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Does the Name Pavlov Ring a Bell?

In Home Dog Training MelbourneIvan Pavlov discovered that by repeatedly ringing a Bell while giving a dog food, the dog would then respond to the bell by getting excited and drooling. He made Pavlov’s dog famous for drooling at just the sound of the bell, this was a conditioned response. The foundations of all our communications with dogs are conditioned responses. It is easy to see if you make your dog sit before diner how this would condition a sit response. But if you look deeper you see it is going on everywhere from teaching his name, praise and approval, any and all commands, are all conditioned responses. A dog’s strongest drive is to follow, or please their pack leader. This is how dogs were domesticated in the first place.

A dog needs to see his owner as his pack leader. Naturally dogs want to establish a hierarchy or pecking order within the pack. If you do not show your dog, very clearly, that you are a good consistent pack leader it can be very confusing for him. Even worst he may get the idea he would be a better leader than you.    Consistency is most important in letting the dog know what pleases and displeases you. We want the dog to know exactly what is expected without any confusion.

Positive reinforced dog obedience training is the best way to get, and maintain, the needed respect for owner as pack leader. This does not mean giving your dog a treat to get him to do things or making him sit before you feed him. You want your dog to know his actions please or displease you. You need him to work to earn your praise and avoid your “No”, focussing at least twice as much on the praise and approval. Essentially for every time you tell him “No” you need to give him the chance to earn two or three “Good Boy”s.In Home Dog TrainingMost, if not all, of a dogs’ behavioural problems can be controlled using the respect gained through obedience training. This does not mean all of your dog’s problems magically go away when you start training. But the higher you take your respect the easier it is to show your dog which of his actions please or displease you. When the worst thing in his life is your “No” and he knows how to avoid it, he is happy, you are happy. It is a win, win for everyone. Using your praise, and approval, and your negative disapproval consistently, you can condition your dog to do, or not do, almost anything. 

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Does the Name Pavlov Ring a Bell?


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