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Best Toddler Bed in 2018: Buying Guide and Reviews

Your child is making significant progress and is showing signs that he may be ready to transition to the Toddler Bed. Another child could also be on the way, and you need to evict little Timmy for his little sister or brother. However the case, you will need the best toddler bed in the market for the evictee.

In the following review, we jump into the deep end on the subject to ensure you get the right information. Our goal is to help you find the best bed for the little one so he may sleep soundly for health and adequate development.

Our top pick of toddler bed

There are a number of factors that make one bed better than the other. Orbelle Trading Padded Toddler BedWhen it comes to choosing the best toddler bed, you need to be keen not to pick something the kid will not like. If possible, take them with you so that they may have a hand in the selection process.

Our top pick of toddler bed is Orbelle Trading Padded Toddler Bed. It is one of the most appealing beds with padded headboard and footboard. It is quite comfy and robust that the toddler will fall in love with it. The bed also has JPMA certification meaning that it is also safe to use.

Top 10 Best Toddler Bed in 2018 Reviews:

1.      Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed

Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed

This made in the USA product easily makes the best toddler bed list because of its convenience and lightweight. It is only 7lbs, 8 inches thick and 2ft long – quite a convenient bed if you think about it.

Also, it is only an inflatable that can beat these portability features.

It is one of the most portable baby beds that you can take with you to the outdoor activities such as the beach and others. You can set it up quicker than inflating and deflating some of the kids’ beds using air.

And to make it easier for you, it comes with a carry bag.

The toddler travel bed is pretty comfortable to set up and fold for the journey. It is steel and sturdy canvas fabric for durability, and you will not need to worry about the child’s dancing parties breaking it down.

And you know how children can be all messy. This bed is pretty easy to clean when the child decides to soil it up while on a picnic – you know how kids are. The cover is removable and machine washable.

The bed is pretty firm and stable – the canvas material ensures of this. It is supportive and will not budge when the kid shifts in their sleep. Regalo cot has a weight limit of 75lbs meaning that the child may take years sleeping on it.


  • Quality made in the USA product
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with a carry bag for more comfortable transport
  • A durable bed – made of steel and durable canvas
  • The fitted sheet is machine washable
  • This product is easy to clean and so is appropriate for small children
  • Firm and stable for added comfort
  • Has a decent 75lb weight limit


  • This bed is unsuitable for those children fond of rolling around on the bed
  • The fasteners may be a significant cause for problems prompting replacement

2.      Dream On Me Classic Toddler Bed

Dream On Me Classic Toddler Bed

This is one appealing bed that will match with any décor. It has Safety rails on both sides making it one of the safest toddler beds. This is one popular bed with numerous rave reviews from parents – all these people can never be wrong.

The toddler bed has simplicity writing all over it in terms of design which augers well with the majority of parents. You will not have to deal with numerous complicated attachments wasting your time.

It is entirely solid wood that will quickly take any amount of jumping around and shaky dances. The quality of the wood pretty much remains the same even after repeated assembly and disassembly.

This is not only the best toddler bed with rails you will find, but also comes in a variety of color to suit your décor. There is pink, espresso, natural, lime green, cheery, wave blue, Fuchsia Pink, and cool grey – you will definitely find a color you like among them.

It is the goal of every parent that their children are safe from injury even in their sleep. This Dream on the bed may be the best toddler bed for 2-year old based on its safety score. It meets ASTM International, and U.S. CPSC safety standards and so can rest assured that your kid is in safe hands.


  • Appealing to match with any décor
  • Safety rails on both sides
  • Trusted by many parents – the rave reviews say as much
  • A simple design that both you as the parent and the kid will love
  • Solid wood for stability
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Meets a host of international safety standards
  • Lies low on the floor – an essential layer of safety especially for the active little ones


  • Assembly may not be easy for some people
  • The weight limit may also be low requiring you to transition the baby to best twin bed for toddler

3.      Orbelle 3-6T Toddler Bed

Orbelle 3-6T Toddler Bed

This is yet another best toddler bed you require for your child. The bed is all sturdy wood and will effectively support the weight of the child and her little games. It comes with 53″X30″X26.5″ dimensions and has a good height for the little one’s accessibility.

It carries a good design to complement the house décor.

Both sides have safety rails ensuring their safety as they sleep. As a matter of fact, this bed is for children that have outgrown their crib but not ready to use the adult bed – simply it is the best toddler bed for 18 months old and above.

This toddler bed is spacious, has a sturdy frame and rails for comfort as they sleep. The product has a comfortable height that the kid can easily climb and get off without help. This is also important for their safety.

Talking of safety, the bed’s edges are not sharp and come with various safety certifications – CPSIA-compliant, CPSC certification, and JPMA-certified.

The bed is easy to assemble and may not need the services of a handyman. It comes with all the tools you require to put it together.


  • Sturdy wood material to support the child’s rocking games
  • A good height for easier accessibility and safety
  • Ideal for children that have outgrown their toddler bed
  • A decent height for any kid
  • The bed has no sharp sections to harm their skin
  • Has various safety certifications
  • Easy assembly
  • A good design


  • Putting it together may take some time
  • The screw holes might not line up
  • The quality is not the best

4.      Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed

Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed

There is nothing more fun for children as having items themes or designed according to their cartoon superhero characters. This bed demonstrates this. This is quite an attractive bed that even adults will love.

The bed has double guardrails and good height for the safety of the child – they will sleep comfortably through the night. It also comes with a JMPA certification and so is pretty safe for your kid. The bed is also easy to access and the child may not need your help in getting onto it.

Many parents highlight the bed’s sturdiness by stating it easily holds more than the recommended 50lbs. This is quite possible as the frame is pure steel.

The footboard, headboard, and rails are all durable and safe plastic and will have nothing to worry about. This plastic helps compliment the superhero theme and colors. Its frame is durable steel which will not bend under constant abuse from the child through play.

It also comes with a variety of cartoon characters for boys and girls. This means if it is a girl, they can have Dora the Explorer, Disney princess and Sofia among others.

The bed is quite easy to assemble and comes with all the accessories you will need to put it together – you may not need any help.


  • Superhero-themed and which the kids will adore
  • Quite an attractive bed
  • Guardrails on both sides for the safety of the child
  • Strong and durable – a steel frame and high-quality mattress
  • JMPA—certified and so is safe for your kid
  • Sturdy steel frame for durability
  • The sticker of the kid’s favorite cartoons are sufficient to spark their imagination
  • Easy assembly product
  • Quite sturdy to exceed the recommended weight


  • The superhero stickers may peel off leaving an ugly mark
  • Some parts of the bed may not be sufficiently sturdy

5.      Delta Children Wood Toddler Bed

Delta Children Wood Toddler Bed

This bed has sturdy wood as opposed to plastic for stability and comfort. It is ideal for parents that do not trust the safety of plastic. The high sides serve the same role as guard rails for your kid’s safety.

The bed is not so hard to assemble and can do it on your own. It comes with a manual and other tools you will need. And the price is relatively favorable that you will not have to go over your budget.

The product is JPMA-certified to ensure your kid is safe as she sleeps or plays. They also provide the freedom they need that guardrails would not provide.

The bed has colorful graphics with cartoon characters to excite their imagination. This is a space your kids will love been around. The Paw patrol involves three puppies that do heroic deeds as they protect the community in which they live from harm.

Any child who is a Paw fan will completely love the space the new bed provides and the attractiveness it brings alone. However, they do not have to be Paw fans to love the new colors and cartoon characters.

This particular model comes in a variety of colors and cartoon characters that all they need is choose their favorite.


  • Sturdy wood material for durability, comfort, and stability
  • Colorful graphics to enrich the kid’s imagination
  • JPMA certified for the safety of the little one
  • Ideal for 15months and above toddlers
  • Comes with high side rails for optimal safety
  • The bed is easy to assemble
  • Fits standard size mattresses
  • A variety of four colors to choose from


  • Some reviewers report some kind of odor
  • Incidents of missing pieces in the package

6.      Delta Children Interactive Wood Toddler Bed

Delta Children Interactive Wood Toddler Bed

This is probably one of the best Disney-themed products on the market. It is precisely for the kids that love Minnie Mouse. The bed comes in attractive pink color and Minnie Mouse branding any girl child will adore.

The primary material is wood for the stability and durability – it will not feel stressed from the constant abuse of the child.Some kids may be having trouble sleeping because bedtime to them is a bring routine. However, this bed has interactive design making bedtime fun for them – they will now look forward to getting to bed. Some of the great features include a movable clock that the child can adjust as necessary.

It comes several removable reminders that will identify some of the activities that children need to do before they retire to bed. The bed will fit a regular crib mattress and so may not require purchasing a new one.

The bed is large enough for even four-year-olds. This means that the child may use it for some time.


  • Comes in an attractive pink design and Minnie Mouse branding
  • A sturdy wooden structure ensuring the safety of children and durability
  • An interactive design making bed time fun
  • Removable reminders for you
  • Fits a regular crib mattress and may not need to purchase a new one
  • The bed is low to ensure safety and ease of use
  • JPMA- certified meaning that it is safe for the child
  • Is big enough for even four-year-olds


  • The bed is a bit expensive considering that it comes without a mattress
  • Its holes may not fit perfectly
  • Putting it together may not be an easy task

7.      Delta Children 3D-Footboard Toddler Bed

Delta Children 3D-Footboard Toddler Bed

This is yet another attractive toddler bed that your kid will definitely love. It comes in sesame street design. To that effect, the product incorporates such characters as cookie monster and Elmo.

The frame is sturdy metal frame and high-quality plastic – it is thus built to last for long. These durable materials will ensure the kid is safe no matter how hard they make it jumping space. The double guardrails ensure the kid is safe from falling when playing or sleeping.

The bed is pretty safe for your kid as it passes all the necessary tests for certification. It will also accept a crib mattress – you may not need to purchase a new mattress. The bed has a weight limit of 60lbs – better than most others that have a lower limit.

It is easy to assemble and comes along with everything you will need to assemble it. Most importantly, it comes with a detailed manual to guide efficiently with the assembly process.

All the materials used in its construction are phthalates and BPA free. This means there are no harmful components to affect the health of the child.


  • Comes in a sesame street design
  • A sturdy metal frame and high-quality plastic for durability
  • All the materials are safe for the kid
  • Accepts crib mattress
  • Easy assembly
  • Has maximum weight of 60lbs
  • Come with an easy to follow guide
  • All components used are quite safe
  • JPMA certified


  • May come with some parts missing
  • Not very easy to assemble
  • Putting it together may not be too simple for some people

8.      Baby Relax Toddler Bed

Baby Relax Toddler Bed

This wooden bed is quite attractive and is something that any parent will be happy having. The wood construction is quite sturdy to withstand the kid’s theatrics. You will have peace of mind since the bed is quite reliable.

Two guardrails are protecting the child from accidental falls as they sleep. The finishing is also gender neutral meaning it is appropriate for either a boy or a girl. It is also safe as it does not have any harmful components.

The bed fits a typical crib mattress, and so the transition may not be so expensive. You will not need to purchase a new one as the old crib mattress will do just fine. The bed is less than 14lbs and so is quite easy to move between rooms should you need to.

This bed is about 6 inches, adequate for the kid’s use and safety. The toddler can easily mount and dismount without so much trouble and which is a good thing. It is best for kids not exceeding 50lbs. The recommended age is 15 months.

And to make assembly easier, the unit comes with a guide and other tools you need to assemble it. The bed comes in a variety of three colors you can choose from


  • Aesthetically appealing bed
  • A strong wooden structure to withstand constant abuse by the kid
  • The bed comes with two guardrails preventing the child from accidental falls
  • Has a 50lbs weight limit and 15 months recommended age
  • The finishing is gender-neutral and safe – no harmful components such as BPA
  • This bed is about 14lbs and so is easy to move between rooms
  • It is approximately 6 inches, adequate for the child’s safety and use
  • The packaging is compact especially when there’s need to transport it
  • A variety of about three colors


  • Assembly is not too easy
  • The wood material may not be the best

9.      Big Oshi Contemporary Design Toddler & Kids Bed

Big Oshi Contemporary Design Toddler

The Big Oshi is one bed highlighting the toddler’s safety. It has two guardrails to ensure protection and safety of the child. This is especially a good thing for the children that are fond of rolling from one end to other in their sleep.

This bed has a maximum weight of 60lbs – higher than most beds and which is a good thing. The bed has a JPMA certification which is quite a source of peace mind for any parent. The main material is solid pine wood for durability and stability – it holds up well under the toddler’s repeated mishandling.

The finishing is non-toxic to ensure that the child is safe in whatever they do. You know how kids are, they can easily start chewing the headboard. The product meets all the necessary safety requirements.

Assembly is not something that should worry you too much as the unit comes with all the necessary tools you need. There is a systematic guide you can use to complete assembly. The bed uses a regular crib mattress and will not need to struggle so much finding the appropriate one.


  • A well-known and trusted brand
  • Safety is one of the standout features of this bed
  • Two guardrails to ensure safety of the child
  • A limit of 60lbs, higher than most beds
  • Has JPMA certification for safety
  • Solid pine wood to ensure durability and stability
  • Comes with all tools you require to put it up
  • Non-toxic finishing for the child’s safety
  • Meets all the necessary safety requirements
  • Uses the normal crib size mattress


  • Does not come with a mattress
  • Not too easy to assemble and may prove troublesome for some people
  • The holes may not line up proving a problem in assembly

10.  Orbelle Trading Padded Toddler Bed

Orbelle Trading Padded Toddler Bed

The Orbelle is among the best bed you will find that ticks all the right boxes to deliver something top of the range. For starters, the bed is solid, lightweight and sturdy wood. It can easily withstand the child’s jumping around and rocking. The padded headboard and footboard is something to talk about.

They are a source of comfort and safety for the child.

The toddler bed is quite appealing with its inset buttons and great overall design. The foam addition provides a great sense of comfort and appeal. There is a comfy microfiber ensuring the child’s sleep is uninterrupted.

Even though the stated weight limit is 50lbs, some reviewers confess to lying on it with their children without any issues. Its height when assembled is 5 inches and 27lbs weight. That means it is not too tall for the baby to climb or get off.

It is also not too heavy to move between rooms if necessary – this especially the case when she can’t sleep alone.


  • A quality toddler bed
  • An aesthetically appealing product
  • Made of solid and sturdy wood
  • Has an upper weight limit of 50lbs
  • Can easily absorb shock from the toddler without any stress
  • Padded headboard and footboard
  • Low to the floor for more comfortable usage and safety
  • Not too heavy to move
  • A microfiber device for added comfort while the baby sleeps


  • Maybe smaller for some people
  • It is challenging to put together

What to Look For when Buying the Best Toddler Bed

When the little one begins trying his new skills in becoming an escape artist, then it’s time to make the big transition to a toddler bed. His little crib may no longer feel comfortable as they are yearning to be seen as grown kids. The following are what you look for in a toddler bed.

  • Safety Features: we can never be too careful when it comes to the little children. As such, we need to make sure the new beds we acquire for them are as safe as possible. The best toddler bed must, therefore, come with rounded edges to ensure their limbs don’t get scratched now and then. 
  • Sturdy construction: the frames should also demonstrate a high level of sturdiness to contain the kid no matter how much they abuse the bed. You know they can be quite active jumping up and down, and a weak bed is a risk hazard. Ensure the hardware is not protruding in any way.

Don’t just assume the bed is sturdy just because bolts seem big enough or the manufacturer says it is. Give it a good jostle and determine this for yourself. The more solid the frame, the cheaper it is going to prove in the long run – you will not have to run back to the stores looking for a replacement frame when it breaks after too many dance parties.

  • The Safety Rails: rails keep the child from falling off the bed and sustaining injuries. Ideally, the rails should flaunt JPMA sticker on them. But that does not imply they are unsafe if they don’t have the sticker – it is good though, to check this. 

And if your child is the kind that tosses and turns quite often, then mesh safety rails are not such a bad idea.

  • Fitting: the ideal frame hold the mattress snuggly. There should never be pockets of space between the mattress and the frame as they are an entrapment hazard. You never want the kid breaking a limb on a one too many dancing parties on the bed. 

If the crib mattress is not tightly fitting, then look for another one with better measurements.

  • Appealing Designs: the goal is to make sure the little one falls in love with their new bed. Transitioning from the crib may be a little tough, but the little decorations and cartoon designs on the bed may just be what finally convince the little champ to change beds. 
  • Weight Limit: it is always a good idea to check the bed’s weight limit. Some beds may not be sturdy enough to for you to sit with the child telling stories of soothing them to sleep. 


  1. Can I use the crib mattress on the toddler bed?

As long as the crib mattress fits snuggly on the new bed frame, then there is no reason you shouldn’t use it. Just make sure there are no spaces between the mattress and the frame.

  1. How long should a toddler sleep?

Typically, they require between 10 and 12 hours. This is necessary for effective development. However, they need the best toddler bed among others to achieve this. Therefore, choose the bed carefully.

  1. How do I spot a JPMA-certified bed?

The child’s safety should come ahead of anything else and among the ways to ensure this is checking for JPMA certification. Manufacturers know how vital this certification is and so are eager to display a sticker of the certification on the bed – it shouldn’t be too hard to spot.

  1. At what age should the child move to a twin bed?

Typically, the majority of children make the transition between the ages of 5 and 6. Ideally, check the toddler bed weight limit. And when they get close to it, then it’s time to move – the limit is usually 50lbs and children are different.

  1. Why are toddler beds so low despite having safety rails to keep them from falling off?

Some children naturally escape artists or pretty active that safety rail may not be sufficient. Having a toddler bed low to the ground ensures there us an extra precaution measure. Should they manage to get over the rails, then they will escape unharmed.

  1. How do I transition the baby from a crib to a toddler bed?

There are various tips you can employ to ensure a smooth transition. Change is not always easy even for the little one. For starters, you can involve them in the bed selection process not putting so much pressure on them to move.

Look for signs they are ready to move such as climbing out or asking move.

And as much possible, place the new bed on the same spot the old one stood. This minimizes cases of stress significantly – change is not always easy.

Avoid changing the sleep routine and let them have everything they had from the old bed like stuffed animals.

Wrapping up

Every parent wants the best for their children. Therefore, when the time comes to transition from the crib, the best toddler bed must be in place to make it easier for them. The carton themed beds are a great selection and make the transition and sleep time fun for the kids. However, our top has to be Orbelle Trading Padded Toddler Bed.

The bed is aesthetically appealing for even the kid that they love being on it. The material is hard solid wood and comes with padded headboard and footboard for added comfort. There is no chance of going wrong with this bed.

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Best Toddler Bed in 2018: Buying Guide and Reviews


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