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Best Electronic Dog Door: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Electronic dog doors can be a good option for pet owners who want a bit more security or even automation from their dog Door.

Compared to a standard dog door which traditionally always maintains free access, the best electronic dog doors can be set up so that the door only opens when you want it to.

Microchips and sensors are the common way of operating electronic dog doors.

Although electronic dog doors sound great in theory, and they can be good value for some owners, there is no perfect product on the market yet in our opinion.

Let’s have a look…

List of Top Rated Electronic Dog Doors

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door (On Amazon) – Best Electronic Dog Door/Best Automatic Dog Door for Small & Medium Dogs

High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door (On Amazon) – Best Electronic Dog Door/Best Automatic Dog Door for Large Dogs

Best Electronic Dog Door: Reviews

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

View On Amazon

When it comes to the best electronic dog door, or best automatic dog door for small and medium dogs, you have 3 main options:

  • PetSafe SmartDoor (on Amazon)
  • PetSafe SmartDoor Plus Pet Door, Selective Entry/Exit with Programmable Timer (on Amazon)
  • SureFlap Microchip Pet Door (on Amazon)

The honest truth is that there is no perfect electronic dog door on the market at the moment. All have either small or major drawbacks.

We ruled out the PetSafe SmartDoor straight away because it simply has too many design flaws.

We chose the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door because it gets the job done for a reasonable price.

If you are willing to pay a bit more (and you don’t like the features or design of the SureFlap), the PetSafe SmartDoor Plus Pet Door, Selective Entry/Exit with Programmable Timer is still worth a look.

Who Is This Dog Door For?

  • Those looking for an electronic dog door for small to medium sized dogs

Who Is This Dog Door Not For?

  • Those looking for an electronic dog door for large dogs

What’s Good About It?

  • Works with your pet’s existing unique identification microchip or RFID collar tag (one tag supplied with the product)
  • Can store up to 32 pets in its memory – good for multi pet households
  • Designed for large cats and small dogs
  • Sizing – pet’s shoulders should ideally be no wider than 6 and a half inches and the circumference of their waistline at its widest point should be no more than 20 and a quarter inches. The dimensions of the flap (the smallest area your pet will need to pass through) is 7\” (w) x 6.69\” (h)
  • Size of the hole required to install the pet door is 8.15\” (w) x 9.21\” (h)
  • Can be installed in doors, windows and walls – for walls and windows, you’ll need adaptors and tunnel extenders
  • Battery powered using 4 C cell batteries which last up to a year with normal use
  • Racoon tested

What’s Not So Great?

  • Batteries don’t come with the door
  • Batteries have to be replaced yearly
  • Only ONE RFID collar tag comes with the product
  • The door only filters one way – ALL pets will be able to get out, but only pets with a collar tag or microchip can get in

What Else Do You Need To Use This Dog Door?

  • SureFlap Pet Door Mounting Adaptor is required for glass installations and one or more
  • SureFlap Pet Door Tunnel Extenders (On Amazon) may be required for wall installations
  • You’ll need a cutting tool, drill and screwdriver to install the door
  • Pack of Two SureFlap RFID Collar Tags (On Amazon) – For additional pets

Where Can I Check Out This Dog Door?

Click here to view the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door on Amazon

High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door

View On Amazon

The High Teach Pet Power Electronic Pet door is a high security electronic dog door for large dogs and pets.

Who Is This Dog Door For?

  • People who want an electronic or automatic dog or pet door for their large pets

Who Is This Dog Door Not For?

  • People who want a cheap electronic pet door

What’s Good About It?

  • Motor driven vertically-sliding door is activated by MS-4 ultrasonic collar
  • Directional sensing system opens the door only when your pet is on a direct approach, not when he/she is just wandering by or sleeping next to the door
  • Wide selection of programming options – 4-way access control lets you select from In Only, Out Only, Full Access or Closed & Locked
  • Wind and weatherproof with airtight seal
  • VERY secure door – automatic deadbolt locking adds a level of security higher than any other pet door
  • Panel size: 12-1/4 by 16-inch for pets up to 100-pounds

What’s Not So Great?

  • Expensive initial cost, and can be expensive to keep maintained or repaired
  • If you have to get it repaired, you have to send it back to the manufacturer, and you’re left with a big hole in your door (you could temporarily fix a plate of some kind to the door until you get the door back though)
  • Cheap sensitivity adjustment knobs

What Else Do You Need To Use This Dog Door?

  • High Tech Pet Micro Sonic 5 Water-Resistant Collar with Digital Transmitter MS-5 (On Amazon) (Optional) – Additional transmitter for each extra pet
  • High Tech Pet Wall Adapter Tunnel WA-2 for Power Pet PX-2 Electronic Pet Door, Large (On Amazon) – wall adapter 

Where Can I Check Out This Dog Door?

Click here to view the High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door on Amazon

Best Electronic Dog Door: Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

What Is An Electronic Dog Door?

An electronic dog door is a dog door that works with electronics instead of the standard manual dog doors.

Types Of Electronic Dog Doors

There are two main types of electronic dog doors:

  • Electronic dog doors for small/medium dogs
  • Electronic dog doors for large and extra large dogs

What Are Electronic Dog Doors Used For?

Electronic dog doors are used to maintain a secured/locked dog door opening while pets are not coming in or out.

Compared to a traditional manual dog door which you have to bolt or slide a security plate over manually, electronic dog doors will usually be in the locked mode by default, and will only open for pets with microchips or sensors which communicate electronically with the door.

There are various settings or electronic dog doors which an owner can determine for themselves – such as how and when the door opens.

How To Choose An Electronic Dog Door – Which To Get?

It’s pretty straightforward – 

1. Choose whether you want a dog door for a small/medium, or large dog

2. Look at the features of the dog door, mainly the access and exit settings and features, and determine which door suits your preference in terms of what you want the door to do

Features To Look For, And Considerations To Make With Electronic Dog Doors

  • Size of the opening
  • How many settings are there for access and egress to and from the door – can the door only be set to one setting for access one way, or multiple settings?
  • Does the door work with existing microchips for the door sensor?
  • Does the door come with new microchips for the door sensor – how many?
  • What is the door’s memory storage like – can it store several pet microchip ID’s?
  • Where can the door be installed? – doors, walls and windows? Or only one type of location?
  • Do you need adaptors or extenders for installing in walls and windows?
  • How is the door powered – batteries? How long do the batteries last? Do you get batteries with the door?
  • If you need the door repaired or maintained – is there tech you can call to come see you or do you send the door back to a tech centre?
  • What testing has been done on the door – weather and raccoon tested?
  • What level of security is there on the door – is there automatic bolting?

Electronic Dog Doors – Accessories & Extras

  • Microchip collars for sensor
  • Batteries
  • Extenders and adaptors for wall installation

Best Electronic Dog Door: Resources



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Best Electronic Dog Door: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


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