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The sequence by which major media went stark raving mad

The sequence by which major Media went stark raving mad

by Jon Rappoport

December 12, 2016

I’ve been working as a reporter since 1982. Since then I’ve watched big-media news lie in every possible way they could. But I’ve never seen them race to the edge of a cliff and jump off—until now.

Here is the rough sequence, acted out in the past year.

During the presidential campaign, big media massively sided with Hillary Clinton and attacked Donald Trump. They predicted a Hillary victory all the way up to Election Night. Meanwhile, Trump was campaigning against the media. Mercilessly. Naturally, this raised the ire of entrenched news operations, who basically believe they own the news.

As further exacerbation, a schizoid split occurred during the campaign. WikiLeaks and Project Veritas were releasing vital independent material (to say the least) exposing the Clinton camp and the DNC. Major news outlets were trying their best to downplay and ignore all this material, while the public was eating it up by the ton.

Then came the results on Election Night.

O the horror.

Major media. Naked. Their candidate, defeated.

This was impossible, and yet, there it was.

The shock and disappointment were profound. (Perhaps you saw Wolf Blitzer try to swallow his tongue and teeth, rather than utter the words that must never be mentioned: “Trump, winner.”)

Not only was the major media prediction of many months completely wrong, their obvious campaigning for Hillary Clinton had yielded nothing. Less than nothing. It had put her into a hole.

Understand that these media giants not only believe they own the news, they also believe they create reality itself for the masses. They carve into the rock and unveil the sculpture. They script and direct the movie and screen it. They paint the ceiling fresco and display it. They write the novel and sell it. They produce the stage play and review it.

And suddenly…they lose.

The kings and queens of information lose.

In their venomous hatred, they have only one option. They must discredit the election itself.

First, they attack Trump as unworthy of the office of the Presidency; but, predictably, that goes nowhere.

They support the Soros-funded protests and riots in cities across America. As in 1968, with the full-blown riots at the Chicago Democratic Convention, the American people recoil and “support the other side.” Another loss.

Next: the talking point about fake news sites emerges. Big media are becoming unhinged. They claim: thousands and thousands and thousands of sites and blogs have been spreading malicious falsehoods about Hillary Clinton, thus duping the public—and THIS is why she lost.

Part Two: the malicious falsehoods came from Russia.

The slightly more complex narrative that Russia hacked hundreds of thousands of Hillary-DNC-Podesta emails, passed them to Wikileaks, who then leaked them to the public, is submerged under the general accusation: Russia helped Trump win. Russia made Trump win.

Russia hacked the election. The distinction between “Russia hacked emails” and “Russia hacked the actual vote” is lost, if it was ever there to begin with.

Big media, like demented nursing home residents in wheelchairs, zoomed across the lawn to the edge of a high cliff and kept on going.

And while in mid-air, before crashing on the rocks below, they rapidly concocted a “special narrative,” with the help of the CIA-connected Washington Post, the CIA itself, and several members of Congress: Russia gave the election to Trump, therefore the election is null and void, and therefore members of the Electoral College can legitimately and morally turn their votes inside out and select Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States.

And then they crash.

Psychotic. Suicides.

And even as they take their last shallow breaths, they expect us to believe them.

But here is the problem: even after they die, these media psychos transmit an afterglow. And this is it:

A group of roughly 10 Electoral College electors, who are due to rubber-stamp Trump’s victory on December 19, are not going to go quietly. Supported by John Podesta, Hillary’ campaign manager, they are requesting the same “intelligence briefing” members of Congress just received—in order to “learn” that Russia “subverted the US election” and “handed it” to Trump.

And then, the group of rebellious electors could grow and switch their votes.

And then we would have a coup.


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The sequence by which major media went stark raving mad


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