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Post retirement observations on the nature of politics, entertainment, and general life in these United States...besides I have a lot of time on my hands.
The Manufactured Fear Of Them
2018-06-24 22:16
I’m sure it all started way before the election of the first non-white African-American President. Related posts: Ricci the Peacemaker “Just envious” February 13, 2013… Read More
Fake News?
2018-04-01 15:25
New fire, new oil, new beginning…life. For what it’s worth, Easter is my favorite time Related posts: Easter Sunday 2012 March 17, 2013-Sun 5th Week of Lent To Be A Father Read More
Amtrak, We Have A Problem Here
2018-03-12 15:23
The people who have walked in darkness have seen a great light. No it’s not Related posts: Quotes from MLK On Turning 72 in the Age of 45 FrankenRomney Read More
2018-01-08 19:27
I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions. I have found that what starts off as gang busters and a lot of hoopla often turns into “well I’ll try again tomorrow&rdqu&hell…Read More
2018-01-01 17:17
What a year! It’s in the books. It’s done. It’s over. Caput! Now what? You know what? It really isn’t over, yet. Yes 2017 is gone, but 2018 is on now. So nope. Not by… Read More
2017-12-25 08:43
In the year, from the creation of the world, when in the beginning God created Heaven and Earth, five, thousand, one hundred and ninety-nine; from the flood, two thousand, nine hundred and f… Read More
2017-12-24 19:27
The night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring…well that’s not completely true. All of the kids are together and stirring quite a bit. The joke… Read More
2017-12-17 15:13
Saturday my granddaughter went to her first ballet show. It was the Nutcracker performed at Portland Community College with a “tea” afterwards. I’ll have to wait until this… Read More
2017-12-10 14:35
In 476 C.E. Romulus, the last of the Roman emperors in the west, was overthrown by the Germanic leader Odoacer, who became the first Barbarian to rule in Rome. The order that the Roman Empir… Read More
2017-12-03 15:53
Well, well, well a lot has been coming down the pike these last few months, some of it good but most of it not so good. Daily sexual harassment claims amongst the rich and powerful, efforts… Read More
2017-09-11 13:59
I watched the coverage of Harvey and Irma as they ripped through Texas and Florida and I am reminded of how indiscriminate natural disasters operate. They don’t care about ethnicity or… Read More
2017-08-29 22:38
I have been silent for a long time and during that down time, I realized that so much water, detritus and slime has passed under the bridge. And there is a promise of more to come. So silenc… Read More
2017-04-16 16:59
Today is Easter 2017. Happy Easter! This is a great time of the year. The days are getting longer. The skies are clearer, except here in the Northwest. Flowers are blooming all over the plac… Read More
2017-04-15 23:31
We are at the end of Lent 2017. There was no Liturgy this morning, the only day out of the year when Mass is not celebrated. The churches are silent. So during the silence it’s&nb&hell…Read More
2017-04-14 20:06
Sometimes the bearer of truth gets crucified. People would rather kill the messenger than understand the truth of the message. When we were little (about a week ago) we would stick our… Read More
2017-04-14 03:16
Farewell dinners are always bitter sweet. We try and remember the good times and try to remain upbeat. They are full of, “well you’ll be back soon enough”, or “we&rsq&hell…Read More
2017-04-12 15:33
I know its Wednesday but I am still reading Monday’s liturgical passages because I think there is a strong message here. One of the last lines of Monday’s reading from the Gospel… Read More
2017-04-09 20:11
And so it goes…It’s the beginning of Holy Week culminating with the events of Easter Sunday. Those events are the very reason why Christianity exists. Unlike Christmas you… Read More
2017-04-08 20:17
Back in the olden days, even way before my olden days, the Jewish nation was divided between the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. It was ruled over by two factions each with a capitol city. It… Read More
2017-04-06 14:53
Yes. I answer to “handsome” “debonaire” “intelligent” and a bunch of other grand words you can find in my dictionary. Look at me! I am special! I am… Read More
2017-04-04 19:11
You mean we prevent smallpox by using the smallpox virus? You mean we heal a snakebite by using the venom from a snake? Seems ridiculous that the very things that would cause … Read More
2017-04-03 19:43
Psalm 22 (23) is one of those ancient ditties that instills hope. There have been tons of songs over the years that have amplified this idea. One that comes to mind immediately is… Read More
2017-03-27 14:15
On my way to my daughter’s house to babysit our granddaughter, I pass by a MegaBucks billboard sign with the amount of the jackpot lit up in red numerals. As I continue to drive, I &nb&hell…Read More
2017-03-24 19:41
Books have been written about love. Some of them actually have a step by step formula for how to get it. It’s an industry. Yet to boil down something that comes with the package of bei… Read More
2017-03-19 15:39
Have a best buddy? Someone whom you have known for years? Someone whom you could share anything with, without judgement? Consider yourself very lucky. These are the people we cherish. We don… Read More
2017-03-15 15:18
OK, line up according to height, tallest to shortest, shortest to tallest. Line up according to birthday, January to December. Line up. Line up. Equality is a difficult concept. In the line… Read More
2017-03-14 16:06
R.E.S.P.E.C.T. I have been told is earned cannot be demanded. When people demand it, they really don’t deserve it. They are needy. Respecting people is a free will choice and as such&n&hell…Read More
2017-03-12 17:01
Set your clocks ahead an hour so you can plant later into the evening. You know, at my age I really can’t afford to lose an hour right now and it’s not because I don’t live… Read More
2017-03-08 15:07
Prove it to me! Show me! Some questions are so obvious that the responses should be obvious as well. Yet, ask the question and the dance around the truth response begins and a not so very su… Read More
2017-03-06 21:42
I don’t know why sheep are preferable to goats in scripture, but it is what it is, I guess. I personally think that goats are cuter than sheep. But I digress. The basic point of today… Read More
2017-03-06 07:37
I know it’s late on Sunday, but I went to see John Wick Chapter Two, had a Lebanese supper and then played pool with my son and son-in-law. Family fun. Now for the point of all the rea… Read More
2017-03-04 19:07
if you deprive yourself for the hungry and satisfy the needs of the afflicted, your light will rise in the darkness, and your darkest hour will be like noon. (Is. 58:10) By now, the ashes on… Read More
2017-03-03 22:08
I missed yesterday because of babysitting and work for the refugee agency I volunteer for, so in actuality Thursday was productive. I liked the set up as to how we approach the rest of Lent… Read More
2017-03-02 04:11
Sometimes it’s just too easy. There is so much that has dribbled out of the White House in the last month that makes me think we have an non-intellectual, bragadocious and extreme narc… Read More
2017-01-29 22:50
The quote is from Shakespeare’s Richard III, the story of a paranoid king who eventually falls from power. Everything is against him, including the spirits of those he murdered. He tri… Read More
2016-11-25 04:27
There is still much to be thankful for today even while trying to make America great again at the same time (note: It already is). There are family, friends the weather in the Northwest and… Read More
2016-11-05 21:00
I voted and I hope you voted or will vote also. I voted for Clinton because of the two major candidates she is the most qualified. Simple as that. It wasn’t because I like her. It&nbsp&hell…Read More
2016-10-15 16:30
This year’s crop of presidential candidates is thin. Of all the eligible people in America, are these really the best we can come up with? I was inspired by Sanders for a minute b… Read More
US/THEM…the Man In The Mirror
2016-07-21 22:59
’tis the season of anger, of fear of the unknown, fear of being left behind with out a voice and knee-jerk reactions to world events. A season that has stirred a boiling pot of irratio… Read More
To Be A Father
2016-06-19 21:01
It’s Father’s Day and I’m still alive this morning…and…I’m still a father. What are the odds? The photo to the left shows a father trying to save h… Read More
Mr. Cranky Pants Can’t Remember
2016-06-07 17:02
Compulsive is the informal definition of (paTHəˈläjək(ə)l) where a person, even though he knows that we know that he is lying, still can’t help but lie. T… Read More
2016-03-28 03:16
Easter 2016 (actually April 24-29) marks the hundredth anniversary of the Easter Rising in Dublin against the British Empire. England was distracted by World War I to notice that about 1000… Read More
2016-03-25 03:35
“round em up, put them in a pen…keep an eye on them boys…we don’t want ‘em mixin’…” I Google-mapped Muslim neighborhoods in the U.S. I coul… Read More
2016-02-29 22:30
On this Monday morning after the Oscars there really is no need to recount (yet again) my experiences attending the 42 Academy Awards in 1970 (except to rub it in). If you really want a refr… Read More
2016-02-20 22:58
You know, and I know, that Donald Trump will not build a wall across four states and then bill Mexico for the cost. It won’t happen, not now, not next millennium. So why all the cheers… Read More
2016-02-10 16:28
As I move further and further into my “twilight” years I’ve come to think of myself as having been born too early. Reading some of the code on this very website p… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
(Vsetín, Zlinsky Kraj, Česká republika) - It’s the Third Sunday in Lent already! Seems like just yesterday when I was in Zlín celebrating something akin… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
It’s another “new” year and a time for reflection and projection. Every morning when I open my eyes to the new day I am amazed. I am amazed that I have actually woken up to… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
Wow, a lot can happen in a week! I would say that if you blinked you would have missed it but with the news cycle being what it is you’d have probably caught it sometime or another. It… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
Last week I talked about lighting a candle rather than to curse the darkness. Well this week it got even darker and the cursing got louder. The atmosphere feels almost hopeless with news of… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
The days are getting shorter as we push further into Winter. The darkness has creeped up earlier and earlier in the afternoon and even with the sun shining in a cloudless sky, the weath… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
Moving from “home” to a “new” home is always stressful and disorienting. This move was no exception. Sure I have lived in other parts of the world but I always came b… Read More

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