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Note To Trump Supporters: Death Threats Don’t Help You To Win The Argument


By now it is pretty apparent that I am not a Donald Trump supporter, although I do understand his rise in popularity. I don’t believe he is a conservative and I do believe that some of the policies he supports (tariffs and universal health care, to name just a couple) would be extremely detrimental to the economy. I also think he’s a rude, crude, crony capitalist bully. So I use this blog and twitter to try to convince other conservatives that he is not the man to carry our torch.

What I don’t do is threaten to rape or kill people who don’t agree with me. Having been on the receiving end of those sorts of Threats I can tell you it didn’t do anything to persuade me to agree with those making the threats. In fact, it had the opposite effect. The people who made threats against me were Obama Supporters. Now some Trump Supporters are acting the same way. They have threatened to rape Dana Loesch because she exercised her First Amendment rights to speak against The Donald. Then they threatened to kill her husband.

And, yes. When he called out these idiots for threatening to kill him, Trump supporters descended like locusts and began attacking him for being a crybaby, for whining about getting Death Threats.

I know that all Trump supporters don’t behave this way, but he does set the tone and doesn’t do anything to discourage it.

What can you say about a presidential candidate that engenders this kind of support?

This isn’t simply “recognizing” the anger of the people. This is tapping into it, fomenting it, encouraging it and using it for your own ends.

It doesn’t surprise me that a man who cannot control his own base impulses doesn’t care about the hateful impulses of his supporters. In fact, he seems to revel in it. (Read More)

On the left we have mobs of people screaming to have Wall Street and bank workers thrown in jail, and on the right we have people foaming at the mouth anytime someone disagrees with their chosen one. It’s all very disturbing. I always thought our side was better. I guess I still do believe that. There are Bad Actors in every community, and it seems like Trump is attracting all of the bad actors on the Republican side, and bringing out the worst in otherwise decent people.

This post first appeared on The Lonely Conservative – Observations From A Co, please read the originial post: here

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Note To Trump Supporters: Death Threats Don’t Help You To Win The Argument


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