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What is The Best Shampoo for Australian Shepherds

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Best Shampoo for Australian shepherd?

Best shampoo for Australian shepherds  - picture

For all the adventure junkies out there, the Australian Shepherd can become the best addition to your travelling crew. Even people who just like to go on a walks will have an amazing buddy that will change the way they view the world.

One thing that every Aussie owner can assure you is that, in order to maintain the Coat of the dog healthy, you really need to put a lot of work and dedication. When it comes to bath time, many people start questioning themselves if they have the right shampoo for their Aussies.

Our quick reviews for the best shampoo for Australian shepherd

As this breed comes from the northern parts of the globe, their coat is plush and double-layered, which helped them survive the dramatic temperatures. The breed is known for its very distinctive coloring, which comes in variety of marvelous merle patters, as the length is medium one.

Although, Australian Shepherds now are part of the family, their coat stays the same, which becomes a hard duty for every owner.

It really depends on many factors how often you need to bathe your Aussie, from where you live, to how dirty the dog gets once it goes outside. As every other dog, Australian Shepherds also enjoy rolling in muds, as this require often bathing- every 4 to 6 weeks.
If your dog enjoys to stay more inside the house and does not get dirty that easy, bathing once every 3 or 4 months will do just fine.

Most owners don’t meet problems when it comes to bath time, as Australian Shepherds are known for their love of water. In the summer days, when the weather is hot, you and your dog can have a fun bathe time outside, as you can use the garden hose and provide lukewarm water.

If the weather does not offer this option, the best way to bathe your dog is in a bathtub or shower stall, where the dog can stay still and safe from slipping. Wet floors can lead to unpleasant consequences, as putting towels or rubber mat can save you from many troubles. Another great option is to purchase a raincoat or a grooming apron.

Be sure you have enough dry towels, as Aussies are known for their habit of rubbing their wet bodies against something nearby like your legs, furniture, walls, even floors, as they also love to shake when they are wet. Great additional piece for you is a screen that fits over the drain opening, so that way the dog’s excess hair will be kept from clogging the drains in the bathroom.

When it comes to shampoo, you need to make sure that you give your dog what it really needs. If your dog suffers from itchy, flaky or dry Skin, be sure to find special shampoos that won’t affect on those problems in any way.

If your dog’s skin is okay, then quality dog shampoo and conditioner will be perfect. Look for non-toxic and shampoo-based formulas, as you try to avoid detergent-based that can affect the production of the natural oils. The market is flooding of all kind of suggestions, from medicating to herbal to color enhancing products, that’s why looking for help is something completely normal.

Before the bath:

  • To make the process easier for you, brush your dog’s coat, so that way any loose hair, debris, mats and tangles are removed. A tip is to always do that before getting in the bath, as if you wash them, the situation will get unpleasant for both of you. If required, a nice trim around the feet will really make a change.

How to Bathe Your Australian Shepherd


  • A good recommendation is to take dog soap, as they will make the process better. Nice products you can look for are Earthbath or AvoDerm, as they are made of all natural ingredients and are super inexpensive.
  • Having a lot of towels is never a bad decision. If you use a hair dryer, place it somewhere away from water access.
  • Be sure to adjust the temperature of the water. Don’t do that when the dog is already in the bathroom, as this will make it feel uncomfortable and a bit scared.
  • Start with wetting the skin, undercoat and the coat of the dog with warm water. Sometimes, this step takes more time than expected, as the Aussies have thick coats. After you are sure, the dog is wet enough, start with applying around two dabs of shampoo, as you start rubbing it in.
  • A specially created for dogs’ rubber massage tool can help you out. Start from the head, as you go careful around the face and the eye area. A quick note is not to overlook the areas around the ears, arms, the insides of the hind legs and the belly.
  • Washing the eye area can be done best with the usage of damp cloth, as you apply some tearless shampoo. To prevent any possible irritations, be sure to be careful not to get any of the product inside the dog’s eyes.
  • When you start to wash off the shampoo, and use tepid or lukewarm water until it gets clear. You need to rinse everything away because the double coat can trap inside it a lot of suds. There are cases when residual shampoo irritates the skin, or leaving a dull film on the coat.
  • If your dog is extremely dirty, then apply another day or two of the shampoo and repeat the steps until the dog is completely clean. If you are the type of owner that includes a conditioner or skin moisturizer in the bathing routine, be sure to carefully follow the listed directions. Before drying your dog with a towel, let it shake off, so that way the extra water gets off by itself.
  • After the bathe, you need to provide a space with decent temperature, so that way the dog does not get ill, as this is extremely necessary if you have a puppy, a pregnant or aging Shepherd. You don’t need to use blow dryer if you live somewhere where the climate is hot, as the air dry process will go quickly.
  • However, using a blow dryer in low temperatures is required, as you should keep it at least 6 inches away from the coat. In order to prevent any skin burns or coat damages, low or cool settings will be ideal for the task.
  • Once you take the dog out of the bathroom, be sure it has its own place, where there is nothing it can damage with its wet coat. A special corner of the house will work just fine.

Can’t I Just Use Human Shampoo?

The answer is a huge NO, as people have more sensitivity, dry skin and other, as our top layer of the skin is alkaline, whereas the dogs’ is acidic one. Using human shampoo can seriously damage this top layer of the dog’s skin, which will help all kind of bacteria and viruses to get in its body without a problem. Another serious issue will be the dehydration of the outer body of the dog.

Dog shampoos are specially made, in order to keep this layer protected. The bathing gets away the dead skin, but also the part of that layer, which means the skin is vulnerable, as it needs special care. The production of the natural oils is stopped, as dog shampoos moisturize the skin, until the distribution process starts again.

The best shampoos are those which pH levels are balanced, as the right pH is 7, so be sure to keep that in mind when you are on the market for shampoo.

An important note is to know that when you bathe your dog, you don’t always need to apply shampoo. Washing your dog with warm water can work just fine. Just because you bought a nice shampoo, it does not mean it will eliminate the smell of the dog completely.

If you apply too much shampoo, this can lead to misbalance in the production of the natural oils, as you should never allow this to happen. Natural oils are extremely important, as they protect the skin from viruses, bacteria and variety of skin irritations.

Investing in high quality shampoo should be your priority, as this will have a big impact on your dog’s health. As you will use the shampoo just once a month, the shampoo will last you for about a year, which is a good reason to invest in high quality product. if you are not careful enough, your actions can affect the dog’s health, which will require vet appointments and unwanted health issues.

The dog skin reacts like ours, as it absorbs whatever comes in contact with it. Watch out for certain scents and colors, as a recent research showed that some of them can lead to the contribution to allergies, even cancer cells.

Ingredients to Avoid

Parabens can affect the estrogen, as it is also prone to lead to breast cancer.

Mineral oil comes from petroleum. Although, this ingredient is found in many baby shampoos, it is not recommended to be used on your dog.

DEA, or DEA cocamide is known for its ability to act as a carcinogen, even though it is mostly used to make more foam.

Sodium laurel sulfate (sometimes spelled sulphate) causes eye irritation. This chemical can lead to serious issues to the dog’s digestive system if it somehow swallows it.

If you prefer going to the groomers, don’t be shy to ask them about the product they use, as this can be helpful.

Things to look for in a great dog shampoo

The following features are what you should watch out for, if you want to get a good shampoo for your dog:

  • To make your dog smell fresh and nice, it is recommended to purchase a shampoo with natural scents.
  • A hypoallergenic shampoo is ideal for dogs with sensitive skin.
  • Buying a package with a conditioner will make the dog’s coat look sleeker and nice.
  • Products with natural moisturizers will take a good care of the skin and coat of the dog.
  • In order to prevent any skin irritations, purchase products that are made only from natural ingredients.

Here is our list for the best shampoo for Australian shepherds:

4-Legger Certified Organic All Natural Dog Shampoo

This product is all you need from a shampoo, all because of its an ultra-hydrating feature, which leaves the skin relaxed, nourished and smooth. If you have a yorkie, that suffers from dry skin, then this shampoo will do miracles, because of its moisturizing effects. The shampoo uses only organic and natural ingredients, as this is everything you should watch out for.

Ingredients: Because of it’s all natural base, the product got a certificate, that brought a lot of fame to it. There are a lot of reasons why this shampoo is the most well-known product for dogs, as one of the major ones is that it doesn’t include any harmful ingredients such as the ones mentioned previously.

All the sulfates are removed from the shampoo, which makes it only a natural based. It contains nourishing bio oils from lemongrass and rosemary, good concentrate of Aloe Vera, as well as the beneficial jojoba oil.


  • The whole product is eco-friendly, made only from organic ingredients, poured in Biodegradable bottle.
  • It has moisturizing effects.
  • It protects the hair from tick hair syndrome and fleas, because of the essential oils.
  • Made in USA.
  • Works great even on sensitive skin.


  • Some customers are not satisfied with the packaging.
  • It doesn’t come in big bottles, so be sure to use it reasonably.

Feedback: The shampoo is perfect, as it has triple effect- hypoallergenic, deep hydration and anti-flea formula.
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Earthbath All Natural Shampoo

Highly recommended product for everyone that wants their dog to smell fresh, look and feel amazing. It is made of aloe and oatmeal, which help with healing skin irritation, as it also moisturize the skin. Even your dog will fall in love with it.

The shampoo is rated as number 1 best-selling pet shampoo.

  • You can choose from 11 formulations and flavors.
  • It has soothing and cleansing abilities that help with itchiness, thanks to the aloe and oatmeal.
  • Free of soap.
  • Vanilla and almond oil scents.
  • Biodegradable and cruelty free.
  • It does not contain any perfumes, synthetic dyes, phosphates, parabens, or DEA.
  • It makes the coat silky and shiny.
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This next suggestion is one of those that everyone have heard of. The brand is very famous on the market, as they offer variety of products, as well as some very good hits for dog shampoos. This particular one is Hypoallergenic Shampoo, which is perfect for every concerned owner that wants the best for his dog’s skin and coat.

Some of the ingredients included are the shea butter and its amazing ability to protect the coat, as it moisturizes it. The honey adds are perfect for everyone that looks for additional shine in the coat of the dog. Although, the bottle is large 16 fluid ounce, it is more expensive compared to other shampoos. The scent is very gentle.

  • The company is known to produce only natural and organic products, as they are very luxurious.
  • Hypoallergenic, which is perfect for dogs with sensitive skin that need extra protection.
  • The combination of shea butter and honey makes the product even more moisturizing.
  • Balanced pH levels.
  • The product does not include any essential oils, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, colorants fragrances, petrolatum, and SLS.
  • 100% American quality.
  • Keeps the coat soft and silky.
  • Cruelty free.
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  • All natural and organic product.
  • It does not include any sulfates, preservatives and harsh chemicals.
  • It has the ability to eliminate every fungus, heavy metal, bacteria and toxin that tries to approach, because the product contains clay.
  • To maintain a good looking and well moisturized coat and skin, the shampoo includes shea butter and aloe vera.
  • It keeps all the insects away, because of the included repellant.
  • To make the coat and skin extra silky and remove the dandruff, the product contains argan oil.
  • Cruelty free and Recycling.
  • Made by small batches in the USA.
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Oster Oatmeal Organics Shampoo

For all the people out there are want their dog’s coat to look nice and fluffy after they get out of the bath, this organic product is all they need. It does not contain any dyes and parabens, as it was certified to be 100% organic.

The scents, specially the blueberry one, are not that strong. Because of tit lacks the chemical foaming, the created foam is not that much compared to other brands that use those chemicals.

The good thing is that you can buy organic product that costs the same as shampoos with many included chemicals. It is better for you and your dog, to choose something with natural base, that will have more beneficial sides.

  • 100% unique American origin
  • Created from Vitamins A, D, E and B5 that provide deep cleaning, coconut-based cleansers, and natural orange extract formula.
  • It was used 100% Natural Oatmeal that will protect and soothe the skin, as there are no harsh chemicals included such as alcohol, dye, paraben and others. The pH levels are balanced, as there are no artificial colors included.
  • The scent of orange burst is long- lasting one.
  • If you treat your dog with topical flea applications, the shampoo won’t wash it off.
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Lovely Fresh I Love My Dog Oatmeal Shampoo

The ingredients that won’t affect your dog in any bad way are the oatmeal and neem. The product is recommended for dogs that went through tick or flea problem, because the oatmeal has healing properties over itchiness and redness, as it soothes the skin.

If your dog has problems with insect bites, then the neem is perfect for you, because it acts like an insect repellent. The only strange thing here is that the shampoo should be used on dry coat, as after that you wash it off. The oatmeal reacts great with the dog’s skin and fur; and it makes your furry buddy feel great.

  • Made only by natural ingredients such as neem oil, oatmeal and a lot of vitamins, which help with irritations, moisturize and soothe the skin and coat. It is perfect for relieving the pain of insect bites. It is free of alcohol, detergent and soap. The product is made in the USA, poured in recyclable bottle, making it eco-friendly.
  • Rich foam that wash off easily. To make the coat even more smooth, there is included conditioner. You will save time while you are bathing you dog, because the product is 2in1.
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AvoDerm Natural Skin and Coat Formula Shampoo for Dogs

Next up is a luxurious product that makes the coat of the dog even more shiny. It contains avocado oil that helps with itching and scratching, as it moisturizes the dry skin. All those painful problems will be dramatically reduced after the first bath. The foam is rich and rinses away very fast. The coat will be silkier and shiny, no matter the length of the hair. A great fragrance makes no exception.
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Wahl 100% Natural No-Rinse Shampoo

The last suggestion is something many women dog owners will totally love. For the past years, the dry shampoo got extremely popular, as it helped many women around the world have a great looking hair, when they are running out of time. After applying it, the hair looks unbelievably fabulous and clean.

This revolution is now a fact even for our four legged buddies, that will have the honor to try it out. This dry shampoo has a magical formula that makes the coat looking fresh in no time. The product comes on a very affordable price, making it perfect even for people on budget. It is definitely that should be tested.

The good thing about this amazing product is that it is a combination of conditioner and convenient dry shampoo, which you apply without the need to wash off afterwards. After the application, your jaw will fall seeing the results- perfectly looking coat, without any smell, bacteria or dirt.

The shampoo is free of harsh chemicals such as parabens. The all natural formula made it loved by thousands around the USA, as the innovation crossed the borders of the country- it is now available worldwide.
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Helpful Hints:

  • Having someone to be there for you if you require help is definitely much needed.
  • To avoid unwanted consequences, put a bath mat in the shower, so that way the dog won’t slip.
  • If your dog does not want to stay on place grooming loop, collar and leash will be handy.
  • If you use any collars, be sure they are not made of leather, as this material starts to shrink after it gets wet.
  • To put everything, you need near you, a plastic bucket can be the best container for this task.
  • Be sure you opened the bottles of shampoo and rinse before you start the bath, as this will save you time and the patience of the dog.
  • Finding the right temperature before the dog enters the bath is a key, as this will minimalize the stress.
  • To keep your dog comfortable and make it love the bath times, including small tasty treats in plastic bags can be very smart move.
  • Be sure to use a detachable shower spray nozzle, as the whole washing process is way easier.

TIP: Never forget to take a good care of your dog’s coat and skin, as if you are not dedicated, you can hurt your dog in very unpleasant way. Always wash off the products completely, invest in good shampoo, and don’t over-bath the dog.

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What is The Best Shampoo for Australian Shepherds


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