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Why are you still not able to save money

Saving Money is a very difficult thing for us. Many people are giving various reasons  not able to save money. When salary day, there’s not a penny to save instead of being in debt to survive. Why did this happen? Is it true that you can not afford to save money? In this article, I will share my thoughts on this issue.

Is it true that you can not afford to save? Before you answer this question, let me ask how you can read this blog? Are in the office? Using the internet at Starbucks or a restaurant? Or you use your Telco data? If your answer is included in the above statement, it is quite impossible for you not be able to save. Why do I say that? Because if you work in an office, there is definitely a little money from your paycheck. If you use the internet or restaurant Starbuck sure you also have the ability to eat outside. What’s more, the use of Telco data .. So it is strange if you can use the  facilities and have knowledge of the internet but can not save for your future. I give you some points why you are still not able to save. Among them are:-

  1.  Too many excuse. To success in saving, you need to implement it. No matter how hard the situation you must have your own fund . If you say the money just enough to eat, try to see the people who do not eat enough because don’t have any money. Do you want to become that in the future? Our money is not for today only, it is also for tomorrow, next year and the time when we can not work and earn money .In my advice, try save and don’t make excuse. It is many way to save money even though you are low income worker.
  2.  No discipline. Discipline is important in our life. Without discipline we cannot success in our life especially when it is related to money. You say that your salary is just enough money until next salary only but have you ever write what you spend? Do you write every day what you spend? Do you know where it is gone? If not, how do you want to know that your expenses exceed your income. Many of us consider writing a detailed expenses is a messy thing. Indeed, it is troublesome, but with this method you can determine your cash flow. You can also find out where you are wasting money. And you can see how much you can save after calculated it. Many success people wrote their own expenses and they could trace which part could they save.
  3. Not much saving is not enough. Many of us  think that we need to save  hundreds of ringgit per month. That is wrong. You can save even $ 10 a month for starter. The important thing is to be consistent month to month. Maybe in the first 3 months you could save RM10 a month, thereafter you could  increased to RM20 onwards. If you can keep this is as a habit, you will feel happy about it. I’m also like you before. Think is saving RM10 per month is funny but after doing it consistently I feel happy and challenge myself to save more..To make it  easy, keep it in a bank account that you don’t owe ATM card. You can also use auto debit  to save consistently. Ensure RM50 a month from your salary that will auto-debit to the bank. Savvy closed if 1 year, you already can save RM600. You can also get more if the dividend is higher.Other than that, do not look lightly on the coin. I also keep a coin on a regular basis and put in a coin machine at least 3 times a month. Before this, the coin is really messy and sometimes hidden at wrong place such as sofa, carpet. It is a nice thing and in my house it is really hard to see coin now.
  4. Do not make budget. Please, budget is important as it is our financial planning.  You need to make your plans before receiving a paycheck. Separate some  bit of savings for future emergencies. If Include a description of the financial experts, the best money saving is 6 months salary. But for starters, it is sufficient if it can be even half the salary. You can also use envelope method to plan your expenses. (Read this on how Envelope Budget method ).
  5. Do not want to change your lifestyle. In a bad economy right now, you must change your lifestyle. Before noon meal at a restaurant or shop, now are liable to bring provisions or eat breakfast at a roadside stall. Avoid eating in group because it will cause expenses slightly higher than eating alone. If you eat in a group you will eat longer and maybe you will spend more. The lifestyle need to be change. No more buying branded shirt. Get a bundle t-shirt or buy at cheap sale.
  6. Not donate or giving to charity. Please, our salary is not owned by ourselves only. Give some of them to those who needed. Don’t afraid of the loss you will get more in the future. Believe me, it happen to me and many people. Giving to other’s and there’s many good thing happen to you. It is not just get money but also health, happily life and others. Look at Bill Gates, their children don’t get his wealth, instead he will give his wealth to charity when he die.
  7. Don’t want to learn. Let’s be it. Have you gone to seminar about financial? There’s many free seminar or you can learn from many place  (including reading yourfinancialblog). Nowaday, many places we could learn about financial management. The important part is we must learn at the right place.
  8. Don’t have target. To save money we must have target too. You must have short term, middle term and long term. Put your target such as short term in 3 years to have at least 6 months income. Middle term 5 years 10 months income and 1 property. Long term 10 years , 20 months income and 2 property for investment . That’s the way that you could discpline and motivate your self. Without target it is hard to save in big amount

Okay, that’s all my article for today. It is up to you whether to trust or follow. I am not a Financial advisor, I’m also like you all. Average people that need to save and want to have good financial for retire. If you think this article is useful, you could share it. If not, help me by give a good comment below.

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Why are you still not able to save money


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