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Trading education for social justice

As college campuses continue to devolve into adult daycare centers, some instructors and administrators are taking efforts to dumb down a generation of students to new extremes.

A series of recent stories involving extremist political correctness on campus illustrate that colleges and universities are going far beyond placing ridiculous, and often unconstitutional, limits on free speech. Some schools are manipulating courses and programs of study to prioritize Social Justice at the expense of fact-based evidence.

Here are a few of the most insane examples…

According to The Daily Caller, Wayne State University in Detroit is making it easier for students to graduate without ever taking a single math course. School officials, meanwhile, are considering policies that would promote diversity classes as essential to the educational journey.

From the report:

Under the framework, the school would create a series of new diversity-themed courses, and all students would have to take at least one.

In addition, students will have to take three “signature” classes, two designed for freshmen and one that will serve as a “capstone” class for upperclassmen. These “signature” classes will be designed to engage with modern-day issues such as “culture, sustainability, health, ethics, and urban development and renewal.” In recognition of the importance of diversity, all signature classes will be required to achieve a diversity-related goal such as “intercultural knowledge and competence” or “global learning.”

The framework justifies the heavy focus on diversity because “diversity is central to the nature of WSU, i.e., ‘Distinctively Wayne State.’”

Instead of a math course, the new framework suggests requiring that all WSU students simply be required to complete a “quantitative experience” class, which could include math but could also include education in how to interpret graphs or how to “use quantitative information to communicate in a purposeful way.”

At Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, writing instructors are advising students to place disclaimers at the top of papers when they use “they as a singular third-person pronoun.”

Traditionally, “he,” “she,” “it,” “his,” “hers,” “him” and “her” are considered singular third person pronouns, while “they,” “them” and “their” are plural third person pronouns.

But with the mainstreaming of transgender and other gender-alternative lifestyles, teachers are being asked to consider all kinds of new usage rules.

The university explains in a guide to “Inclusive Language & Gender Neutral Pronoun Use”:

 In 2016, the American Dialect Society elected “they” used as a gender-neutral third-person pronoun (other third person pronouns include “he” and “she”) as their word of the year. This served to signify a language change in line with Social progress. You often see writing that uses “he/she” or “he or she” when the author is unsure of gender, but that still leaves out those who identify with a gender other than male/female. “They” is an acceptable third person solution to allow all readers to feel included in what you have written, regardless of their gender identity or personal pronouns.

And while we are on the subject of new rules, an instructor at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, recently informed a student that a paper seeking to disprove the liberal myth of a patriarchy-driven wage gap between male and female workers was simply off limits.

In an email, the instructor urged the student to use “feminist sources” rather than biased “business sources” so that the paper would fall within the delusional parameters of the social justice movement.

As reported by the Toronto Sun:

Josephine Mathias, 21, a fourth-year political science student at University of Toronto, took to YouTube Wednesday to criticize the assignment given her twin Jane for a sociology class.

“I mean it’s easy to prove a point when you remove all other sources,” Josephine said Thursday. “If she just gives you the ones that…the professor agrees with, then that’s basically brainwashing. It’s indoctrination.”

After Jane sent an email describing her intention to write about the wag gap, her instructor replied that her premise was wrong, Josephine said.

“Perhaps you want to write your paper on the glass ceiling. You need to look at feminist sources on this issue…Do NOT use business sources. They blame women. The reality is patriarchy,” says the instructor’s email, posted online.

In a copy of the assignment provided to the Toronto Sun by Josephine, the instructor also notes that Ontario and Canada government websites and Statistics Canada will not be considered scholarly sources.

“Government websites state government policy that is devoid of analysis, and usually reproduces mainstream stereotypes, assumptions and misconceptions,” the assignment says.

Sadly, these sorts of ridiculous stories wouldn’t emerge if colleges weren’t under pressure from many students to carry the politically correct social justice agenda to extremes. And the biggest victim will be the workplace of tomorrow, as it deals with an influx of heavily indebted, overly entitled adult children ready to blame anything but their own warped views for the failures they will inevitably encounter in the real world.

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Trading education for social justice


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