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Open Letter to Cruz Republicans

To my Fellow Patriots,

My message today is about Party unity. I am not going to sit here and defend Trump as a conservative. He is not. He is a nationalist. That means that he identifies with the GOP more as the GOP has been more about border security than the Democrats have. Does that mean he thinks all GOP ideas are ones that put America first? No. He will disagree with the GOP on free trade and most likely always will.

Cruz would not have done a lot better than Romney. I wager the same states that Romney lost he would have lost and the same states Romney won he would have won as well. Which of course leaves you with a democrat for a president. Is that in any way cruz’s fault? No not really. Changing demographics as well as an educational system designed to produce liberals has made it so that Republicans cannot win national contests anymore and have to rely on heavily gerrymandered districts for congressional control.

There are two theories floating about on how the republicans can win. First is to bring out the “missing white” voters.  Well I have good news for you on that front. Trump has already brought them out. It is up to you on whether you will accept them or not. Second is to broaden their appeal to blacks and latinos. I want to discuss this further. For latinos republicans have tried to flirt with amnesty and other programs angering their base and for blacks you have tried to make the case that they need education, values, and other things to get a job. In both lines you are trying to outdemocrat democrats. Its just not going to happen. Democrats will always push for more open borders than you and they will always offer more free things than you. It comes with their territory.

Trump is offering a different tactic. He is wooing them from the Republican side. He is telling them that provided they work for it they can have jobs and he will prioritize them over illegal aliens. Will it work? Maybe. It has a better chance than trying to be a bigger democrat. With Trump limiting outsourcing and illegal immigration we can now legitimately offer jobs that democrats would not be able to provide so they can pull themselves out of their economic situation.

Your concern is that you will no longer recognize the party after Trump is done with it. Rightly so. Nationalism and conservatism don’t always see eye to eye on all issues. Trump will come and he will go. Hopefully after eight years. If worse comes to worse after this November. Yet the people will still be in the party long after that. Conservatism will still be there and depending on your actions now, could have a lot more adherents.

You now have a unique opportunity. There are many more people in the party now than there has been before. Do they pass your ideological stress test? Not by a long shot. Can you now discuss things with them to convince them to become conservative? Yes! Do you want to revitalize the conservative movement? Well you have all these people now who have previously hardened their hearts are now willing to listen provided  you accept them. We are fed up with the liberal lies and are more wiling to hear the truth now. Everyone who is voting for Cruz fervently believes in the fundamental rightness of the conservative cause. It is easier to convince people of that standing side by side rather than shouting across a room. If you truly believed your ideas have merit you would jump at the chance to reach a wider audience than ever before.

Conservatives believe in giving and receiving value in all things. I want unity because I would like a president Trump and believe that some nationalistic ideas would pull us out of this hole we are in. I propose that unity would be beneficial for you too because it gains you an audience of willing listeners ready to be converted to the conservative cause. I pray that we can unite for the benefit of the country and conservatism in general.


A Trump Supporter

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Open Letter to Cruz Republicans


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