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Guest Star: How Dodger Became a Cat Icon

Hello everyone.

Today’s guest post has been sent in by Cat who would like to tell us the story of how Dodger became a cat icon.

Dodger dropped into our lives one bone chilling night fifteen years ago, a hypothermic skeleton covered with black fluff.  We lived on the periphery of the city at that time.  It wasn’t long before a highway was built behind our house and a tall sound wall was constructed at the property line.

Following one especially riotous weekend night of sirens and auto pursuits, Dodger was dumped over the sound wall, just before Thanksgiving Day.  I heard him, a terrified mewling from the backyard.

Wrapped in my winter gear and with a flashlight in hand, I ventured outside to seek the source of the terrible caterwauling.

The sound emanated from beneath the mini-barn in our backyard.

A green-eyed kitten, puffed and hissed as the beam from my flashlight stroked his fur. He jumped back into the dank depths escaping my reach, and that’s where he lived, for a while.

For two days I coaxed him with food, until he finally emerged with all the rancor of a hungry mountain lion, unapproachable and wild.  Eventually, a kinship developed between us, until one day, Dodger became family.

Two years later, fed up with city encroachment, we moved to quiet solitude in the mountains.

Not quite barn cat, nor a lap cat, Dodger exists in his own catundrum straddling two worlds, wild versus tame.

To Dodger, living in the mountains is heaven on earth!

Like the legendary Saint Patrick, Dodger banished snakes from our new land.

He duelled with a murder of crows and lived to tell the tale.

When neighbouring dogs and cats threw down the gauntlet, Dodger calmly took it up. With one swipe of his razor sharp claws, the confrontation was over before it hardly began, the challenger slinking away with its tail between its legs.

One morning, as Dodger made his pre-dawn rounds, a sassy white tail flicked enticingly, and then another . . . and another.  He stumbled and gasped in disbelief.  The land was covered with brown, Cottontail rabbits of every size, grazing and hopping.

Could one cat stop the furry plague from invading his realm?

“Realm?”  The idea began to take shape in his mind.

It was Sunday, a blessed day of rest after a long night of cleaning out pesky mice, wrangling raccoons and dodging carousing coyotes.

Dodger rested atop his favourite stump in majestic repose, puffed against the dawn’s biting chill and squinting at the rays of the rising sun.  Mist rose from the ground, fogging everything with fuzzy pink hues.

A sleek, long-legged beauty with doe eyes, roaming the fringes of the day, paid him court.

The deer was enchanting.  Dodger was mesmerized.

When the magical moment passed, Dodger realized he had finally conquered the wilderness.

He was king of the outdoors and all things wild!

There’s something about Dodger . . . his adventures make great cat stories!

When you visit you will see a cat icon in your browser tab and a row of the same cat icon in the website header.  Originating from Dodger’s portrait, the cat icon retained all the emotion of the portrait.

A special recipe for Black Cat Cookies was developed, based on Dodger’s cat icon; they are delicious!

Now, Dodger’s cat icon piques cat loving visitor’s curiosity and draws them in . . . soon they are lost . . .  in a cat story!

About the Guest Author

Dodger is the inspiration for  Author of the Road Trip Explore! series, Cat McMahon is a wordsmith who enjoys outdoor discovery, culinary explorations, her cats and making memories with her family.

When she’s not in the kitchen cooking up mouthwatering recipes for, she’s on the road photographing nature’s amazing wonders for

Cat McMahon lives with her family in a craggy wilderness off the slopes of the Cascade Range in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

You can find Cat McMahon on:  Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Bloglovin, Amazon Author’s Central and GoodReads.


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Thank you Cat for sharing his story.

If you want to send in your cat stories, just drop us an email at [email protected] Don’t forget to include some pictures.

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Guest Star: How Dodger Became a Cat Icon


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