking for scapegoats to satisfy their thirst.

Parties should watch, pray and tarry for the leadership of both men is for the growth of Akwa Ibom State. Akwa Ibomites need Nsima Ekere and Udom Emmanuel’s partnership so that the state can as stated earlier witness the responsive development we have always yearned for. The doctrine of peace is the message here.

New entrants should watch because the prose for and against does not represent the Doctrine of Nsima Ekere.

By Nsibiet John

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Nsima Ekere ‘s doctrine


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