The Big Voice on the Right took to the Golden EIB Mic Thursday to celebrate yet another narrative fail for the "Drive-Bys": President Trump's "triumphant" trip to Davos for the World Economic Forum.
"So Trump is over in Davos, and it isn’t going the way Drive-Bys dreamed it would go," said Rush Limbaugh on his radio show Thursday. "Trump is being embraced. Trump is being celebrated. Trump is being lauded. The Drive-Bys expected Trump to be protested! They expected Trump to be shunned."
Along with "ticking off" the media by showing he's not scared of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, said Limbaugh, Trump really made the Drive-Bys' heads explode on Thursday by disrupting their narrative that all those "globalists" he rails against in Davos would "shun" him. Instead, "The exact opposite happened. Trump arrived in Davos and is a rock star":
LIMBAUGH: Who is at Davos? A bunch of globalists. A bunch of one-world government globalist types. Government types. CEO types. The kind of people that are supposed to hate Trump. Who is Trump? Trump’s a big nationalist, a big populist, so goes the reputation. ...
So the narrative is that Trump will be hated. “Trump will be reviled. Trump will not be welcome — and, furthermore, the people in Davos are the brilliant globalists. They are the Obamas of the world, the remaining Obamas.” This is the narrative. This is the way the media looks at them. “The people in Davos, the CEOs and the government leaders are proper, globalist, leftist types who are sophisticated, who are refined, who are brilliant. None of which characteristics Trump possesses! He’s not refined, he’s not sophisticated, he’s not smart. He doesn’t know what he’s doing,” and so when Trump goes to Davos, he’s either to be rejected or made a fool of. ...
The exact opposite happened. Trump arrived in Davos and is a rock star. Even Algore is defending some of Trump’s policies!
Limbaugh went on to note that Trump's $1.5 trillion tax cut and the "resulting boom" has been "applauded in Davos."
"The CEOs that are in Davos are enamored of Trump, and they’re universal in support," said Limbaugh. While there are certainly "some stragglers," said Rush, "there’s overwhelming support for Trump. And he has become a rock star. Everybody wants to be where Trump is. Everybody wants to be around Trump. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 200 points on the news of Trump’s reception in Davos. It’s now up about 160."
To demonstrate the overt political bias of the mainstream media, and particularly CNN, Limbaugh played one of his "all-time favorite audio sound bites": CNN's Nic Robertson during the "Arab Spring" trying to convince CNN's ever-dwindling audience that Egyptians reallyreally loved Barack Obama, but only ending up proving Egyptians couldn't care less about him. Despite hoping to "​drum up a bunch of people that hate Trump," the media was forced to face the reality: all those "elitists" at Davos loved him.
Here's the transcript of an "exasperated" Robertson forced to report on Trump's "rock star" reception at Davos:
ROBERTSON: (exhasperated) Put yourself in Donald Trump’s shoes, and I was just standing there watching him walk in. All you would have seen is an array of people (stammering) filling — filling the room, w-who were very happy to film you and — and trying to ask you questions and — and — and — and, uhh, stand there while you were shaking hands with people! And then he was waving. Waving! It did feel like a victory lap, and — and shak[ing] hands with people! I asked him what was his message for the people here, for the leaders in Davos? And he said, “Peace and prosperity! Peace and prosperity!” Someone else a-a-after me asked him, “So what…? How do you expect to be received here?” And you know what his answer was? He didn’t say a word! He just said, “Look around you.”
"Totally unexpected, folks," said Limbaugh. "You can hear the shock, you can hear the awe in the voice of Nic Robertson. ...They’re watching it; they can’t accept it. It’s not what was supposed to happen!"
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