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Photography In The Digital Age
2024-02-27 00:42
Increasingly, we live in an age espousing the end of photography. Whether it be from the smartphone’s market takeover, the rise of artificial intelligence or social media’s deval… Read More
2024-01-01 00:11
I’ve now been a Fuji shooter since 2018 and during that 5 year period the cameras that I entered the system with, the X-E3 and X-T20, have served me well in almost every scenario I&rsq&hell…Read More
My Best Of 2023
2023-12-02 22:43
1. Cahokia, Illinois, from Midwestern What a strange year 2023 has been. I started the year strong with some additional work on my Manifested series, but this soon tapered and I was unab… Read More
What Is Photography?
2023-04-08 18:37
Quick edit integrating an AI-generated image of an “obelisk of mysterious origin” into a photo that I shot in the Ozarks. With the recent deluge of AI image generators upon th… Read More
2023-04-04 18:37
My opinion: probably. When I decided to switch camera brands from Nikon to Fujifilm, the decision was predicated on a variety of factors, with cost being high among them. It was clear to… Read More
Fuji X-T1
2023-03-27 18:24
When I originally bought into the Fuji system back in 2018, I elected to go with the X-E3 and X-T20, which have been excellent cameras and have supported the wide variety of work that I do… Read More
2023-01-16 21:10
In late Fall of 2022, my first monographic photobook was published through Vedere Press in Indianapolis. Mound City Chronicle, a current exhibition series and the subject of my book, has bee… Read More
My Best Of 2022
2022-12-04 00:07
1. Historic River Des Peres Sewer Tunnel, from Mound City Chronicle (for Terrain Magazine) Despite taking a lot of photographs in 2022, very little photography was dedicated to my several… Read More
What’s In My Camera Bag, 2022?
2022-01-26 19:36
photo by Harper Gray (my oldest son) It has been a while since I have shared a true, “what’s in my camera bag?”-style peek into the gear that I use on a regular basis. I am… Read More
Mound City Chronicle
2021-12-30 17:34
STL250 Celebration, from the roof of Saint Louis Art Museum, 2014.Since moving back to St. Louis (my birthplace) in 2009, my creative focus has been the city itself. I photographed to reorie… Read More
Fuji GFX 100s
2021-12-18 21:42
The museum where I work may be updating the camera equipment in its photo studio, so Fujifilm USA sent me a GFX 100s and three lenses (GF 24mm f/4, GF 45-100mm f/4, and GF 120mm f/4 Macro) t… Read More
My Go-To Equipment In 2021
2021-12-06 11:33
Three years ago, I started sharing a version of the lens and camera stats that I collect every year to observe how I am using or not using my equipment. These public posts are based on the… Read More
My Best Of 2021
2021-12-01 11:00
1. St. Louis Riverfront, from Mound City ChronicleYou wouldn’t know it from this blog (considering that this is my first post of the year), but 2021 was an opportunity for me to stretc… Read More
My Go-To Equipment In 2020
2020-12-20 21:28
Two years ago, I started sharing a version of the lens and camera stats that I collect every year to observe how I am using or not using my equipment. These public posts are based on the im… Read More
My Best Of 2020
2020-12-20 05:27
1. Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve It feels insane to type it, but 2020 was in some ways a more stable year (personally) than those of recent memory, despite the overshadowing o… Read More
7artisans 7.5mm F/2.8 Fisheye Lens
2020-03-28 21:19
Photography is not all about MTF charts- in fact, it’s not even all about gear. The point of photography is expression, and that is conducted in all manner of ways: with film or digit… Read More
Fujinon XF 55-200mm F/3.5-4.8 OIS Lens
2020-03-28 20:12
Several years ago, I decided to convert from zoom lenses to prime lenses. This was a pivot designed to benefit my creativity (prime lenses encourage you to move around, which lends to new p… Read More
Fujinon XF 50mm F/2 WR Lens
2020-03-28 19:20
The Fujinon XF 50mm f/2 R WR Lens is a workhorse lens for me. For portrait work especially, this lens comes out for every single session, and it is most often the lens on my second body for… Read More
Fujinon XF 35mm F/2 WR Lens
2020-03-28 15:27
The Fujinon XF 35mm f/2 R WR Lens is the most recent Fuji lens that I have purchased, but it has already become my third most used Fuji lens ever (according to my shot count in Lightroom)… Read More
7artisans Photoelectric 35mm F/1.2 Lens
2020-01-18 22:23
Sometimes, photography is just meant to be fun. Not worrying about being consistent to a body of work, or not worrying about botching a client’s expectations is often the source of th… Read More
2019-12-29 21:35
One of the core themes in my art, both photographic and in drawing/painting, is figurative work, and I often return to it when I’ve hit a creative standstill in some way. Figure work… Read More
Viltrox 85mm F/1.8 STM Lens
2019-12-19 01:03
I am in the camp of those who acquire lenses only to accommodate a variety of purposes. This is partially why I switched predominantly to primes years ago- I recognized that even with a zoo… Read More
Review Announcement
2019-12-08 02:42
Something wicked this way comes…. Some of you may have noticed the site sponsor banner pop up in the menu sidebar for Hours of Idleness (same as below), and this is because online r… Read More
My Go-To Equipment In 2019
2019-12-05 00:27
Two years ago, I started sharing a version of the lens and camera stats that I collect every year to observe how I am using or not using my equipment. These public posts are based on the im… Read More
My Best Of 2019
2019-12-01 05:44
1. Assateague Island National Seashore 2019 was a true ‘Tale of Two Cities’ kind of year. I’ve experienced some of the darkest moments I can ever remember this year, as we… Read More
2019-10-27 23:13
Lenses, like cameras, are purchased for a variety of reasons, and in the past, I’ve placed lenses into one of three categories: Specialist lenses, Utility lenses, and Passion lenses (… Read More
Fujinon 16mm F/2.8 WR Lens
2019-10-10 13:00
Lenses, like cameras, are purchased for a variety of reasons: 1. There are lenses out there that are impeccable, that deliver maximum image quality (loads of sharpness, great contrast, mini… Read More
Rokinon 12mm F/2 Lens
2019-10-06 19:35
Lenses, like cameras, are purchased for a variety of reasons: 1. There are lenses out there that are impeccable, that deliver maximum image quality (loads of sharpness, great contrast, mini… Read More
2019-09-28 04:58
Hello, October. We see you. 2019 has been mostly a wasteland, but you are our salvation, our shining hope, our backwards nod. Two of my favorite songs revisited: Read More
2019-09-21 19:08
—- I’ve been shooting on Fujifilm now since December, so I figured that’s long enough to begin offering practical reviews of my experiences with that equipment. This artic… Read More
F-Stop Gear Ando 13
2019-08-06 05:04
— There are many positive things about my switch from DSLRs to mirrorless, though perhaps chief among them is scale. I can now fit an entire kit into an incredibly small space, which… Read More
Virginia Sublime Part 2
2019-07-22 03:58
— Virginia is a state where the Nation’s history unfolds, but it is also a place of great natural beauty and strong, local community. It is home to saltwater sunrises, cool moun… Read More
Virginia Sublime Part 1
2019-07-20 19:45
— Virginia may be for lovers, but it is also easy to love. The State possesses an incredible diversity of landscape (from the Atlantic Coast, to tidal marshes, historic towns, rolling… Read More
2019-07-19 05:04
Happy Friday Night Music Video on Thursday. Gotta post ’em when you got ’em. This one’s going to go places, or maybe no place, so buckle in. I spent years looking… Read More
2019-07-06 03:51
I restarted the Friday Night Music Video post a couple of months, but just days after my second post, my home was burglarized, and my primary computer, 8 cameras, and my wife’s engage… Read More
Topo Designs Travel Bag Review
2019-07-04 18:57
— In just a few days, the family and I leave for an eight-day roadtrip to the East Coast. We’ll be visiting friends in Richmond, Virginia (who just had a baby; congrats Katie an… Read More
St. Louis Flooding 2019
2019-06-15 21:06
— It’s receding now, and that’s good news for all the folks affected by the historic Flood of 2019. This year’s event was just feet shy of the record Flood of 1993… Read More
Fuji X-E3
2019-04-21 21:35
—- I’ve been shooting on Fujifilm now since December, so I figured that’s long enough to beginning offering practical reviews of my experiences with that equipment. Up fir… Read More
2019-04-20 04:11
Ages ago on this blog, I used to do a Friday Night Music Video. In celebration of nostalgia, I’m bringing it back indefinitely. Enjoy… He’s like a young John Cusack in… Read More
2019-04-02 13:00
—- The Mississippi River provides so much recreational diversity throughout its over 2,300 miles, across ten U.S. States. In Missouri, the river bottom is a place that makes all of th… Read More
2019-03-28 13:00
—- I am well aware that much of the country does not think of Missouri first when they think of “outdoor adventure”, and that’s just fine. As a state positioned dead… Read More
2019-03-22 17:42
—- Cool, rainy days are for Netflix, cocoa and the couch, right? Well, sort of. I believe that they also offer some of the most fun hiking around, and some of the best conditions for… Read More
2019-03-17 18:13
Fuji X-E3 w/Rokinon 12mm f/2 —- A couple of months ago, after picking up my new Fuji kit, I decided to test out the system with a leisurely stroll through St. Louis’ largest, an… Read More
2019-03-11 13:00
—- St. Francois State Park is a pleasant park with a surprising variety of landscapes to explore. On our visit, we hiked the shortish Mooner’s Hollow Trail (2.75 miles), but sti… Read More
2019-03-07 13:00
In May of 2018, the new additions to Cliff Cave County Park, in Oakville, officially opened to the public, including 2 miles of trail extension, connectors and bridges to improve access, an… Read More
2019-03-03 18:15
—- There are some places in nature that you just luckily stumble across. Places that are in the vicinity of your regular spots, that you finally take notice of, and are amazed that yo… Read More
Riverway Getaway
2019-02-21 14:00
Ozark National Scenic Riverways (ONSR) is Missouri’s largest National Park Services property, of which there are twelve, and the first national park in the United States to protect a… Read More
2019-02-17 19:02
Camp GRITS Alton, Illinois Hawaii to Vancouver Read More
2019-02-17 18:54
Big Muddy Adventures Toxic Tour A Cherokee Street Adventure Story Hanging with the UP in South City Read More
Emmenegger Nature Park
2019-02-17 18:07
Emmenegger Nature Park, named after Russell Emmenegger, the last private owner of the property that would become the Park, is a 93-acre forested area owned by the City of Kirkwood. It is ad… Read More
2019-02-14 20:06
Enjoy this tale of how my friend, Chris Naffziger, tried to feed me to C.H.U.D. When you are done, head over to Cherokee Street and enjoy a cold one at Earthbound Beer. It was cool, but not… Read More
Happy 10 Year Anniversary To HOI!
2019-02-08 17:18
If you can believe it, this blog has been around for ten whole years this month! That’s some craziness on a lot of levels, particularly that I’ve been able to (relatively) maint… Read More
The Nikon/Canon/Sony Cost Penalty
2019-02-03 20:32
I promise, this blog will get back to focusing on other aspects of photography soon, but my recent camera brand switch has brought so many realizations that I think warrant sharing before I… Read More
2019-01-25 21:41
New Year, new gear! In fact, it has been many years since I’ve dramatically changed the photography equipment that I use (last one was perhaps my switch from 2.8 zooms to primes in 20… Read More
Sharpening Fuji RAF Files With Lightroom
2019-01-03 20:06
One of the things that I was not prepared for when I switched to Fuji from Nikon was that my trusty image editor, Adobe Lightroom, sucks at demosaicing Fuji RAF (RAW) files. I did plenty of… Read More
My Go-To Equipment In 2018
2018-12-27 21:12
Last year, I started sharing a version of the lens and camera stats that I collect every year to observe how I am using or not using my equipment. These are based on the images from my Best… Read More
2018-12-21 17:16
16. Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Current River Part 1 of this year’s Best Of, may have ended a bit sour, and granted, those feelings aren’t gone, but I’d rather at lea… Read More
My Best Of 2018 (part 1)
2018-12-14 00:09
1. Gravois Park 2018 has been an interesting year- one that, as I write this, I can’t yet define as awesome or a real drag. You could say that, in 2018, I closed a lot of chapters in… Read More
2018-11-24 18:32
The more you walk down the worn path of art, the more you realize that what’s required of you often goes beyond whatever discipline you’ve elected to pursue. The most successful… Read More
Photography Is No Monolith
2018-06-06 17:59
Photography, at its root, is two things: 1. the recording of light phenomena (sometimes invisible to the human eye); 2. a means of communication (sometimes for a conversation that we have o… Read More
New Blog!
2018-02-12 16:56
I am excited to announce that my wife and I will be opening a brick-and-mortar shop (explorer boutique, wanderer goods) called KAMP in St. Louis, Missouri this March. Our motto is “Eq… Read More
2018-01-01 13:00
a lot of the Island is floodplain, as the levee is on the opposite side as the Mississippi entrance to Chouteau Island Chouteau Island is a man-made, three island complex (consisting of… Read More
My Go-To Equipment In 2017
2017-12-29 12:00
Understanding what cameras and lenses you use most often provides all sorts of data, and is something that I always think is pretty interesting and can be very helpful. For instance, in the… Read More
F-Stop Gear Guru
2017-12-25 12:00
Several years ago, I converted over to using f-stop Gear‘s line of products as a solution to the problem of transporting my camera equipment and accessories.  These packs are exp… Read More
2017-12-20 12:00
Quick family hike through one of the Missouri’s best State Parks (and so close to STL!).  I’ve written about the Park in the past, including about its remarkable history, s… Read More
My Best Of 2017 (part Two)
2017-12-17 04:02
20. Tiffany For the first time, I have divided the annual summary of a year in my photo life into two parts.  Check out the first part here. installation view of “Emily Oliver:… Read More
2017-12-12 14:00
There is certainly something to be said for having the lucky opportunity to work with the same model on more than one occasion, especially if the model and the photographer operate on the s… Read More
My Best Of 2017 (part One)
2017-12-05 17:14
1. former JC Penny Building in Wells Goodfellow for Photo Flood Saint Louis (PFSTL) As mentioned in my “Best of” post for last year, 2016 pretty much wrecked my life, so it shou… Read More
2017-11-07 04:00
It was a chilly, Fall day today. My buddy Isaac Richardson (@skiye30 on Insta) and I decided to take advantage, and go for a short stomp through several South City neighborhoods that hug th… Read More
2017-11-06 04:27
Last Friday, I dropped into the Pulitzer Arts Foundation to check out the opening of their latest exhibition on Japanese drawing and animation.  It’s excellent as usual! Eq… Read More
2017-10-11 05:13
Alton, Illinois is one of the weirdest cities in the United States (for those friends of mine who live there, that is the highest form of compliment).  Alton is a river town, and its f… Read More
Interlude: Sister Marie Charles Park
2017-09-25 16:02
One of my favorite parks in St. Louis is one of its least known (perhaps, more than a little responsible for its allure). Sister Marie Charles Park is a sliver of greenspace at the base of… Read More
Nikkor 24mm F/2.8D Lens
2017-09-13 13:45
Lenses, like cameras, are purchased for a variety of reasons: 1. There are lenses out there that are impeccable, that deliver maximum image quality (loads of sharpness, great contrast, mini… Read More
LouFest 2017
2017-09-11 18:06
Don’t go into the light, Carol Anne. LouFest is an annual music festival held in St. Louis’ Forest Park that combines national headlining music acts with local upstarts on three… Read More
LOSP In Translation
2017-09-01 16:33
Lake of the Ozarks State Park (LOSP) is Missouri’s largest state park. With nearly 18,000 acres to explore, the Park is over twice the size of the State’s second biggest park, w… Read More
2017-08-16 03:51
Created as a concession to demands for a southern and northern park following the planned establishment of Forest Park, Carondelet Park is the third largest green space in St. Louis, and th… Read More

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