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Vital Supplies Missing From Your Survival Stash

Before we dive into today’s issue, I want to quickly show you something.

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Now then, yesterday I gave you some essential skills for trading and bartering in a cashless society. 

If the U.S. electric grid is fried by an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) — and our economy collapses — these skills are going to be essential for your survival.

But knowing how to barter is only the first step. 

You also need to know which items will hold the most value in the new economy and which items to stock up on now.

I know juggling the many aspects of financial prepping can be tricky. So I’ve compiled a barter-and-trade cheat sheet for you, which you’ll find below.

You’ll need to keep in mind that the value of each of these items will fluctuate depending on environmental factors.

For example, clean water might be a high-value item at first. But if a deep-water well is built in your neighborhood, that value will go down.  

Similarly, rice might be an affordable foodstuff in the early days after the collapse. But as supply dries up, the value of a bag will skyrocket. 

Regardless, you won’t regret stocking up on any of the items below.

How-to books: In a crisis of this scale, you can’t depend on others for anything. You’ll have to make your own repairs, grow your own food, and even treat your own wounds. 

With no internet, books with useful information are going to be hot commodities. Stock up on books on DIY, survival, medicine and farming.

Water: You need water for staying hydrated as well as for cooking. You can only survive without water for a few days, so this will be a high-value item to anyone who has run out.

Bullets: Store the most common caliber ammo, such as the .22, .22 LR, .223, .308, 9mm and 12-gauge shells. 

Gun owners who have neglected to stock up on ammo will pay a high price to keep their guns loaded.

Brown rice: Brown rice is a great source of carbohydrates, is high in calories and protein, and has essential vitamins and minerals. 

Look specifically for whole-grain rice, as it has a longer shelf life. Instead of selling whole bags of rice, portion it out in small jars and trade those instead. 

Tools and building supplies: Items like wood, nails, hammers, saws and other general fix-it tools will be in high demand after a collapse. 

If you’re handy, you can barter your handyman skills for food and other valuable items.

Light: In a grid-down scenario, there will be complete darkness after sundown. Flashlights and oil lanterns will be a must for anyone who wants to do anything at night.

Keep some flashlights and some batteries in a Faraday cage to protect them from an EMP.

Clothing: Instead of throwing away old clothes and boots, store them for after the collapse. 

In the harsh conditions of a society with no electricity and no factory-produced garments, clothes will quickly become threadbare and worn.

Sugar, salt, and spices: Sugar will help keep your energy up, while salt and spices can turn even a basic meal of beans into a tasty comfort food. 

This might seem like an unnecessary luxury at first. But a good meal goes a long way toward keeping morale up.

Alcohol: Even if you don’t drink, alcohol is a valuable item for bartering. You can use it for cooking or cleaning wounds. 

In order to work as a disinfectant, alcohol has to be above 35% ABV — making brandy, whiskey and vodka your best options. 

If you can get a moonshine still up and running, you’ll control a steady supply of tradeable goods.

Cigarettes (and other tobacco products): Cigarettes might not be necessary for survival, but some folks will pay a high price to indulge their vices.

To save money, buy unrolled tobacco and skins in bulk.

What do you think? Have I forgotten anything? Is there an integral item in your stash that I’m overlooking? Click here to email me and tell me all about it. 

All the best,

Owen Sullivan
Editor, Money & Crisis

Editor’s note: The strategies you read about in Money & Crisis were developed with the help of Jim Rickards, the best-selling author of Currency Wars and The Death of Money. 

For a limited time only, Jim is sending readers a FREE copy of his brand-new hardcover book, The Road to Ruin: The Global Elites’ Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis

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Vital Supplies Missing From Your Survival Stash


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