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DC’s Best Weed Gifts (11/20/20)

Today is a very special review day cuz we’re adding a new category- psiloycybin! Now that Initiative 81 has passed (by an even wider margin than the bill that legalized cannabis, wow), some intrepid Initiative 71 brands are breakin’ out the magic mushrooms and your Gentleman is here for it. Let’s get to it, my stalwart goombas! DC’s best weed gifts await you…

Disclaimer! I can’t ensure any products are safe. What I do is judge quality. I think that means the same thing but can’t guarantee that it does. Ya dig? Then shovel up, baby! Here’s my latest recommendations:


One Up Chocolate Shroom Bars

The Gentleman has personally tested and approved these One Up Chocolate Bars for potency, courtesy of our friends at Exotic Blooms, The back of the package has a rough guide to dosing: 1-3 is Micro, 3-7 is Therapeutic, and 8-12 is Shamanic (twelve pieces per bar). The chocolate bar is quite tasty, by the by- no hint of fungus in its flavor or consistency.

I wasn’t really looking to get all Yellow Submarined, just wanted to give it a fair shake, so I went with 4 pieces. They kicked in quickly, about 35 minutes. As I came up, I realized I was closer to ballz-level tripping than intended, but it was manageable after I laid down in the dark for an hour, listened to some trance, and watch a series of non-sensical short films play out behind my eyelids. A pleasant, giggly mood remained behind for about four hours. Have fun storming the astral planes, my brave psychonauts!


All flowers were tested in OCB Unbleached Cones this week.

Acai Gelato

exotic organics dc acai gelato weed photo

from Exotic Organics

Play-Doh Cake

exotic blooms dc play doh cake weed photo

from Exotic Blooms

Sundae Sunset Sherbet

dc teapad sundae sunset sherbet weed photo

from DC TeaPad

LAX by Lumpy Farms

launchpad dc lumpy farms LAX weed photo

from Launchpad DC

Gary Payton by Cookies

royale dankness dc gary payton cookies weed photo

from Royale Dankness

More Flowers

Here’s a list of recent winners that are still available:

  • Grease Monkey & Pink Skywalker from Exotic Blooms
  • Slurricane from District Connect
  • Hippie Crasher (Exotics) & SlurriRuntz (Top Shelf) from DC TeaPad
  • Glookies from Exotic Organics
  • DustMac OG from Lifted DC


This week we’re approving one new edible for potency:

Baked DC THC Drops

baked dc thc drops weed tincture photo

Very impressed with the THC Drops from Baked DC. This 1000mg tincture is clear & flavorless, which makes them perfect to add to any drink for a long-lasting, slow-building edible buzz. They also have no burn whatsoever, so you can easily take it sublingually for faster, more potent effect, which is how I tested it.

The dropper comes with helpful measurements for dosing and the bottle explains 1 dropper= 50mg. I took two droppers under the tongue for ~100mg. The effects came on strong fifteen minutes later and lasted for two hours. It was a bit of a rollercoaster- a pleasant mood boost and a nascent sensation of excitement as the thoughts bounced around my brain like tiny balls of Flubber. Didn’t make me sleepy. Highly recommended!

More Edibles

Recent winners currently available:

  • Puff Kings line of in-house edibles, especially their Gummies
  • Street Lawyer Services’ Truffles & Baghead Boys Gummies
  • Tastebud DC Lemonade & Georgetown Kush Cakes Truffles (available at Green Kings)
  • Noob Gummies (available at Exotic Organics)
  • District Connect’s Flamin’ Hot Cheetos
  • MOTA DC Fruity Krispy Treats (available at Baked DC)
  • Select Co-Op’s Boom Bars & Belgian Chocobites
  • Lucky Chuckie’s Reese’s Brownies


Green Kings just got in some fantastic Forbidden Zoo hash rosin from TODEM in!

Here’s some previous winners that are still available:

  • Exotic Blooms’ Apricot Jelly Live Resin Diamonds
  • Next Level Pre-Rolls (available at Peace in the Air & Gifted Curators)
  • Select Co-Op THCa Crystalline

Vape Cartridges

No new vape carts for the list this week, but here’s my up-to-date recommended list:

  • Royale Dankness house line
  • Exotic Organics house line
  • Hidden Leaf house line
  • Baked DC CO2 house line
  • DC TeaPad house line
  • Friendly Farms Live Resin Cartridges (available from Green Kings, Bagged Buds, & District Chiefer)

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DC’s Best Weed Gifts (11/20/20)


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