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Episode 17: [Foundation] The 4 Pillars of Power: Mindset, Skill set, Environment, Accountability w/Brant Phillips

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Show Notes

Brant is a full-time real estate investor, business owner, entrepreneur, author & speaker. He has been featured on Fox News, hosts local seminars and is even being considered to star in one of those “Flipping Houses” TV shows.

Brant is a proverbial ‘rags to riches’ story, while living in an apartment and having no money, was able to purchase his first investment property on a credit card! He went on to by 10 properties that same year with no money down and within only a few years later, has rehabbed hundreds of homes and now owns a portfolio of rental properties worth millions and routinely flips houses for fast cash.

Brant is a former police officer who prides himself on integrity and serving others. He is a husband and father of three and enjoys helping and teaching people to experience the freedom and success he has achieved through successfully investing in real estate.

“I want to see you succeed and I don’t want to let you down, I hope you take action today and see incredible results soon!”

In this episode Brant shares with us what he calls the 4 Pillars of Power: Mindset, Skill set, Environment and Accountability

His main takeaway here is that it’s of the utmost importance to be clear about what you want and who you want to be before anything else.

You’ve got to work on all aspects of your life to be a true success. His 4 Pillars of Success are Business, Faith, Family and Fitness. Work on all of these things.

Don’t just focus on business. You will grow much faster in each area when working on the others.

He has a “power hour” each day where his kids know that he has to turn off the computer and turn off the cell phone and focus and be present for them. They hold him accountable.

His wife and kids also send him a score card email each month that rate him on different aspects of his life. This is an incredibly good idea that we should all incorporate.

Here’s Brant’s process to determine what you want and how to find out who you are
1. Be ok with where you’re at – Eliminate self-abuse – That was the past, let it go
2. Go to a quiet place and really consider where you want to be within the 4 pillars of success
3. Start Living Your Passion Right Now by commitment to work on each area DAILY

He also like to create names for targets of goals so that they become more fun and easy to keep in his mind. He has Operation Adoption which is his goal to adopt by the end of the year (he already has 4 kids of his own).

Make a plan for yourself, otherwise you’ll end up a part of someone else’s plan. – Jim Rohn

Download The 4 Pillars of Power Graphic and Rehab Estimator

Click Here to Download the 4 Pillars of Power and Rehab Estimator PDF

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Episode 17: [Foundation] The 4 Pillars of Power: Mindset, Skill set, Environment, Accountability w/Brant Phillips


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