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The Stigma Of Pannu Chapter.
2023-12-08 01:35
By setting up a committee to probe the alleged conspiracy to kill Khalistan separatist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, the Indian government has not only found a suitable way to address US concerns… Read More
Warmth Is A Big Deposit Of Future For You.
2023-12-08 01:34
- A well-digger is greater than an emperor or a saint - Tim Cook - Badhega Mera Vakt Bhi A Dost Ek Din, Yah Etbar Dil Ko Karata Gaya Gaya. - Some individuals believe that they are not appre… Read More
Far From Life... .
2023-12-08 01:34
Everyone is very proud of the young generation of our country, but there is another side to the coin. Imagine how shameful it is that last year a large section of these youth chose the path… Read More
The Progress Of A Painful Decade.
2023-12-05 05:13
As a difficult decade of the twenty-first century. S. The period from 2020 to 2029 is identified. We are still up to twenty-three. Weather chaos has been a key feature of this decade, but g… Read More
BJP's Bid To Counter Anti-incumbency Won
2023-12-05 05:09
- Congress has lost the chance to defeat BJP in a direct fight - Occasional - Victory in three states means BJP will dominate 65 Lok Sabha seats BJP needs to come out with a book on 'How to… Read More
BJP's Victory In The Lok Sabha Is Ready
2023-12-04 05:10
New Delhi: Analysts believe that the BJP has set up a hat-trick of victories in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls with sweeping victories in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. Considering t… Read More
Now The Market Will Be Strong.
2023-12-04 05:10
The market will now come out of political uncertainty with the BJP trailing heavily in the assembly elections of five states. The new influx of foreign investors that has started these days… Read More
Sweet Sweet Talk.
2023-12-02 05:09
COP-28 is organized in Dubai to address the Earth's environmental concerns and solve the problems, as the impact of global warming is clearly visible on our lives. This year, there have bee… Read More
Mausam Bada Beimaan Hai.
2023-12-01 05:09
Weather is no longer a seasonal or occasional topic. Weather is one of the most important issues around the world. Governments that do not have the systems in place to understand climate ch… Read More
Mining Mafia Species.
2023-11-30 05:13
In many states of the country, a society called mining mafia has come into existence. It's not today, it's been years. Now it has spread everywhere because the government has not taken stri… Read More
Everyone Envied His Quick Death.
2023-11-30 05:13
- As soon as there is failure, Javadsha's determination becomes firm - Ye imarat bhi ik din bulandi pe thi, kuch to aise nishan khandhar mein mile. Faith is not a parasite. It does not touc… Read More
Celebs Bothered By Deep Fakes In The Jungle
2023-11-30 05:13
- You have eighteen bends-octagons - A video of Honshili Harani and Donkikumar Disco performing together went viral on social media. This video had dark echoes in the deer and donkey societ… Read More
Celebs Bothered By Deep Fakes In The Jungle
2023-11-30 05:09
- You have eighteen bends-octagons - A video of Honshili Harani and Donkikumar Disco performing together went viral on social media. This video had dark echoes in the deer and donkey societ… Read More
A Sudden Burst Of Thunder.
2023-11-29 05:14
The sudden flurry has affected Gujarat's wedding season. Now this will happen. Nature is now unpredictable. Nature also changes its colors. The order of nature has changed. If you look very… Read More
Char Din Ki Chandni.
2023-11-29 05:10
The Hamas-Israeli war that has been going on for the past month and a half finally ended when the Israeli parliament approved a cease-fire agreement. In the meantime, however, the war has l… Read More
Abhaydan Will Donate? .
2023-11-28 05:29
e. S. The current NDA government formed in 2014 e. S. In 2018, 'Electoral Bond' scheme was brought. It was a constitutional plan to rob in the dark by wearing black clothes, which was prepa… Read More
Deep Fake Will Play Hard.
2023-11-25 01:38
When Einstein saw the devastation caused by the atomic bomb, he said that if I had known that my mathematical knowledge would have such dire consequences, I would have spent my whole life b… Read More
Sam Altman: Silicon Valley's Next Big Thing
2023-11-25 01:38
- Talk-Think-Shishir Ramavat - 'Most people crave acceptance. So they are afraid to take risks. Are they afraid that I will do something different and look stupid in the eyes of people?' 'I… Read More
Rats Became Drunk After Drinking Alcohol
2023-11-25 01:35
- Mera Bharat Mahan - Akshay Antani Nashe mein chuha bhi sher ban jata hai has been proved true by the hard-drinking rats of Chindwara village. It so happened that several bottles of liquor… Read More
Rethinking Development Models
2023-11-25 01:34
Various parties eager to come to power in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Telangana and Mizoram have entertained people with their populist promises. The public also had to choose… Read More
Do Not Interfere With The Judiciary
2023-11-24 01:34
The matter of appointment and transfer of judges is getting complicated day by day. The Supreme Court once again drew the government's attention to the alleged selective attitude in impleme… Read More
Varun In R Ya Par Mood With BJP
2023-11-22 01:39
New Delhi: BJP MP Varun Gandhi has once again questioned the functioning of the BJP government and quipped that people are going to get their work done only by chanting the slogans of Bhara… Read More
No One Likes.
2023-11-22 01:39
BJP and Congress were trying to come to power in the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections and their future is locked in the ballot box. Both parties campaigned heavily to woo voters, but in so… Read More
Food, Medicine-house And Air-house.
2023-11-22 01:39
- Bakhadjantar - Nutkhat Nagar - On the day of Kali Chaudas, Sahu pretends to make a noise in the house, but what actually makes a noise? 'Bhu, is it true that the counseling center has bee… Read More

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