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Shelf Life

Surprised by this morning's Drudge Report headline.

As someone tuned into the lateness of the hour and the precipice on which we now sit, I don't always remember that while the world runs to and fro, still there is a widespread awareness Romans 1:20 and a deep sense that something is deeply wrong.

The protests in Iran, remind me as J.D. frequently says, the stage is set and all of this has a shelf life. The tyranny in Iran from the hardline Islamic power mongers won't last forever.  Link  As a result the Ezekiel 38 and 39 stage that is now set won't be here in a short time.  This of course supports the discernment that the time of Christ's return is exceedingly soon.

The time before his arrival is quickly running out, here 133 days before the 70th anniversary of the country that was reborn in a single day.

Spent some time this weekend remembering how much God provided in 2017, in preparing us not to be caught unawares.

It is easy to be lulled back to sleep as God's patience waits one more day and the large contractions of last fall have quieted down, still I am reminded of what we know, much of which was revealed in 2017.

  • 120th anniversary of the First Jewish Congress
  • 100 years since the Balfour declaration
  • 70 years since November 29th, 1947 when the U.N. paved the way for the rebirth.
  • 50 years have come and gone since the 6 day war.
  • The rise of meteors, earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis is old news, though few will admit the signs God has been gracious to provide.  Mindful of the massive earthquakes, including those in Papua New Guinea and Mexico.  Reminded that we were convinced Yellowstone was ready to pop.
  • The sea and the waves roared in 2017.  This time in California.
  • Disaster struck in Houston floods (6 months after Lady Gaga's Super bowl performance), Puerto Rico Hurricane, Puerto Rico default and in California fire (six months after Beyonce's grammy performance, mocking Revelation 12).
  • The fulfillment of Hosea 4:3 continued with more fish, birds and acquatic mammal deaths, including 650 pilot wales.
  • Iran publiclly violated their arms deal and is of course actively working in Syria.
  • Turkey's Erdogan solidified power and became an unstoppable dictator.
  • 70 Nations met in France to speak with one voice in condemning Israel.
  • In 2017, Olive Trees were restored to the Mount of Olives and jewels belonging to the high priest were found and restored.  In addition, the Delek Corporation, built a synagogue underground , within the walls of the temple.  Perhaps a new temple will be added in the coming days.
  • The Ezekiel 38 stage could not be any more set.  Rosh, Meschach, Persia are all there, armed and ready.
  • The bones of Jonah were found in Mosul, as a reminder of God's warning to Israel's enemy.
  • Israel attacked Damascus.
  • In London a gay rights parade with the Gog and Magog rebellion banner was held.
  • North Korea threats were in the news frequently.
  • The DOW jones precipice is as prepped for collapse as I can imagine.  (in the USA with massive out of control unmanageable disaster enducing spending and debt, we voted ourselves a tax cut - oh well what can it hurt - we're leaving)
  • Trump visited Israel.
  • Kushner is working on the deal.
  • Under tremendous pressure, Abbas declared Hamas must acknowledge Israel.
  • Saudi Arabia is waking up.
  • Massive Cyber attacks, helped the world inch closer to the mark of the beast.
  • UNESCO condemned Israel.
  • Mass shooting in San Antonio, London and Vegas, among others, as the God placed morality is pushed back by the darkness.
  • Trump announced the movement of the embassy and I heard conversation among some so excited in Israel, that their hopes of a third temple were restored. As has been widely said (Don Stewart comes to mind), when you see change in Israel the hour hand is moving, when you hear of activity in Jerusalem, know the minute hand is moving and when you hear of change on the Temple Mount, know this is the second hand.  The tragic shooting of the IDF soldiers at the Temple Mount in July, the take over by Israeli forces and the ability for Israeli's to worship unhendered at the temple mount happened in July and the now very late second hand ran forward, as we held our breath.
  • Venezuela continues her sad implosion.
  • And of course the biggest news had to do with Revelation 12 and the great eclipse.  Daniel Matson and others shared the numbers like 2520, 444, 70, 1260, 1290, 33, 7, 726-harpazo, 1081, 31, 777, pi and many others as we became aware that we were in the very last moments and the final alignment and convergence of signs was underway.  Through Scottie we learned that the child in Revelation 12 was the church.  We talked about Micah 5.  We talked about Jupiter, Jupiter's newly discovered crown, Virgo and the conception.  We were amazed to learn how the birth tied in with the tetrad.  We could write pages on this one bullet along.
As I sit with my annual new year's resolution list and awaken from the holiday feasting, I am reminded that the hour is very late, the opportunity to share the greatest story ever total is fast waning and the need to be urgent and diligent never greater.

Reminded that Mary and Joseph sat quietly in Bethlehem for sometime until they were suddenly snatched away in the night to flee to Egypt.  We are about to flee in the night and Jerusalem will flee 3 1/2 years later at the AOD.

I generally hold to the crucifixion on Friday April 3rd, 33ad.  If true (and there is much debate), this would put his ascension 40 days after Sunday April 5th, 33ad on Thursday May 14th.  May 14th is a very round number.

Fully expecting 2018 to be the year.  Expecting news of a peace deal.  Expecting war.  Expecting more persecution (pray for the Christian's in Iran).  Expecting Israel to be further isolated. Expecting greater lawlessness.  Expecting more cyber disaster and drive to tighter cyber security.  Expecting more to act in ways that seem right to them, but in the end bring forth death.  Expecting the internal tension over the deep burden for those around me who are far from Him and the tremendous joy at my own escape to continue to tear my flesh away from my spirit.  Praying for more opportunity to share the great joy, hope and peace that we share especially in the midst of imminent disaster.  Look up your redemption draws near....


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