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Guinea Pig Speak: What’s Your Cavy Trying to Tell You?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if,  even for just a day, our cavys could talk to us and tell us what they’re thinking? Maybe they don’t like our favorite TV show. They might get really annoyed at the way we disturb their play while we toss and turn in bed at night. Or, maybe they just want to tell us they love us after we say it to them.

Our cavys might not speak to us in our language but they certainly do communicate with us through the sounds they make and the behaviors they display.

Let's have some fun and take a look at the unique language of Guinea pigs. 

Chattering Teeth

Don't mess with a guinea pig who's chattering her teeth. She's angry. Leave her alone to calm down or she's just going to get more agitated. (Sometimes that chattering of teeth is accompanied by the guinea pig showing her teeth.) Back away. 


Has your guinea pig ever chirped? No one has conclusively determined what chirping - and it sounds just like a little bird - means with a cavy. In fact, chirping is considered pretty rare. If you've never heard a cavy chirp, click below.  (Even if you have, it's too cute to not press play.)


What's the first thing you do when you hear a funny or a strange noise? Stop what you're doing and listen intently or something similar, right? That's what cavys do, too, when they hear something - like a bird - or are frightened. They freeze. 


Is purring a sign of contentment or annoyance? Depends on who you ask. A cavy who's purring and relaxed is likely showing happiness. On the other hand, a short, high-pitched purr just might mean your piggy is annoyed.


Nothing in the world is better than a happy cavy, wouldn't you say? And, how does a guinea pig show happiness? Why, by popcorning, of course. Click below to watch babies popcorning.


When your cavy's in the mood for romance, you'll likely hear a deep rumbling sound and he may start strutting his stuff for the object of his affection. 


Notice your guinea pig sniffing her surroundings? The camera? A new toy? Another guinea pig? Sniffing is a way guinea pig's explore. 


Did you just open the fridge to get your cavy her greens? Then you might hear her getting really excited and showing that excitement by wheeking. 

Guinea pigs certainly do know how to tell us how they're feeling, don't they? We just have to listen. Join the conversation! Is your cavy vocal? What's your favorite way a guinea pig communicates? 


Hoppy Homes Rescue

Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue

The Humane Society

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Guinea Pig Speak: What’s Your Cavy Trying to Tell You?


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