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Top 20 Fun Indian Wedding Games for Family Entertainment

The Indian Wedding Games are a big part of the glamorous marriages in India. The games are played for insinuating warmth and love between the families. Hence, these games are a part of the wedding rituals too. Here, we have a list of some of the most commonly played Indian Wedding Games. 

  • Bride VS Groom- Indian Wedding Games

This wedding game includes the entire family from either end from the Groom’s side as well the Bride’s.  Both families participate in a kind of Tug-O-War, where they participate in smaller events and actions like Musical chairs, Dancing Games, or any other performance-based games. The side with the best performance and the highest score gets to win the round. 


Usually, the bride’s sister or the groom’s brother sets up these kinds of games for the couples. Even better if that is a destination wedding, where the families unite to celebrate the function at a fancy wedding venue. 

  • Steal your Jiju’s Shoe- Indian Wedding Games

The bride’s sister or other bridesmaids team up against the groom’s family to steal away the ‘Groom’s Shoe’. This is a really cute, and funny tradition followed by Indian communities. Quite common with Sikh wedding Parties or Punjabi wedding ceremonies.  The ritual associates a price for returning the shoe, and thus it is extremely traditional. 


The groom’s brother or his friends protect the groom’s shoe while the bridesmaid teams up against them to steal it away while they aren’t around. The groom has to pay a certain price, or amount to get back his shoe. 

  • The Varmala Game- Indian Wedding Games for Couples

This is one of the many rituals in the wedding ceremony, but the tradition is slightly elevated in today’s weddings. The groom and the bride get to enjoy the wedding ceremony like any other wedding, but his friends would pick him up a little further when his bride is about to put the Varmala on his neck. Similarly, the bride also gets picked up higher than the groom’s height, so that he faces the same misery. 


The game is quite simple and basic here, the bride and the groom get to play this ritual with the help of their friends and brothers. The ritual is funny for the spectators but quite tiring for the people who are picking them up, and also the wedded couple.

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  • ‘Musical Chair’- Classic Sangeet Games

The classic Sangeet ceremony endorses a lot of musical and dancing games in the ceremony. But with the musical chair game,. you get to incorporate many people at the same time. The game is really simple, and extremely entertaining as well. The marriage ceremony blends quite nicely with these kinds of Indian wedding games. 


The Game requires at least fifteen to twenty people in the initial stage so that the game lasts for more than fifteen rounds. One person is needed to start and stop the music system randomly. In each round, there would be one chair less for the total number of people. With each round, one person gets eliminated and it lasts until there is only one chair for two people. 

  • Dance to the Beats- Indian Wedding Games

Like the musical chairs, the Sangeet and the Bride’s Mehendi ritual associate multiple other smaller functions. Like group dancing performances, solo dances and even couple performances. Any Hindu wedding is dazzled with so many pre wedding functions and other smaller bridal shower programmes. 


The Indian wedding game out here is quite simple, the eldest and the youngest children get to judge the performances played by different family members. The group or person with the highest score wins the round. 

  • ‘Antakshari’ or Singing Indian Wedding Games

This is common for more intimate weddings with close family members. Specially meant for the Indian Bride, or even a close Engagement or Sangeet Party. The families round-up together to play this singing game. 


The game starts with a poem called ‘Baithe Baithe Kya Karenga, Karna Hai Kuch Kam, Shuru Karo Antakshari Leke Prabhu Ka Naam’. When the ‘M’ stops at the person or group, that person gets to start the game. They are told to sing a song starting with ‘M’. When they finish a letter or word, the next person sings a song with the last word of their song. And like this, the wedding celebration and the game goes on. 

  • ‘True or False’- The Daring Indian Wedding Games

This is more like a sister or the brother-sister game. Where the elders do not play along with the kids. The questions are quite secretive, more to be played between people of the same group. This is a really good game, for the couple and their friends and cousins.


The game allows people to get to know each other better, in a much more mature manner and this spills lots of beans on the table. Like, you get to know things about people that you might not have expected from them.

  • ‘Passing the Parcel’- Indian Wedding Games

The passing the parcel game, allows the families to be as candid as they want to be or can get. This is a fun game and is an unwithered and non-age based game. Like, people from different age groups can play this together without fail. 


An article, like a ball or a cushion, is passed on between a group of people. One person is allotted the responsibility of turning the music on and off. When the music is on, the parcel is passed on from one person to the other. When the music is stopped randomly, the person with the parcel gets to choose a chit from the jar with multiple chits inside it. They have to do or perform the task written in that particular chit. 

  • ‘Test your Memory’- Indian Wedding Games

This is extremely fun and one of the traditional wedding games. The game is played for quite a long, between multiple people. The more people there are in the group, the game gets better. 


The group chooses a kind of variety, like fruits, flowers or any other kind. One person starts with a word, and the next mentions another word with the one mentioned earlier. Then another and another. The game goes like this, ‘Carrot’ and the next person says, ‘Carrot, Beans’ then the next, ‘Carrot, Beans, Cauliflower. The person with the best memory wins the Indian wedding game. 

  • Dress up in Saree- Indian Wedding Games

This is one of the funniest spectacles, as a man is dressed up in Saree. All the women team up against the youngest brother and they have to dress them like a woman. 


This is more like a funny wedding ritual than a proper game. The man is dressed up like an Indian Fashion Doll, with Charming Lipsticks and other dressing items. 

  •  Dumb Charades Challenge- Guessing Indian Wedding Games

For the Married life, you learn the basics of guessing and understanding these kinds of Indian wedding games. The groom’s and bride’s families play this game together and a total Bollywood play happens between the two families.


One from each group goes to the other group to get a movie name. He or she has to act out the name of the movie, in front of their group. The faster they understand the name of the film, the better the score. The longer it takes, the more confusion facades the entire group. 

  • ‘Desi Karaoke’ Musical Indian Wedding Games

Yes, I know Karaoke is a very Videshi Thing to do. Especially in India, we do not go for Karaoke sessions that often, but you get to have this at wedding ceremonies in the most gorgeous manner. The groom’s and the bride’s family spent hours on the stage singing the song with the music played in the background. 


There is no winning or losing in this particular game. The members spent hours on stage, and the rest of the game is all about enjoying the wedding party. 

  • Statue and Over- Fun Indian Wedding Games

These kinds of Indian Wedding Games are more common with the children in the families. Where they play along with their pals, and cousins. The game can assort multiple people at the same time. 


One person sets as the ‘Danner’ and the rest of the people are associated with standing like a statue. The one counting behind has to say, ‘LONDON’ while the other people walk fast towards him. As soon as he is done counting, he rolls back to see who is moving. If he finds anyone moving, then they get eliminated and also the next ‘danner’. 

  • Never Have I ever- Bachelorette Indian Wedding Games

Like ‘Truth or False’, this is also a kind of game played more commonly between teens, and young adults. Commonly played between Tequila shots, and obviously a group of people from the same. 


Like, Truth or dare this is also a game that is more commonly played to get the truth out of someone’s secrets. Like they say something that they haven’t done. While the rest gets to get a shot, only if they have done it. Like, ‘Never Have I ever, skipped my breakfast’. The questions aren’t so basic, but the pattern is somewhat like this only. 

  • Humming the Song- Guessing Games for Indian Wedding

Like the above mentioned, Indian wedding games, this is also a kind of game that is played with fewer people. So obviously not an onstage performance game, or a game to be played between larger families. 


Along with the wedding function, the group ‘hum’ a song to the other group without singing a single lyric to them. The other group has to guess the song, with the exact lyrics and sing it loud in front of the crowd. 

  • Guess the Food- Blinding Indian Wedding Games

Obviously, the wedding day associates multiple food and cuisines in the entire wedding venue. But surprisingly, this is a kind of blindfolded game for the people participating in it. 


The game brings multiple food items like delicious soft drinks, sweets, and even spices. Yes, you have to guess it blindfolded while someone else puts that in your mouth. These kinds of Indian wedding games are really interesting and fun but can go really risky for picky eaters. 

  • Paper Dance- Romantic Indian Wedding Games for Couples

This is perfect for the newlywed couple in your family, and even that one couple who’s about to confess to their families about their marriage. That amazing lehnaga choli, and the perfect dance with your better half. 


The game is quite simple and antiquated. With every passing song, a piece of paper is flipped smaller and smaller. And the couple is forced to dance on it till it folds to a dot. This is extremely laborious for a newlywed but quite romantic and playful at the same time. 

  • Find the Ring- Romantic Indian Wedding Games for Bride and Groom

It is not a good thing to lose your wedding ring but surprisingly this particular ritual or game is surrounded around finding the ring. This is a traditional Indian wedding game, played after the wedding ceremony and the Vidai. 


In a bowl filled with rose petals, milk and rice, one of your wedding rings are disguised inside the puddle. The couple has to start finding the ring from the bowl, the one who finds it the quickest wins the game. It is said that the one winning the wedding ring game dominates in the relationship. 

  • ‘Blind Folded Masti’- Indian Wedding Games

Like all the above Indian wedding games, the blindfolded ones are the funniest and the most enjoyable of games. The couple gets to play for at least a couple of minutes until they find their partner blindfolded. 


The bride or the groom is blindfolded, and they are told to find their spouse. They are intentionally puzzled by other people, who come in between them and their spouse. Finally, when they are too puzzled in the search, their partner finds a way to them. 

  • ‘Reading the Advice a loud’- Indian Wedding Games

All the elders and well-wishers write a piece of advice on the paper and put it in the jar. Each person gets a chance to come on stage and read one piece of advice to the couple. 


There is no winning or losing in this particular game, instead it is about reading a good thing to the couple on their wedding day. These kinds of Indian wedding games are more likely for leisure or resting for the wedding planners.  

  • Balloon between the Pair- Funny Indian Wedding Games

A balloon is placed by the pair who is dancing in the game, and they can neither break it nor lose the balloon. They’ve to keep it between themselves until the music stops. The rules are quite simple, you have to dance and the balloon cannot break. 


If the balloon breaks between the couple, then you automatically lose the game and hence you cannot participate any further. But once you play according to the guideline, and keep the balloon intact, you’re the winner. These kinds of Indian wedding games are really fun for the people watching them play. 

These were some of the most commonly played Indian wedding games, that are funny and really exciting to play. To know more about Kitty party games, and other wedding fashion, visit CamYogi. 

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Top 20 Fun Indian Wedding Games for Family Entertainment


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